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Europe is known for its great culture. Winter festivals in Europe are lively, vibrant, historic and diverse. In spite of the extremely cold weather, people look forward to these colourful festivals.They are the source of ultimate fun and entertainment. These festivals show a glimpse of the European culture as well. During this time of the year, tourist come in large numbers to enjoy the vibrant festivals. From New Year Eve’s party, carnival to fire festivals, there is something for everyone. Even if it’s freezing cold outside, don’t fret, the madness never stops in Europe.

10 Most Famous Winter Festivals In Europe

The festival spirit continues even during the winter months in Europe. Check out the below list of the best winter festivals in Europe 2022. Add  them to your bucket list for your next trip. These Europe winter festivals will have something to offer to all kinds of travelers. 

  • Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Scotland: 29 December to 1 January, 2022
  • Up Helly Aa, Lerwick, Scotland: 25 January, 2022
  • Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands: 2nd December  to 23 January, 2022
  • Fête du Citron, Menton, France: 12 February – 27 February, 2022
  • Where’s The Music, Norrköping, Sweden: NA
  • Snow Bike Festival, Gstaad, Switzerland: NA
  • Horizon Festival, Arinsal, Andorra: NA 
  • Altitude Comedy Festival, Mayrhofen, Austria: 28 March, 2022 – 2 April, 2022
  • Rise Festival, Les Deux Alpes, France: 10 – 17 December, 2022
  • Venice Carnival, Italy: 12 February, 2022 – 1 March, 2022

1. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Scotland

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Scotland

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Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is one of the world’s greatest new year celebrations. It takes place all across Scotland and is attended by a large number of visitors from all across the globe. Attend the coolest concerts and witness the New Year firework display and crazy music. 

When: 29th December to 1st January 2022 

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2. Up Helly Aa, Lerwick, Scotland

Up Helly Aa, Lerwick, Scotland

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Up Helly Aa is one of the best winter festivals in Europe. See the most dazzling fire festival which is held in Lerwick. The festival involves a procession of 1000 costumed guizers and comes to an end with the burning of a Viking longship.

When: 25th January 2022 

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3. Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands

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During the Amsterdam Light Festival, the city lights up and come to life with national and international light artist showcasing their work throughout the city centre. Hundreds of submission are submitted by designers and architects among which the selection committee chooses 30 artworks. To see the festival in its best lights, you can follow suggested routes for boats, bikes or walking or make your own way through the installations.

When: 2nd December to 23rd January 2022

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4. Fête du Citron, Menton, France

Fête du Citron, Menton, France

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Fête du Citron is a unique festival celebrated every February in Menton. The exciting lemon festival includes exhibitions and parades featuring stupendous citrus fruit creations. Normally the lemon festival won’t sound exciting to you but you got to witness this to know what makes it so special. The renowned event draws a large number of visitors every year. Come and discover the fantasy world for an unforgettable festival experience.

When: 12th to 27thFebruary 2022

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5. Where’s The Music, Norrköping, Sweden

Where’s The Music, Norrköping, Sweden

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Where’s the Music is one of the best winter music festivals in Europe. It is both a festival and a conference taking place in various clubs in Norrköping. The two-day music event brings together the best of both the Swedish and international music. You can find established professionals to emerging young artists performing at this fest. 

When: Yet to be announced

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6. Snow Bike Festival, Gstaad, Switzerland

Snow Bike Festival, Gstaad, Switzerland

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The most exciting winter festival in Europe is Snow Bike Festival. It is a 3-day mountain bike stage race which is a must-visit for all the cycling enthusiasts, mountain bikers to experience some crazy biking in the snow. Visitors get amazed by the exciting mix of rides, party, and a lot of excitement.

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7. Horizon Festival, Arinsal, Andorra

Horizon Festival, Arinsal, Andorra

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Held in the ski resort of Arinsal, Andorra, Horizon Festival is an electronic music festival. The 7 days and nights of madness is full with mountain fun and music. Without a doubt, this is one of the best winter festivals in Europe. Relax yourself in the cool vibe with a flavor of local culture and enjoy drinks and food at a nominal price.

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8. Altitude Comedy Festival, Mayrhofen, Austria

Horizon Festival, Arinsal, Andorra

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The No 1 comedy festival, Altitude Comedy Festival features great comedians from across the globe. This one of a kind event takes place at Tyrolean ski resort of Mayrhofen every winter. The festival features world class snowboarding along with awesome stand-up and musical comedy, and a wonderful party atmosphere.

When: 28th March to 2nd April 2022

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9. Rise Festival, Les Deux Alpes, France

Rise Festival, Les Deux Alpes, France

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Rise festival is the famous festival in winter in Europe with a week full of exciting snow sports, music and festivities held in Les Deux Alps, Rise. Head to this amazing winter festival and enjoy a fantastic music mix. This festival also puts stress on opportunities such as yoga and spa retreats as speeding down the mountain can be really exhausting. 

When: 10th to 17th December 2022

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10. Venice Carnival, Italy

Venice Carnival, Italy

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Venice Carnival is the most celebrated winter festivals in Europe. The grand fair is held annually in the stunning city, Italy. There are many free events held in the duration of two weeks which are open for the public. You will be exhilarated by the different fun competitions and excellent performances on the street. The highlights of the festival include ice skating, Venetian mast market, grand masquerade balls, concert and more.

When: 12th February to 1st March 2022

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You are lucky enough if you are travelling to Europe during winters. Winter festivals in Europe is a chance to plan a vacation and have an experience like never before. The country will not disappoint you as the options are numerous and have something in store for a culture lover. Plan a holiday to Europe and be a part of these famous winter festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Festivals In Europe

Q. What holidays are celebrated in Europe?

A. There are 7 national holidays that are celebrated in Europe:
1. St Patrick’s Day
2. Vappu
3. King’s Day
4. Bastille Day
5. St John’s Day
6. Belgian National Day
7. San Gennaro Feast Day

Q. Which is the biggest music festival in Europe?

A. Europe is home to some of the world’s greatest festivals where people gather and enjoy to the fullest. These festivals exhibit the culture and heritage of their respective places. Some of the biggest music festivals in Europe are:
1. Sound City
2. Primavera Sound
3. Parklife
4. Northside
5. Isle Of Wight Festival
6. Download
7. Garorock
8. Rock Werchter

Q. What are the traditional festivals of Europe?

A. Traditional festivals are those festivals which have been celebrated since years and have cultural aspects imbibed in them. They are celebrated properly with rituals and dates. Some of the traditional festivals in Europe are Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Oktoberfest and more. Some winter festivals in Europe are also traditional festivals as they celebrate the heritage of their place.

Q. What is Ascension day in Europe?

A. Ascension day in Europe is a festival in Europe. It is the celebration of the ascension of Jesus Christ up into heaven. While it is a public holiday in some countries of Europe and not a holiday in others, it is usually celebrated 40 days prior to Easter.

Q. At what location in Belgium is Tomorrowland celebrated?

A. The festival of Tomorrowland is celebrated at De Schorre in Boom. Boom is a small town in Belgium. You can reach the town by bus or by cab without any hassle.

Q. Which country enjoys the most number of public holidays in Europe?

A. Finland has 15 public holidays which is the greatest number in the whole of Europe. After Finland, Spain enjoys the most number of public holidays which is 14.

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