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    relaxin at the beach in Krabi

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    A captivating vacation in the tropical beach heartland of Thailand. Ajay and his wife traveled to Thailand on a quest to relish unspoilt beauty and enthralling beaches. Their 5 day/4 night honeymoon in Krabi left them in awe of the jewel of a destination hidden in the white sand in south-east asia.

    Trip Cost: INR 70,000 per person
    Trip Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Night
    Agent Name: Tripdost.com
    Inclusions: Flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, and sightseeing
    Exclusions: Visa, entrance fees, and lunch and dinner
    Month of Travel: February 2017

    A friend recommended this website who traveled to Maldives via TravelTriangle. The idea of having a customized package seemed very appealing to us. I like to consider my wife and I as offbeat travelers, and for us, this was the ideal place to pick a honeymoon package.

    serene getaways in Thailand
    Strolling around the resort in Krabi

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    We wanted to go to a scenic tropical destination within our budget and at the same time, we would not like to be disturbed. Pattaya was an option for our honeymoon but we withdrew that plan due to the humongous influx of tourists in that city. Practically, it would’ve just going to Goa in Thailand.

    To add to that, I was recommended Krabi by one of my friends who loves to travel. He had been there earlier and he loved it. So i couldn’t really ignore the advice of a well-traveled guy to a place we already were inclining towards.

    Here’s a shortened version of the itinerary we followed on our 5 day honeymoon in Krabi

    Heading to krabi
    ajay and his wife share a moment in Krabi

    Day 1: Arriving in Krabi from Lucknow- checked in at 3pm- relaxed for the evening- dinner

    Day 2: Breakfast- Four Islands tour- snorkeling- return to krabi- dinner

    Day 3: Breakfast- hot springs– emerald pool- tiger cave temple- return to the hotel- dinner

    Day 4: Leisure Day in Krabi

    Day 5: Breakfast- departure from Krabi to Lucknow

    four island tour in krabi
    Koh Mor Island in Krabi

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    One of the reasons we loved Krabi was because there was so much to do in this coastal town located in southern Thailand. A lot of the places in the south had been massively exploited over the years due to the tourism surge a decade ago. However, Krabi has so far been able to maintain its charm and demeanour to a large extent.

    Here are the places we visited in Krabi

    1. Four Island Tour

    Day 2 - 4Island Tour in Krabi
    Enjoying the clear blue water

    On the second day in Krabi, we went for the four islands tour. Chicken Island, Koh Poda, Koh Tub, and Koh Mor make up the four beautiful islets littered around Krabi. Each of the islands to have a distinct charm and feature that distinguishes it from the others.

    Chicken island tour krabi

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    After taking a 90-minute ferry, we arrived at Koh Poda, as our boat docked aside a huge rock structure near the beach. After this, we arrived at the Chicken Island and figured out why it’s called so. Apparently, the rock formations on the island make the shape of a hen, and from there on the tourists gave it a name which stuck! (funny isn’t it !?)

    We had our packed lunch, and just walked over to the remaining two islands (Koh Tub and Koh Mor), connected by a sandbar to Chicken Island.

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    Poda Island in Krabi

    Tour Fee (by Longtail boat): INR 1,000
    Tour Fee (by speedboat): INR 1,900

    2. Hot spring waterfall (Namtok Ron)

    heading to the waterfall

    Located 60 km from our resort, was the natural hot spring and jacuzzi of Namtok Ron. Bathing in 38 degree water at a scenic tropical location was a unique and memorable experience. The water in the waterfall is known to heal a number of ailments like skin rashes and rheumatism.

    3. Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)

    Krabi jungle walk to emerald pool

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    Just as we got finished from the hot and soothing jacuzzi of Namtok Ron, we walked over to the aesthetically pleasing Emerald Pool nearby. After a kilometre-long trek through the vines and a half marked forest pathway, we reached to see the clearest shade of blue in a natural pool ever.

    Although, people are not allowed to bathe in it, but just the sight of it and hanging out around the pool was definitely worthwhile.

    Entrance Fee: INR 400

    4. Tiger Cave Temple

    Tiger cave temple krabi

    A 15-minute ride from Krabi town, took us to the famous Tiger Cave temple sitting atop a dense, green, and steep hill. After climbing 1300 steps, we reached at the top of the hill to the entrance of the temple. The climb was obviously long, and tiring but with the view that followed that hike, the pain subsided for the time being.

    After coming back from this trip to honeymoon trip to Krabi, I can affirmatively say that there is still a lot to be explored and cherished in the tropical tourist haven that is Thailand. With a bit of research and homework, one can easily get a lot of less explored beaches that are more beautiful than their popular counterparts like Pattaya and Phuket.

    final day in Krabi
    saying farewell to Krabi

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    High points:

    • The surprise element of snorkeling during our Four Islands tour was special.
    • Celebrating my wife’s birthday in Krabi with some gifts and cake added charm to our trip
    • The best day of our trip was spent going on the Four Islands Tour

    Low points:

    • The jungle tour in Krabi wasn’t very good or entertaining.
    • We got so involved in Krabi that I missed out and Phi Phi Islands and would love to visit them next time.

    Tip to travelers:

    • Check the weather conditions of that time of the year before leaving. The weather can change rapidly and spoil all your plans.
    • Hire a two wheeler scooter or a bike for traveling around. It is safe, money-saving and convenient.

    There’s no better place than Thailand for tropical beaches. Book your Thailand honeymoon package and spoil yourself in Thai heaven!

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