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Zoo, are an authentic way of witnessing wildlife and natural beauty. These places are maintained to make the people aware about different species and animal kind present on this planet.Zoos In New Zealand in itself is full of natural beauty and lush greenery. The core aim of New Zealand zoo is to conserve the species that are on the verge of extinction like for example elusive kiwi. They consist of detailed programs on animal breeding and other animal health related things. The guides available here are expert in their field and are always happy to answer the queries of visitors. The best part of these zoos in New Zealand is that they also provide visitors to play and feed the animals and also to hold some of them.

Best Zoos of New Zealand

Some of these zoos offer certain interactive activities for its visitors like close encounters with cheetahs, lions, giraffes, lemurs and panda’s etc. visitors can also ask questions to the zoo veterinarians. Take a look to know what’s in store for you.

1. Hamilton Zoo


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Hamilton zoo is one of the main parts of the zoological garden; spread over 62 acres of land. It is located on the Brymer Road in the suburbs of Rotokauri and the administration is maintained by the Hamilton City Council along with the support of the Department of Recreation and Welfare Handling. This zoo also holds its name for full accreditation by the Zoo and Aquarium Association.
The zoo owns its existence way back in the year 1969. It was owned by a couple known as Mr. & Mrs. Powell. This zoo was started as a park by the Powell Couple and they had kept few game birds along with some exotic mammals and birds. The park was continuously facing losses and was on the verge of closure when the City Council interrupted and offered to buy the entire premises and stocks. The failure of successful operation continued till 1984 when the entire working was transferred to Department of Recreation and Welfare. It was then when a systematized plan was created which included boardwalks, exhibits, plants and paths etc.

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2. Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo

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Auckland zoo marks its existence in the year 1922. Spread at an area of 16.36 hectare, it is also known as Zoological Garden, Auckland. This zoo is mainly controlled by the Auckland Council, while the Auckland Zoological Society works as an ancillary organization. In the earlier phase the zoo witness many issues majorly health issues of animals. However, till the year 1930, a handful of animals was gathered which made it enough to form a zoological society. The zoo also holds its presence in the IInd World War and was then headed by Lt Col Sawer. After the war got over, the zoo assimilated some chimpanzees and trained them to serve tea for the sake of public entertainment; however, this practice was demolished in the year 1964.
Since the year 1973, the zoo is continuously expanding. In the year 1973, zoo extended itself to the sides of Western Springs Park, while in the year 2011 zoo opened its one of the biggest expansions Te Wao Nui portraying the intrinsic flora and fauna of New Zealand. The zoo works for the conservation of species especially the New Zealand species and also has New Zealand Center for Conservation Medicine helping in preserving and conserving. This zoo is also a member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association and has also received a 14001 endorsement for its Environmental Management System.

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3. Wellington Zoo

first zoo of the country

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Wellington Zoo is the first zoo of the country and is settled in the green belt of Wellington. Spread over 32-acre land, this zoo is home of around 100 species gathered from all across the globe. It also serves in the conservation program of endangered species like the sun bear and Sumatran tiger etc. the Wellington Zoo was opened in the year 1906 and since then the zoo is continuously striving to excel itself in all fields and also works for bridging the gap between animals and people. On exploring the history of Wellington Zoo it is evident that in the year 2003 the zoo became a charitable trust while Wellington City Council became its main source of finance.

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4. Orana Wildlife Park

Lion in the cage

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Orana Wildlife Park is the only open zoo of New Zealand, spread across 80 hectares of land and is situated on the outskirts of Christ Church. It came into existence in the year 1976 and is completely in the hands of Orana Wildlife Trust which is a charitable organization registered under the acts. The core aim of this zoo is to conserve the species on the verge of extinction, incorporate recreational activities and upgrade educational programs that will help visitors in developing a bonding with the animals. The zoo is an open zoo and offers few one on one interaction with some animals like feeding the giraffes with hand, one on one encounter with a lion, where visitors are made to sit in an open caged vehicle. The caretaker feeds these lions from inside due to which some of the lions also climb up the cage giving a clear look of these animals. It is a home of 400 animals and around 70 species.

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5. National Aquarium

Birds of zoo

National Aquarium holds one of the biggest set of aquatic animals. They have species from New Zealand and from the surrounding countries as well. They also offer activities like feeding the aquatic animals, interacting with animals like swimming with the shark and that too without any cage. They have set feeding time for all animals and visitors can feed them within the set time. They provide animals with flesh and meat, flowers along with other necessary supplements necessary for their growth and survival. Penguins, the cute little animal, are all ready to take food from your hand and you can look into their eyes and have a lifetime experience.

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Zoos in New Zealand are a complete source of information in them. They are home to some 100 species and tend to continuously strive for the conservation of species that are on the verge of extinction. They also offer certain interactive programs for the children, which help in building a bond between animals and people. Book your trip to New Zealand with TravelTriangle and soak in the calming vibes around nature in this charming land!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zoos In New Zealand

Which is the most famous zoo in New Zealand?

The most famous zoo in New Zealand is the Auckland Zoo. If you are spending summer in Auckland, make sure you visit the most popular zoo in the capital.

What animals are unique to New Zealand?

The kiwi bird, bats, pekapeka, Hector’s dolphin, Hamilton’s frog, keas, chevron skink, yellow-eyed penguins, and little blue penguins are unique to New Zealand.

How many species of animals can we spot in New Zealand zoos?

New Zealand zoos can one find, big cats like cheetahs, tigers, lions, hoofed animals like llamas, gazelles, deer and zebras, elephants, hippos, giraffes, rhinos and alligators and chimpanzees, lemurs, baboons, and tamarins.

Is there any special zoo for snakes in New Zealand?

New Zealand zoos have no snakes. It is illegal to bring snakes into New Zealand. It is a completely snake-free country.

Does New Zealand have any national animal?

In New Zealand, the national animal and the national bird are the same, the humble kiwi. It is a flightless bird quite different from the other species of birds.

Can we spot wild animals in any open area in New Zealand?

In open areas, the New Zealand falcon or the Australian harrier can be spotted. Towards the south, New Zealand’s alpine parrot and the keas can be spotted.

Do zoos in New Zealand offer any additional adventure activity?

Yes, New Zealand zoos do provide additional adventure activities to tourists which varies from one zoo to another. Tourists need to go and enquire about them.

Which is the best zoo in New Zealand?

The Auckland zoo in New Zealand is the largest and the best. It houses more than 1400 animals from 135 species. Also, this is one of the most unique zoos in the world.

How many animals are in Auckland zoo?

There are around 1400 animals in Auckland Zoo.

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