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    Udaipur and Mount Abu are both two famous places in Rajasthan that are equally visited by tourists from all over the world. The main difference between the two areas lies in the fact that Udaipur is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan, and it is quite essential for various people since it is a business center as well.

    On the other hand, Mount Abu is solely famous as a tourist spot and as the only hill station in Rajasthan. Though both Udaipur and Mount Abu are historically significant, Udaipur witnessed several battles during the reign of Akbar and also seen the wrath of the British Government. This contrast is what makes Udaipur vs Mount Abu decision even more difficult. Let this guide help you choosing the best one for you!

    Natural Landscapes

    Natural Landscapes

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    The views of Udaipur and Mount Abu are quite different. Udaipur is a city that is filled with museums, palaces, lakes, forts, and other historic architectural sites. Whereas, Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station that is located amid the magnificence of the Aravali hills.
    Udaipur has ample lakes, and that is why it is known as the city of lakes. Whereas Mount Abu is also famous for its Nakki lake, but it is not so renowned as Pichola lake that is located in Udaipur.

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    Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu: Main Highlights

    Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu: Main Highlights

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    Though the first highlight of Mount Abu is the Nakki Lake, the place is also famous for its world-renowned Dilwara temples. The temple is an architectural masterpiece and was carved beautifully in the 12th century AD. As Mount Abu is a part of wildlife sanctuary, many people visit there to view birds or take part in camping and trekking.

    Udaipur has no shortage of spots when it comes to its highlights. From Udaipur City Palace to Chittorgarh fort; from Pichola lake to Fateh Sagar lake; Udaipur is genuinely the amalgamation of culture and natural beauty.

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    Best Time To Visit Udaipur Vs Mount Abu

    Best Time To Visit

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    Both Udaipur and Mount Abu are located in Rajasthan, and as you know, Rajasthan can be quite hot in the summers. Hence, you should visit Udaipur between September to March to avoid the sultry weather.

    Mount Abu is a lot colder than Udaipur since it is located at an altitude. Hence you will be able to explore the place comfortably if you visit between November to June.

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    Ideal Duration

    Ideal Duration

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    You will be able to cover the maximum part of Udaipur within three days quite easily.
    On the other hand, it would take you two days to explore the entirety of Mount Abu. These days are enough to cover all the main attractions. However, if you wish to seek every nook and corner of these places, you should stay longer.

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    Both Udaipur and Mount Abu are located in India. Before visiting either of these places, you will have to convert your money to Indian currency that is INR.

    To help you understand, the conversion rate between popular currencies and Indian rupees are given below.
    1 USD = 70.86 Indian Rupee or INR.
    1 Euro = 78.87 INR.
    1 pound = 92.29 INR.

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    Average Budget

    Average Budget

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    In case you are planning a trip to either Udaipur and Mount Abu, you will have to schedule the tour according to a strict budget. Depending on your lifestyle, the budget may vary, but you will have to take into account the different essential elements of the trips. Though the budget does not include extra expenses that include adventure activities or other excursions.
    For your better understanding, an estimate of the trip is included in the following section of the blog. You will be able to plan the budget of the trip on different aspects like transfers, hotels and accommodations, food, and other expenses. In this way, you will not be lost while planning the trip and choosing between Udaipur and Mount Abu.

    The average budget for spending a day in Udaipur for a person

    Flights (economy): INR 5500 for a person. The prices might vary depending on where you are departing.
    Average Lodging cost
    On average, you will get a hotel in Udaipur at the price of INR 2500.
    The average cost for meals:
    The food is quite cheap in Udaipur. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will have to spend INR 400 on an average per day per person.
    Transfers:Most people in Udaipur travel via autos, and it costs around INR 50 to INR 100.

    It entirely depends on person to person.
    The average cost of exploring Udaipur per day for two people:
    The average price for spending a day in Udaipur without flight fare is around INR 3500 or 50 USD.

    The average budget for spending a day in Mount Abu

    Flights (economy): INR 5500. Note that Mount Abu does not have its airport, and you will have to rent a car from Udaipur to reach there.
    Average Lodging cost:
    There are several categories of hotels located in Mount Abu, and the average price of spending a night in one of them is around INR 1500.
    The average cost for meals:
    Including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will have to pay an average price of INR 400 for a person.
    Many people prefer to rent bikes to explore Mount Abu. It would cost around INR 250 per day for a person.
    Apart from all the expenses mentioned above, you will not have to spend any more money on excess expenses.
    The average cost of exploring Mount Abu per day for two people:
    It would cost an average of INR 3000 or around USD 42 to spend a day in Mount Abu.

