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    Valentines Day

    Romance doesn’t mean staying in every Friday night and doing the same thing. Canada might be snowy and frigid, but it is home to many of the world’s most snuggly and romantic locations. In particular, Quebec City is one of Canada’s most romantic cities and a prominent honeymoon location for lovebirds. Its European style architecture provides a sentimental atmosphere and elegance that makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Here are 12 ways you can celebrate Valentines day in Canada:

    12 Things to do on Valentines Day In Canada

    Spend Valentines day in Canada with your partner by strolling hand in hand at Nathan Philips Square, enjoying a tall glass of wine, among other 12 fun things:

    1. Polson Pier Drive-In: Enjoy retro movies

    Polson Pier Drive-In

    Image Source

    This film theater in Toronto is a necessity during the warmer months. During the day, the same space is used as a driving area. At 9 pm, films with sound streaming through an FM radio station are played. Snacks and drinks can be bought at the complex bar. Films are usually just a few weeks old and the projectors aren't very modern, but they have a suave retro impression.

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    2. Toronto: Spend a day at the rooftop lounge


    Image Source

    We include this hotel due to the lovely rooftop lounge. A day spent by the swimming pool (which can be from 7 am to 7 pm during the summer) is a day well spent, provided of course you had enough sunscreen on and remember that early cocktails have to be placed. The view from this city hotel is amazing, ranging from a skyscraper to a skyscraper.

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    3. Canada: Try your hand at painting


    Image Source

    If the last time you worked a paintbrush on canvas was in school, it's time to rethink it. Cocktails ' N Canvas has events all across Toronto. Instead of waiting for you to go haywire on a canvas, everybody in the room paints the same thing (though they look drastically different). An artist in the front of the hallway will steer you through the brushstroke. It's as easy as “draw a circle in blue at the right corner" and move from there. You’ll be an artist before you know!

    4. Snakes and Lattes Board Game Cafe: Play a few retro games

    Snakes and Lattes Board Game Cafe

    Image Source

    Snakes and Lattes has more than 2500 board games that are alphabetically placed to make sure you know which game you want to use to enhance positive relationships. The games vary- from retro classics such as Battleship to modern favorites such as anti-humanity cards. This offbeat café is accessible late most days of the week if you play a long game like Monopoly.

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    5. Nathan Phillips Square: Go skating

    Nathan Phillips Square

    Image Source

    Whether you're a former Toronto Maple Leaf or an amateur on the ice, it's always a romantic idea to hold your partner’s hands and try to keep your skates upright. Nathan Phillips Square is the ideal place for a romantic outing. Situated right in front of the City Hall and just around the corner from the Eaton's Center, it's an amazing activity to while your time away.

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    6. Canada: Dance the night away


    Image Source

    Toronto has lots of fun dance lessons! If you were trying ballroom, salsa, tango, jazz, house and so on, Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion. The City Dance Corps and Dance Teq proffer many different styles, but we strongly recommend the Underground Dance Centre. From dancehall to heels, hip hop, popping, ballet, street jazz, they teach almost everything.

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    7. Canada: Stargaze


    Image Source

    Believe it or not, there is a place just an hour away from Toronto where you can take a look at the stars. The Binbrook Conservation Area near Hamilton offers a beautiful sight of the horizon of Lake Erie’s southern part. You could even catch sight of a bright red star called the Betelgeuse, also known as the Valentine's Star.

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    8. Jazz Bistro: Listen to jazz music together

    Jazz Bistro

    Image Source

    Jazz Bistro is one of Toronto’s most stylish jazz clubs. It is entertaining at all levels, from eclectic music to remarkable food. The stage can be seen from every perspective and the neon red cursive sign ensures that your focus is directed in the correct direction. Whether you fill your ears with a radically new and amazingly talented musician or remember the fondness you hold for a venerated artist, the music will consume you.

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    9. Canada: Go to a dessert café

    Go to a dessert café

    Image Source

    The greatest thing about a vacation? Hogging on food! Toronto has some wonderful dessert cafes. We recommend all chocolate lovers to head to Cacao 70. Although this sweet shop in Toronto has two locations, its Distillery District edition has the incentive of suave cobblestone streets. If you can't choose between delicious or tangy, the European-style Crêperie in the city, Café Crêpe, offers a wide range of food and dessert options and drinks. Light Cafe offers a wide range of desserts and cold and hot drinks.

    10. Canada: Connect with Shen Acupuncture

    Connect with Shen Acupuncture

    Image Source

    This is a strange activity for you and your beau to experience but believe us, it will be worth it. The acupuncture clinic in Roncesvalles offers acupuncture sittings for pairs (and singles). It is designed specifically to “open the heart and generate energy.” Skip the potions and rely instead on ancient Chinese practice for a romantic ambiance.

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    11. Canada: Drink wine and make merry

    Drink wine and make merry

    Image Source

    Create something unforgettable with your partner at Paintlounge this Valentine's Day! They host an art and wine occasion where you can get creative with your date. The event features two solo freestyle painting sessions and two drinks (red/white wine, beer, tea or coffee). Make sure to book a slot.

    12. Canada: Take a cooking class together

    Take a cooking class together

    Image Source

    If you enjoy eating and cooking, why not incorporate both activities with Valentine's Day cooking class? Le Dolci offers programs to learn how to cook truffles, macarons and sugar cookies, while the Choice Cooking School serves hearty dinner parties and chocolate-themed delicacies. The Dish Cooking Studio also offers night classes.

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    Celebrate Valentines day in Canada by treating your lover to the wonders of Canadian air and its French delicacies. For an unconventional celebration of cupid’s day, look nowhere else. You’ll thank us later. Make sure to book your trip to Canada to indulge in these exciting activities.

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