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    indulge in fun and thrilling

    Do you know New Zealand celebrates Christmas and New Year in summer? Sounds bizarre? It’s not! Let us tell you why!

    New Zealand is a country in the southern hemisphere. Talking on geographical terms; New Zealand experiences spring in full bloom in October, followed by the summer season in November till February. Owing to the brightness, vibrancy and comfortable weather conditions, New Zealand In October is probably the best time to visit and explore. To experience the best of scenarios and indulge in beach activities, adventure sports, hiking, cruising and bird watching; there is nothing more perfect than New Zealand In October.

    Want to know what to see and do and make the most of it? Here’s the detailed guide for you.

    The best time to visit New Zealand: New Zealand weather in October is moderate and soothing. With average temperature ranging from 17 to 21 degree Celsius, this is springtime here. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold, making it best for a hearty vacation. One may experience little to moderate rainfall. The weather in New Zealand in October is conducive and allows everyone to indulge in fun and thrilling activities like water sports, beach sports, hiking, and trekking.

    Places To Explore In New Zealand In October 2018

    Travel to New Zealand in october as it offers a lot of places to visit for a memorable experience. Take a look at the best ones!

    1. Auckland

    stunning city to explore

    Auckland- the largest city of New Zealand and famed for its towering high rises and edifices. You just can’t miss this stunning city during your trip to New Zealand. From cruising to hiking, from skydiving to eco safaris; Auckland has got it all and the weather in Auckland in October is moderate and soothing which makes it the best time to enjoy all these.

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    2. Wellington

    Wellington look vibrant

    Wellington is the scenic capital of New Zealand. October here is cozy and comfortable. The verdant valleys and buzzing harbor of Wellington look vibrant during spring, making it a perfect October vacation hotspot. Though the city is windier than other cities of New Zealand; but this does not interfere with activities of biking and kayaking, which are the two most popular tourist activities in Wellington.

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    3. Queenstown

    allures all kinds of tourists

    Queenstown is another beautiful and must-visit city of New Zealand, which is flocked by many tourists in October. Offering many adrenaline-pumped activities; this ‘adventure capital of the world’ allures all kinds of tourists, especially adventure enthusiasts. Activities like bungee jumping, skiing and skydiving are best experienced in October.

    4. Bay of Island

    lush green beauty attracts all nature lovers

    Bay of Island encompasses 144 scenic islands and their lush green beauty attracts all nature lovers and photography buffs. Bay of Island is a must visit in October. One can spot an array of marine creatures like whales, dolphins, and marlin during spring in these islands and owe to moderate water temperature and current can indulge in snorkeling and diving.

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    5. Rotorua

    splashing in the hot water springs

    Slightly offbeat, Rotorua is an upcoming tourist destination in New Zealand. People plan for this holiday spot in October to experience thrilling activities like white water rafting and mountain biking. In New Zealand, October marks the retreat of winter and advent of spring. Hence splashing in the hot water springs and geysers’ is a touristy thing to do in Rotorua in October.

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    Best things to do in New Zealand in October

    1. Attend October festivals

    witness quite a few vibrant festivals

    If you are visiting New Zealand in October, you will be lucky enough to witness quite a few vibrant festivals and food feasts, displaying local culture and heritage. Some of the famous October festivals are Kiwi Spring Festival and the Auckland Heritage Festival. Kiwi Spring Festival is a grand food feast where one can indulge with local wines and seafood, while the Auckland Heritage Festival showcases the true culture and tradition of the city. There are performances, dance, music, walks, and exhibitions.

    2. Bird watching

     watch beautiful birds

    October is the perfect time to indulge in bird watching in New Zealand. It is the favorite activity of the nature lovers and ornithologists to walk through the bird sanctuaries, admire their natural charm and watch beautiful birds. There are many bird sanctuaries in New Zealand like Tiritiri Matangi Bird Sanctuary, where you can spot numerous colorful common to endangered bird species.

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    3. Cruising and yacht

    enjoy the sight of colourful sail boats

    With moderate wind speed and optimum temperature; cruising in Waitemata Harbour in Auckland is another popular thing to do in October. Sailing in beautiful yachts is fun and exciting, but one can also sit by the waterfront and enjoy the sight of colorful sailboats sailing in the azure water.

    4. Hiking in Tongariro Crossing

    the oldest national park

    New Zealand is popular for nature hikes and spring is the best season to enjoy this activity. One such famous hike is Tongariro Crossing- the oldest national park and one of the world heritage sites of New Zealand. Not only the thrill and fun of the hike, but the spectacular topography, volcanic peaks and rich flora and fauna are equally enthralling. Hiking in New Zealand in october is one of the best things to do!

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    5. Skydiving

     enjoy skydiving

    New Zealand is globally famous for skydiving and October is the best time for it. This is a daring activity, where one dives from a great height at great speed. The weather condition of New Zealand in October is neither too hot nor too cold, hence extremely conducive for skydiving.

    Frequently Asked Questions About\ New Zealand

    Q. What are the best months to visit New Zealand?

    A. March, April and May are the best months to visit New Zealand.

    Q. Which is the cheapest month to fly to New Zealand?

    A. June is the cheapest month to fly to New Zealand.

    Q. Which is the driest month in New Zealand?

    A. July is the driest month in New Zealand.

    New Zealand in October is colourful, fun and immensely exciting. So, if you are planning New Zealand Holiday with Travel Triangle during their spring, check our recommendations and decide your pick.

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