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    For reaching to either Udaipur or Mount Abu, you will have to get a visa to India since both the places are located in India. In case you belong from neighboring countries of India like Nepal or Bhutan, you would not require a visa at all. Otherwise, you can get an e-visa online that will allow you to travel within India for up to ten years if you belong to countries like the USA, Canada, or Japan. In case you are not from the said countries, your visa will expire after three or six months.

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    Places To Visit On Vacation

    Find below all the top places that one can visit on their trip to Rajasthan. Make sure you mark your favorites!

    Places To Visit In Udaipur

    Places To Visit In Udaipur

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    Udaipur is such a city in Rajasthan that is filled with spots that are extremely popular among tourists. Not only are the sites mentioned in the list below are historically significant, but they are located in gorgeous natural beauty as well.

    Udaipur City Palace

    Inside the premises of the city palace of Udaipur, you will get to view several essential spots that are architectural masterpieces and holds a secure place in the history of India as well. Not only will you get to witness the lifestyle of the royalty of India, but you will get to see the majestic places of the palace as well, including Badi Mahal, Durbar hall, Amar Vilas, and many more.

    Pichola lake

    Created in the year 1362 AD, this lake has witnessed the rule of several dynasties and still constitutes a massive part in the history of Udaipur. You can visit the multiple islands located in the lake as well.

    Ahar Museum

    Ahar Museum is located 2 km from the main city center of Udaipur, and it is famous for displaying the Cenotaphs of the maharaja of Mewar. You will get to view the Chhatris that was used for commemorating the previous kings in there.

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    Places To Visit In Mount Abu

    Places To Visit In Mount Abu

    Image Source

    Mount Abu is not only a naturally beautiful place, but there are several popular tourist spots located out there that are extremely popular among tourists. Some of them are included in the list below.

    Nakki Lake

    Nakki lake looks quite spectacular since the greenery of the hills surrounds it, and the calmness of the lake attracts a lot of travelers every year. You can explore every nook and corner of the lake by renting a boat.

    Dilwara Temples

    Constructed from the eleventh to the thirteenth century, Dilwara Temples are one of the most important constructions in India. Not only are the temples significant, but the carvings in the temple are genuinely spectacular.

    Sunset Point

    To truly experience the natural beauty of Mount Abu, you should visit the sunset point. From the sunset point, you will get to view the beauty of Mount Abu amid the green mountains surrounding the town.

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    As Mount Abu is a small hill station in Rajasthan, it does not have as many shopping centers as that of Udaipur. But you will find many shops selling pieces of jewelry, handicraft items and other goods near Nakki lake.
    On the other hand, Udaipur is a big city in Rajasthan, has a lot of shopping malls where you will be able to buy branded clothes, accessories, and other items required nowadays.

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    Getting Around

    Getting Around

    Image Source

    Most parts of Udaipur can be covered by walking while other places can be reached via taxis, autos, or even Uber.

    On the other hand, Mount Abu can be explored by renting a bike or by walking and hiking. You will not face any problem to examine the entirety of the area.

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    Both Udaipur and Mount Abu are beautiful places that are both are quite loved by travelers all around the world. Even though the sites are quite different from one another, you will be able to explore them together quite quickly. So, whether its a trip to Udaipur, you surely won’t get disappointed!

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Udaipur Vs Mount Abu

    Which place is quieter- Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    Mount Abu is way quieter than Udaipur because it is a small hill station while Udaipur is one of the biggest cities in Rajasthan.

    Which place has more sightseeing spots- Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    Udaipur has more sightseeing spots than Mount Abu.

    Which place has more luxurious hotels- Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    You will get more luxurious and sophisticated hotels in Udaipur than in Mount Abu.

    Which place is cheaper? -Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    Even though Udaipur has more luxury hotels, yet it has cheaper hotels than Mount Abu, and the cost of meals is also lesser in Udaipur than Mount Abu?

    Which place has more historically significant spots? -Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    Udaipur has more historically significant places than Mount Abu.

    Which place is more naturally beautifully? -Udaipur Vs. Mount Abu?

    An. Mount Abu is more naturally beautiful than Udaipur as it is a lovely hill station.

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