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Rome Group Packages

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Rome Group Package

Rome has earned the moniker- Eternal City, rightly so. The beauty of the antiquity of Rome is beyond expectations.
The ancient past has left remains that are still preserved and are absolutely priceless. The mascot of Rome is a she-wolf who is known to have protected the two abandoned brothers. There are so many places to visit in Rome that sometimes, it gets difficult to choose which place to visit first. Our Rome Group Tour Package covers all the top tourist spots which have to be visited by hook or by crook.

Best places to visit in Rome

The capital city, Rome, is located in the west-central part of Italy. Precisely, at the Tiber River, 23 kilometers in the eastward direction of the Mediterranean Sea. As a matter of fact, Rome was initially founded by Romulus who also had a sibling named Remus who were orphans left in the city which is now known as Rome. Rome is a very well-populated and developed city in Italy, with nearly 3 million people residing there.

  • The Colosseum - The Colosseum is the icon of Rome. It overshadows every other monument in the city. It reflects how life was led by the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago. It is frequented by over 6 million tourists every year. In the year 2007, it found its place among the Seven Wonders of the World. Tick it off your bucket list by visiting this remarkable creation of ancient Rome.
  • Vatican City - The Pope resides in the Vatican Palace. It is an independent state taking up only 44 hectares of land, making it the smallest state in terms of both area and population. The Museums in the Vatican City showcase sculptures such as the Sistine Chapel, known for Michelangelo’s ceiling. Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square is a must.
  • Santa Maria Maggiore - This is a must-see tourist destination. It was built in the name of the Virgin Mary and also in the largest church in Rome. The church has still retained its ancient layout. The interiors depict Christianity in full form. Standing as high as 240 feet, the bell tower is the highest point in the city.
  • Roman Forum - The Roman Forum is located in the middle of the Palatine and Capitoline Hills. During ancient times, it was a place for meetings and other political affairs. It also had an array of shops and open-air stalls and markets as well.

The most suitable time to plan a trip to Rome

There is no specific time to pick to visit Rome. Plan your vacation well, carry the right attire, no matter which time you visit you will have a wonderful experience. However, spring is a good season to visit. It is advisable to skip the summers because it is very hot and comfortable during this time. Also, you will face heavy traffic due to the Ferragoshto and Festa Della Repubblica. During the monsoon, the room tariff is usually on the lower side. The Rome Jazz Festival is held during this time. The winter is quite pleasant. Also, it is the holiday season and so it is mostly preferred by the tourists. Do check out the Annual Christmas Market during your stay. Pick whichever season suits you the best and is convenient.

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Enrapturing Europe Tour Package

Enrapturing Europe Tour Package

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  • Rome (1D)
  • Pisa (1D)
  • Padova (1D)
  • Innsbruck (1D)
  • Zurich (3D)
  • Paris (3D)
  • Amsterdam (3D)

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FAQs for Rome

How to reach Rome?

Fly to Fiumicino Airport and take a cab or taxi from there to the capital city of Italy. You could also go by rail.

Are the group tour guides well-versed in English?

Although, the language spoken in Rome is Italian, people residing there are quite well-versed in English, including the residents and shopkeepers. Since Rome witnesses, a good influx of tourists every year, tourism is an important source of income for them. The tour guides explain everything in English. If you face any difficulty in understanding, do let them know.

Are the residents of Rome polite and helpful?

There are mixed reviews about the friendliness of the residents of Rome. Make sure of a few things like dressing modestly in the church or not washing your feet in the fountain.

Where can I get my currency exchange done?

You can get your currency exchange done into Euros in the airport. You can also get it done once you reach Italy from banks and other foreign exchange bureaus. But, it is advised to do it from the airport initially in order to avoid any hindrance.

Does the Colosseum charge an entry fee?

The Colosseum is a well-preserved monument with utmost historical significance. So, in order to retain its beauty, an entry fee of 12 euros is charged for adults and 7.50 euros is charged for people aged between 18 and 26 years. However, children can visit for free. This charge is inclusive of your visit to the Palatine Hills and Forum Romanum.

