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Here’s to the lazy ones. The forever sick ones. The plan breakers. The party poopers.

You knew all along they were going to say it. But you still included them in planning the next holiday. In the beginning they are all for it but as the date approaches nearer- Bahm! Another excuse!

And while you complain about their frequent excuses, they would also have their same old alibi ready- “Hey, it’s not like I never go. I did go to last year’s Goa trip, remember?” (It was 2 years ago!!)

So, this is to all the buggers, we call our friends, who bail out on every planned vacation. Here’s paying tribute to all their superlatively common, at times rather unique and rarely genuine excuses they give while cancelling on us.

1. The Forever Broke


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They have a way of saying their same old dialogue- “I am broke” in a new and innovative manner every-god damn- time! However, sadly my reply is always the same- “You are never too broke to travel”. If they can flaunt their swanky gadgets, then they should have enough cash for atleast a backpack trip.

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2. Lazy Bums Who Ran Out of All Their Paid Leaves



After spending all their paid leaves for trivial reasons like hangover headache and minor health issues, now they have to attend office on that sad little Friday between an off Thursday and the weekend!

3. The Project Deadline


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That project deadline which always clashes with the dates of the trip. Now, you better not try to adjust trip dates because the deadlines also shift accordingly!

4. Blame it on the Boy/Girlfriend

Blameiton theBoyGirlfriend

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“My girlfriend is giving me a hard time for leaving for a week” or “My boyfriend has invited me to that thing I need to be at”. This is the lamest one of all excuses because if you really want to go for that trip, you’d go no matter what your partner has to say!

5. The Woes of Mummy-Papa


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Am not against spending time with family. However, we all have friends who are 25+ but still need their parent’s permission to go for a trip. No offence but for heaven’s sake, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

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6. The Procrastinator


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Beware of the procrastinators! Never believe them, they would try hard to lure your lazy bones but it’s a trap. It would start with-“Dude, December would be chilly in the hills, let’s do it in March” then in spring “There’s no snow in March- April, you wouldn’t want to go now.” And obviously in summer- “Do you want to get your skin burned by travelling in this scorching sun?” You see, it’s a vicious circle!

7. Incessant List of Family Function


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Cousin bhiya ki shaadi, Mummy-Papa ki anniversary, Didi ka roka, Bua ki bhaabhi ke bhai ki sagai and the list goes on and on and on!!

8. The Backstabber


We all have this one friend, who disappears just before heading out for a trip. Are they too scared to face your wrath for cancelling? Are they still figuring out a new excuse? Or they are actually caught up with something? Who knows!!

9. The “Crazy Ones”


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It surely is difficult to come down to selecting one place to go to but there’s always this crazy one who never agrees with the crowd. If everyone’s game for beaches, they would suggest hills and when everyone is going for wildlife safari they want to go see the museums. In the end they would end up cancelling because they can never agree with everyone else.

10. The Sick One


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That’s me! With one hand to God, I don’t know if it’s the excitement of anticipation, evil eye or just plain bad luck but I often tend to fall ill right before the trip. And this reason alone makes me a bugger who bails out on their friends before a planned vacation.

Share it with your friends and tag the ones who always have a reason to not join you guys for holidays. It’s a tribute to them!

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