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    India’s Best Honeymoon Places In December

    What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

    Winter hits India in different ways – in the northern hills, there’s heavy snowfall and sunless skies for days, while the sun fills the desert of Rajasthan and Gujarat with comforting warmth and occasional chilly winds. And with the onset of winter, the best honeymoon places in December in India get ready to welcome newlyweds in the most surreal way ever. These best honeymoon places in India in December bring the perfect weather for couples to build intimacy and get lost in the realm of romance and dreams. Plan a December honeymoon to feel the chill of Kohima, dance in the soft snowflakes of Manali, dive in the bright blue waters of Lakshadweep, and gaze at the dark sky illuminated by the silvery moon and twinkling stars in the desert of Jaisalmer. These best honeymoon destinations in December are more than perfect to rekindle the flame of love in the chilly winters.

    Best Honeymoon Places In December: Hill Stations

    If you are looking for a romantic hilly getaway, here are all your options where you can escape with your spouse and enjoy the views of beautiful valleys.

    1. Kohima, Nagaland: A True Gem In The Hills

    Kohima, Nagaland

    Image Source

    What could be a better way to celebrate the reunion of two people in love than heading off to the emerald-green hills of Kohima. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in December. This scenic hilly capital of Nagaland is blessed with some untouched and surreal landscapes, whispering woods, and silence that fills your hearts with gladness. In the northeast, it is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon places in India in December.

    Things to do in Kohima on your honeymoon:

    • Take part in the most cherished and unique Hornbill festival. The 10-day long festival begins on the 1st of December
    • Go glamping in the hills of Kohima with Japfu Range as a backdrop
    • Stock up on souvenirs

    Places to visit in Kohima for couples:

    Dream Cafe

    Ozone Cafe

    Dzukou Valley

    Kohima Museum

    Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

    Japfu Peak

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    2. Yercaud, Tamilnadu: A Silent Valley In The Eastern Ghats

    Silent valley View

    Image Source

    Snuggled among the rolling Shevaroys Hills of the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is almost heaven and among the most romantic honeymoon destinations in December. The jungles of sandalwood, teak, and silver oaks fill the air of this little town with woody scents. The serene valleys and picturesque landscapes with beautiful birds, including sparrows, bulbuls, kites, and swallows make Yercaud a perfect place for a romantic vacation.

    Things to do in Yercaud on your honeymoon:

    • Go on a long drive through the serpentine roads
    • Take a romantic walk in the woods

    Places to visit in Yercaud for couples:

    Yercaud Lake

    Kiliyur Falls

    Shervaroyan Temple

    The Pagoda Point

    Anna Park

    Silk Farm

    3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh: In The Gorgeous Green Beas Valley

    Snow capped mountains with a few homes

    Manali is a year-around destination and amongst the best places to visit in December for honeymoon. Its snow-laden mountains beckon honeymooners and adventurers from far and wide during winter. The tall cedar and deodar trees, winding Beas river, and a sense of happiness blowing in the wind fill every honeymooner with a pleasant feeling. A honeymoon in Manali can be one of the best decisions of your life.

    Things to do in Manali on your honeymoon:

    • Among the best things to do in Manali in December are sports like skiing, riding snow scooter, and paragliding
    • Watch the sun paint the sky as it settles behind the mountains
    • Enjoy delicious cuisines at Manali’s most romantic cafes: Cafe 1947 and Drifters’ Cafe
    • Take a romantic walk to Hadimba Temple

    Places to visit in Manali for couples:

    Hadimba Temple

    Lazy Dog Lounge

    Casa Bella Vista for the best pizzas ever

    Solang Valley

    Rohtang Pass

    Beas Kund

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    4. Binsar, Uttarakhand: A Painter’s Imagination

    Snow capped mountains and pine trees

    Nesleted amidst the incredibly splendid and glorious Himalayas, Binsar hasn’t been explored much. Its emerald hills, misty mornings, and jungles unspoiled by civilization make it one of best places to visit in December for honeymoon. Binsar is actually a wildlife sanctuary and a land of peace and solitude. This is the kind of place that turns you into a poet, and who knows, you might end up writing a poem or two for your partner. Couples can easily find luxurious hotels in the middle of the sanctuary.