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Places To Visit In Rome

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

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Galleria Borghese in Rome

The Galleria Borghese in Rome is an art gallery with unique statues, sculptures, and paintings. This is a must visit place for art lovers. It is situated in Rome, the capital of Italy and housed in the Villa Borghese Pinciana. Commissioned by the order of Cardinal Scipione Borghese in 1613, an avid art collector and Pope Pa...

  • Adventure
  • Culture
  • Historic sightseeing
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Roman Forum in Rome

The Roman Forum also referred to, as Forum Romano is a plaza in the center of the Rome, which is bordered by the remains of several buildings of historical importance. It is a place where trade, commerce, and the administration of justice took place as per the historical evidence. For centuries, it was the focal point of Pu...

  • Adventure
  • Historical Sites
  • Culture
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Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish Steps in Rome are also identified as Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti. With 135 steps, this attractions was constructed by Francesco de Sanctis, who is a little-known architect. The famous attraction was funded by French diplomat Étienne Gueffier bequeathed Stefano Gueffier. The design of these steps is quite uniq...

  • Historical Sites
  • Sightseeing
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St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

The largest church of the Vatican City in Rome is often referred to as “The greatest Church in Christendom.” It is believed that this church is where Saint Peter was buried. Saint Peter is one of the 12 Disciples of Christ. It is also assumed that Saint Peter was Rome’s first Bishop. St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is consider...

  • Adventure
  • Historical Sites
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Piazza Navona in Rome

One of the many beautiful and famous squares of Rome is Piazza Navona. It was built in the 1st Century AD on an earlier site of Domitian’ stadium, which was constructed by the Emperor Domitian in 86 AD. It is also believed that its name changed over a period from “in avone” to “navone”. Its location is actually in the cente...

  • Historical Sites
  • Ancient architecture
  • Sightseeing
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Things To Do In Rome

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

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Gianicolo Hill in Rome

Rome is known as the city of seven hills, but it is more than that. Gianicolo Hill is not counted in the famous seven hills of the Rome. The hill offers a breathtaking scenic view of Central Rome.

It is outside the ancient city and very close to historic places like Vatican. The hill is also known as Janiculum hill. This ...

  • Sightseeing
  • Nature
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Historical Places in Rome

Rome, a city drenched in history, the city where hope springs eternal, is a city that is proud of its ancient glorious heritage. The city of Rome originated as a village of the Latini in the 9th century BC. It was initially ruled by the kings, but the Roman republic was established in 509 BC. A tour of historical places in ...

  • Sightseeing
  • Historical Sites
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Museums in Rome

Rome Museums are one of the major attractions in the City and you should definitely have Rome Museums' visit on your bucket list. This city is the most beautiful among the world’s popular cities and it is evident by the yearly influx of tourists. The museums in Rome adds charm to this city and also attracts a large number o...

  • Sightseeing
  • Historical Sites
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Trastevere Street in Rome

Trastevere Street is the most enchanting neighbourhood in the whole of Rome. The cobblestone streets and authentic Roman Trattoria will make you fall in love with this place. Located, over the west bank of the Tiber, it is separated from central Rome by this river. At the heart of it, one could see streets lined with restau...

  • Sightseeing
  • Leisure walk
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Visit Vatican City in Rome

Vatican City is a small state in Rome, which is also the world’s smallest state, covering an area of approximately 110 acres and having a population up to 1000 people. It is not an officially sovereign state and Holy See holds its sovereignty. Holy See is also named as the Catholic Church’s ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Ro...

  • Sightseeing
  • Historical Sites
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Apart from researching the places to go to, one also needs to take a look at the best time to plan the trip and also the cuisines to be tried. The following points provide you an insight regarding the same:

Cuisines to try in Rome

  • Caprese Salad- It is great Italian food made of tomatoes, basil leaves, and mozzarella. Healthy and palatable at the same time.
  • Salami and Cheese Bread- Feast on Salami and Cheese bread, one of the most sought after Italian dishes.
  • Gnocchi- This dish can be had as a starter or even as a side dish. It is made of cheese and butter, in tomato sauce, presented to you with pesto.
  • Parma Ham Melon- The price of this dish is a little on the higher side but it is absolutely worth it. Enjoy this dish served with yummy melons.
  • Focaccia- Choose from a wide variety of this dish available in Rome. Each recipe is different. Choose wisely and it is bound to soothe your taste buds.