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    Water Sports In Australia cover

    Australia has beautiful weather all year round for water sports. The country has some of the most incredible beaches and other locations where you can enjoy dozens of water adventure sports. Australia is known for its outdoor lifestyle and water sports are in the best sync with it. Watersports attract both local and international tourism in Australia and attract both newbies and hardcore fitness enthusiasts alike. The beauty of the glorious Aussie weather and specially the summer brings to fore the amazing care-free and sunshine drenched beach lifestyle. However once you are in Australia don’t just spend your time lazing around on the beach. Get up and experience the numerous water adventures available around the coast and indulge your inner explorer.

    8 Best Water Sports In Australia

    If you visit Australia and don’t explore its deep blue seas, don’t try the water sports, you are missing out on a lot of fun that can make your holiday memorable. Check out these water sports that’ll fill you with adventure.

    • Aqua Jetpack Flying
    • Surfing
    • Kayaking
    • Stand-up Paddleboarding
    • Kite Surfing
    • Snorkeling
    • Jet Skiing
    • Scuba Diving

    1. Aqua Jetpack Flying

    Aqua Jetpack Flying

    Image Source

    Have you ever wanted to fly like your favorite superhero? Well, here is a chance to experience the rush that Iron Man gets from his suit while flying! How? The answer is Aqua Jetpack Flying. You might have seen the videos based on them. You get a device attached to your back with the help of a strap into a 5-point safety harness. Once you go through the basic info-training on how to operate, you are pretty much ready to go. As soon as you press the buttons on your water propeller you will be in the air in no time flying like a bird and seeing the surroundings from a whole different perspective.
    Aqua Jetpack Flying is available at multiple locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Perth in Western Australia.

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    2. Surfing


    Image Source

    Australians are addicted to water surfing. Taming the water waves to let you ride on them is not a piece of cake. It is loved by both amateurs and experts. It is said that there is one rule in surfing that you can learn it at any age. A lot of tourists and locals often learn surfing in their prime and leaving their fingerprints on the mighty waves give them the pleasure which is unmatchable. Surfing lessons are available on most of the beaches in Australia. There is a company named Surfing Australia which is available on almost every beech and it is one of the top training institutes for surfing. It also holds a competition in different categories in which everyone can participate.

    3. Kayaking


    Image Source

    Kayaking lets you explore the beauty of not only the beaches but also the rivers lakes and other water bodies around the coast. It does not matter in which city you are in Australia, if there is a water body around, you can enjoy kayaking. Some of the most famous places for kayaking in Australia are Sydney Harbour, the Hobart waterfront and circumnavigate Lake Burley Griffin. Multi-day kayaking trips are also available with most of the travel companies which will take you to the best sides of Australia. For those who want some adventure and have utter respect for nature will love these trips.

    4. Stand-up Paddleboarding

    Stand-up Paddleboarding

    Image Source

    It is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Stand-up paddleboarding is only possible if you understand the concept of balancing. There are short-term classes for paddleboarding available in many locations in Australia if you are little skeptical in getting hold of it. Queensland is one of the most famous locations for paddleboarding. Make sure you give one of the best water activities in Australia a try!

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    5. Kite Surfing

    Kite Surfing

    Image Source

    If you believe that you have the nerves to choose an adventurous sport that can pump high dosage of adrenaline in your nerves, Kite Surfing is going to be a blast for you. Learning to kitesurf is not for the weak hearts. It not only requires upper body strength but also the guts to enjoy the scene while putting extreme pressure on your body. Those who choose it, never stop praising the pleasure this sport has. This is amongst the most popular water sports in Australia that you must try!

    6. Snorkeling


    Image Source

    Australia proudly exhibits some of the most beautiful reefs in the world and the best way to explore these reefs from the up close is snorkeling. The diverse ecosystem of these reefs will mesmerize the nature lover in you and the extremely colorful visuals can make a perfect memory which will be hard to match. Snorkeling is very safe and takes place in shallow waters so if you are interested in choosing an adventure water sports which you and your family can enjoy, you should go for it. The underwater habitats that you are going to explore with your family will definitely make it a worthy trip.

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    7. Jet Skiing

    Jet Skiing

    Image Source

    It is a little bit like running a motorbike on water but much more dangerous. You will get the feeling that you are flying on the surface of the water. It is a somewhat pricey choice as the renting equipment for Jet Skiing is very costly but it is definitely going to be the experience of the lifetime for you. Make sure you understand that safety is the top priority so always wear a life jacket as it will save you in the case of emergency. Even if you know swimming, there is no need to put yourself in unnecessary danger. You can be careful while enjoying the sport but there are always more people around who can come your way. Thus keeping yourself safe in this dangerous yet very exciting water sport is a must. You must try one of the most famous water sports in Australia

    8. Scuba Diving


    Image Source

    Scuba Diving requires your physical strength and technical know-how about the water bodies. It can be considered as a cousin of snorkeling but is very different from the other sport. The magic of the underwater Australian World will take you to whole other realm where you can explore some of the most beautiful water creatures and plants. You will get a lot of chances to click some extremely beautiful underwater photographs so it is always better to get a waterproof case for your camera. Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is the most famous locations to try scuba diving in Australia.

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    A trip to Australia will let you explore this gold mine for water adventure sports and the more you indulge in one of the best water sports in Australia, the more you will feel close to the Mother Nature. So is it time for you to get exploring these exciting sports in the thrilling land of Australia?

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