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About Yercaud

Yercaud is a peaceful and exquisite hill station in Salem district of Tamil Nadu having situated at an altitude of 1515 m above sea level. The name is interpreted as lake forest as per local language. Being a popular hill station, Yercaud is nicknamed as Jewel of the South. The temperature remains comparatively mild and never goes beyond 29 degree celsius. Yercaud is connected via highway to Salem in a distance of 8km. Coffee is grown in abundance here along with luscious fruits like oranges, bananas, pears and jackfruit. Trekking is done considerably in this region. Nestled in the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern Ghats, it is also known as poor man's Ooty. Blackpepper and cardamom are also grown quite extensively here. The forest area is infested with teak, sandal wood and silver oaks. For adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, wild life and bird species comprise of baboons, squirrels, deer, mongoose, snakes, bulbul and sparrow.

Places To See

Yercaud Town
The town is home to several seminaries and convents where brothers and sisters of various religious orders have their training schools. The two famous ones are Montfort School and Sacred Heart Convent.

Emerald Lake
Also known as the Big Lake, the Emerald Lake is a placid lake set amidst hills and natural shoals. There is a floating fountain in the middle which has been constructed by the government authorities. There is also a deer park and leisure park nearby.

Anna Park
The park is located next to the lake. A flower show is held here in May. The main highlight is the Japanese garden within the park. There is an entrance ticket to enter the park.

Arthur Seat
A steep road from the town center leads to Arthur Seat, from where you can enjoy a birds eye view of the Big Lake. You can walk up the one kilometer or take a vehicle.

Lady's Seat, Gent's Seat and Children's Seat
These seats refer to a cluster of rocks on the South West of the Yercaud hills. Legend has it that an English lady during the British ear would spend here evenings here taking in the views of the magnificent surroundings. There is a sheer drop of about 200 feet below. There is also a mini park where you can enjoy a picnic.

Botanical Survey of India
One of the two orchidariums run by the Botanical survey of India, hosts different types of orchids including the insect eating Orchid. The garden is closed on weekends and national holidays.

Bell Rock
Located in the BSI campus, the rock makes a bell sound when you hit it with a stone. There is a short climb which you have to undertake to reach the rock. The area is closed on weekends and national holidays.

Horticulture Farm
The farm has a rose garden with a diverse variety of roses including the green rose. You can buy saplings of these plants, which are available for sale at nominal prices. There is also a silk farm here, a little ahead of Lady’s Seat, but it does not allow in visitors. There is a nominal entry charges that you have to pay to enter the farm.

Pagoda Point
Also known as Pyramid Point, the place takes its name from the hill tribes in this area who make a pile of four random stones to mark an event. The formation resembles a pyramid and hence its name. There is also a Rama Temple located here. From the point, you can take in the views of Attur and Ayothiapattinam.

Kiliyur Falls
These stunning waterfalls are located about 3 km from the Yercaud Lake. The views from the top and below the waterfall are simply spectacular. The path to the falls is an easy trek. Iron stairs have been put at steep places.

There are several important temples in the town that are worth visiting including the Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple and Shevarayan Temple which is set on a flat-topped hill with a plateau. From here, you can take in the magnificent views of the town below and mountains far and near.

Bears Cave
The cave goes down deep into the hill. After about 60 feet, you would have to go down on all fours to go further in.

The Grange
One of the oldest buildings in Yercaud, the Grande was built in the 1820's by MD Cockburn, the then Collector of this area. He established the first commercial plantation here and planted coffee, oranges, apples and other trees brought from South Africa. The other coffee plantations in Tamil Nadu owe their origins from the Grange.

Fairholme Bungalow
This is one of the better maintained colonial bungalows on Tipperary road. It still houses the antique furniture which was used to conduct tea parties in the days gone by. It is now being run as a heritage hotel but is open to visitors.

Kottachedu Teak Forest
The land originally belonged to the hill tribes who abandoned it after a plague struck the area. The government utilized the land to create a teak wood plantation. The River Vaniar passes through the area and leads to the Vaniar Dam.

Tipperary View Point
From here you can see the Elephant Tooth Rocks, which are believed to be the remnant of a meteorite which fell to earth. The rock is pure white rock unlike the black granite rocks that are found on the hills. The estate nearby is called the Tipperary Estate and was once a posh hotel catering to the elite class of British India.