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Vivek Bang talks about his amazing couple trip to Andaman that he took with his wife. He describes the surreal natural beauty and the activities they did there. He booked his package from TravelTriangle for INR 23,000 and it included their transport, meals, and hotels. Let us hear their story.

The Independence Day weekend was approaching which meant there were a few holidays at our disposal and my wife and I wanted to make the best use of them. So we decided to go on a holiday and were now looking for destinations that would give us the best experience.

Vivek and his wife on a flight to Andaman

Settled in Kolkata, Andaman seemed a nice option since it was both nearby and a little offbeat than usual – thus we started searching for travel packages for the same.

We found TravelTriangle during our search for packages only and when we realized they could customize our package, we were more than happy to give them a chance. Soon we filled in our details and the procedure to connect us to different travel agents for best packages began.

It wasn’t long before we got the package and quote we wanted and were now all set to begin our picturesque journey.

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Day 1: Arrival in Andaman

Vivek and his wife in Andaman

We took our flight from Kolkata at 5 a.m. in the morning and reached Port Blair – the capital city of Andaman by 7. Upon our arrival at the airport, we could easily find a driver waiting for us and he served us with refreshing welcome drinks. Next we were transferred to our hotel in Port Blair which was a decent one.

Andaman on a first looked beautiful, well maintained and a bit different from other places in India. We were in our hotel by 8 a.m. and decided to rest for a while before proceeding on for sightseeing.

Cellular Jail in Andamn

So post lunch, after we were done resting, our driver picked us up for sightseeing and took us to the Cellular Jail. The Jail was a nice experience and visiting this place gave us an insight into the past of the area. Next was supposed to be the light and sound show but since it was Sunday, the show was closed today.

Nevertheless, our driver took us to a nearby beach where enjoyed 2-3 hours of serenity in the lap of nature. The beach was well maintained and had a soothing vibe to it. Luckily for us there weren’t many tourists also at this point of time and we could soak in the goodness of the ocean without being interrupted.

On our way back to the hotel, we visited a wildlife park and saw animals like the deer, and peacocks among many. It was a refreshing experience to our day with and once we had reached our hotel, we took dinner and called it a night.

Day 2 – Havelock Island

Vivek and his wife on a beach

This day at around 6 a.m., we left for the Havelock Island and by 7:30 had reached the point from where we were to take a private ferry to the island – Makruzz cruise ferry. Traveling in this ferry was a lovely experience since it was comfortable and fully stocked with food and other amenities. Apart from the comfort, we could also witness the beauty of Andaman in full glory.

Once at Havelock, there was a driver ready to pick us up and he transferred us to our hotel. Our hotel this time was better than previous one and was located where I wanted ie. near the beach and into the nature.

The beach was on the opposite side of the hotel and the nature, well it was right where we were staying. All the cottages in the resort were made of bamboos and we were allocated a room on the first floor much to our relief since there was no danger of mosquitoes now.

Vivek and his wife do scuba diving in Andaman

Post resting for a couple of hours, we proceeded for Scuba diving. We had training for about 10-15 minutes after which we were taken to the spot to do it.

Scuba diving was a mind blowing experience and both my wife and I loved it. My wife, a non swimmer could do the diving easily since we were both allocated a trainer and were at ease in the ocean.

Marine life of Andaman

Witnessing marine life this close had a profound effect on us and by the time we were done, everything seemed dull in front of the coral blue beauty of the ocean.

In the evening, we proceeded on to Radhanagar beach and it was mesmerizing. The beach stretched far and wide and was certainly among the best I had ever seen. It was comparable to the one I had visited in Phuket and certainly had those calm soothing vibes to it.

Amazing marine life in Andaman

We spent quite a lot of time at the beach and by the time we were done, our minds had relaxed due to the calming effect of nature.

Post the beach visit, we proceeded back to our hotel and after spending some time at the beach opposite, came back to our room and called it a night.

Day 3: Lighthouse beach and water activities

Lighthouse beach in Andaman

This day, we had our breakfast at leisure and then proceeded on for the Lighthouse beach which is also a hub for water activities.

To reach the beach, we had to go on a boat and on the way we passed by the mangroves which was a delightful experience. Everything looked so fresh, green, and tropical.

Later on at the beach, we indulged in water activities like speed boat ride and snorkeling. It was a fun experience however the snorkeling wasn’t as great as scuba diving that we had done earlier.

Vivek and his wife on a beach in Andaman

Post the Lighthouse beach visit, we were transferred back to Havelock island where we indulged in a sumptuous lunch at a pub/lounge. The food was really nice and we enjoyed our meal.

Later back in the hotel since we had nothing to do, we arranged a cab for us and went to the Radhanagar beach to bathe in the ocean. It was a refreshing experience and the beach had proper arrangements and changing rooms.

Time spent here was really nice and soothing to the senses post which we returned to our hotel and called it a night.

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Day 4 – Port Blair and sound and light show

Beaches in Andaman

This day, we were to return to Port Blair and so post breakfast, we were transferred to a spot to board the government jetty.

The boat was quite rickety and on the way my wife got sea sick because of all the bumps. Upon our arrival in Port Blair, we checked into our new hotel and rested for a while.

In the evening, we again proceeded for Cellular Jail to catch the sound and light show that we had missed earlier. The show was nice and talked a great deal about the history and culture of Andaman.

Next, we went to a local market to shop and upon dwelling deeper here found great shops for purchasing sea jewelry and souvenirs. All the items purchased here were value for money since we moved past the big names and explored good shops on our own.

Afterwards, we returned to our hotel and called it a night.

Day 5: Bidding Farewell to Andaman

This was our last day and post breakfast, we checked out from our hotel to catch a flight at 8 a.m.

Andaman was a delightful trip for us and was a refreshing break from the usual hustle and bustle of life. The nature here had a mesmerizing effect on us and soothed our senses. The pristine beauty of this place had a profound effect on us and in the end, we would want to come back to this paradise and spend some more time basking in all its glory.

High Points: Scuba Diving experience and the time spent at Radhanagar beach.

Tips for future travelers: This is a perfect destination for all those who love nature and want to spend quality time with their loved ones – away from all the hustle and bustle.

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