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Mountain Biking in Darjeeling

How to have the best of experience of Mountain Biking in Darjeeling
Mountain Biking In Darjeeling

Rated 3.5/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About Mountain Biking in Darjeeling

The interest in biking in Darjeeling has gone beyond the locals; it has now become tourist attractions. However, not all Tourists will get the best out of their vacation. The only place in the country to have an exclusive Park for Biking is in Darjeeling; it has been as far back as January 2017. The popularity of Mountain Biking Darjeeling is growing.

The Terrain

The expected height that we are talking about here is more than 6,800 feet. Along the road are some beautifully contoured and windy roads. You will need a level of fitness to ride the bike successfully to the top of the mountain.

Tourists Angle

The recreational sport is gaining wide appeal among tourists who come around in holidays. You can now go on a day trip with the aid of the ever-willing local guides who will take you through an experience that you will love to cherish long after your tourist visit.

Varieties of Mountain Bikes Involved

There are incidences of people who go on a keep fit exercise and end up aggravating issues. You are going to have at your disposal quality imported mountain bikes that will help boost your level of endurance. The local guides are ever willing to guide you through the choice of bike.

Period of operations

If you desire to come over to have an experience of biking at its best, you should note that from June 15 to September 15, which is the monsoon period, the parks remain closed for tourists. This is the animal breeding period.  Aside that period, you can come over to enjoy the best of Mountain Biking. The Park is, however, open at all times of the year from sunrise to sunset.

Cycling Tours

There are several cycling tours destinations to choose from. Each one of them offers huge, unforgettable benefits to every tourist. Most of these tours will take the entire day starting in the morning and ending before sunset.

Some of these tourist destinations are:

  • Lamahatta

  • Pokhribong

  • Maneybhanjan

  • Kurseong

  • Rental and tour operators

    The operators offer competitive Bikes to tourists. Aside from the Bikes, the operators offer some other conveniences that will make the tour worthwhile. These luxuries include:

    • Helmets

    • Bike

    • Lunch

    • Tea

    • First Aid

    Independent Adventure

    If you are the type who can ride a bike, you can opt for renting a Bike and you will be on your own. When it is a high season, the possibility of having this luxury will be slim because most Bikes will be engaged on guided tours. To be on the same side, call up an operator to book your rental in advance

    You will have the best on your tour of Mountain Biking in Darjeeling if you get all that we have discussed above right.


    Quick Information

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    3-4 Hours

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    FAQ's of Darjeeling

    Read on to find out why our customers love us!

    Where can I go mountain biking in Darjeeling?

    The Hill Cart Road is a good place to enjoy mountain biking. The road is well made, and the trail paths are cut quite clearly.

    How much would mountain biking in Darjeeling cost?

    It can cost you anywhere from INR 2,000 to 3,000.

    Is it safe to go mountain biking in Darjeeling?

    Yes, it is safe to go mountain biking in Darjeeling if you are taking a guide along.