    Things to do in Binsar on your honeymoon:

    • Spot rare and beautiful birds in the sanctuary
    • Go on a hike with your partner
    • Explore the archaeological site

    Places to visit in Binsar for couples:

    Zero point

    Kasar Devi Temple

    Pariyadeva Pashan

    Khali Estate

    Best Honeymoon Places In December: Islands

    If you are a lover of the island and looking for privacy, then there is no better getaway for you than these beautiful islands where you can immerse in the beauty of nature and love.

    5. Devbagh Island, Karnataka: A Charming Beauty

    Devbagh Island, Karnataka

    The little, exotic island filled with Casuarina trees lies along the beautiful coastline of Arabian Sea. Devbagh Island is the place for endless, romantic strolls, mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, fresh seafood, and unspoiled beauty. Its rustic charm, little mountains, and a luxurious resort on the island make it one of the most gorgeous, the best honeymoon places in December.

    Things to do on Devbagh Island on your honeymoon:

    • Take romantic strolls along the beach
    • Bathe in the morning sun
    • Take a romantic boat ride
    • Try delicious sea food

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    6. Lakshadweep: Turquoise Lagoons & Secluded Beaches

    Two sundecks and a shed on a white sand beach

    Nature seems to have created Lakshadweep in one of her happiest moods. It is one of the most beautiful islands in India, and of course amongst the best romantic honeymoon destinations in December.

    Located off the coast of Kerala, the island is surrounded by 4,200 sq km of lagoon rich in marine wealth. Its scenic charm, tranquility, and pristine beaches will leave you surprised. The ten inhabited islands where couples can stay include Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy.

    Things to do in Lakshadweep on your honeymoon:

    • Surfing, swimming, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, and kayaking for adventure lover couples.
    • Sail on the deep blue waters of Arabian Sea and watch a beautiful sunset
    • Play in the shimmering waters of the sea under the night sky

    Places to visit in Binsar for couples:

    Kadmat Island

    Kalpeni Island

    Bangaram Atoll

    Minicoy Island

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    7. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Stunning Coastline

    A white sand beach lined by blue waters and trees

    Andaman is a terrestrial paradise and a honeymoon in Andaman can change your lives forever. With its breathtakingly stunning coastline, lush forests, mangroves, and blue water, it has been attracting newlyweds not only from India, but all over the world. Andaman is and has always been one of the best places to visit in December for honeymoon.

    Things to do in Andaman on your honeymoon:

    • Scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk, bird-watching, surfing, banana boat ride, and parasailing for adventure lovers
    • Explore different islands on a yacht with your love
    • Go sailing in the evening to witness the setting sun and capture some romantic moments

    Places to visit in Andaman for couples:

    Radhanagar Beach

    Jolly Buoy Island

    Ross Island

    Kaala Pathar Beach

    Chidiya Tapu

    Limestone Caves,

    Elephant Beach

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    Honeymoon Places In December: Desert Spots

    If you are not convinced by the idea that raw and rugged deserts can be a great option for a romantic getaway, then you should definitely take a trip one of these deserts spots and see for yourself.

    8. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: A Shimmering Land

    Two Rajasthani men with their camels in Thar Desert

    Are you the kind of couple who love the barren beauty of the desert? If so, The Thar Desert is waiting for you two. The last big town in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer stands in the heart of the Great Indian Desert shining like a patch of gold and is among the best honeymoon destinations in India in December.

    The warmth of the sun in December, pleasant winds during the days, a pitch dark sky dotted with stars, and your partner by your side, how does it sound? Romantic, huh! Jaisalmer is the beauty you’ll instantly fall in love with and it has everything you’ll need for a luxurious honeymoon.

    Things to do in Jaisalmer on your honeymoon:

    • Jeep safari and Camel safari with your partner
    • Stargazing together in the middle of a desert is a deeply romantic experience
    • Dune bashing, and quad biking to add some thrill to your vacation
    • Parasailing to see the Thar with a different perspective

    Places to visit in Jaisalmer for couples:

    Jaisalmer Fort

    Bada Bagh

    Sam Sand Dunes

    The Thar Heritage Museum

    Gadisar Lake

    Salim Singh Ki Haveli

    9. Pushkar, Rajasthan: A Town Of Golden Sands

    Pushkar, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Once popular as a sacred town, Pushkar has now become one of the best honeymoon places in December. The majestic beauty of Pushkar is a feast to your eyes and spirit. The charming town retains its authenticity and old-world charm despite the commercialization. You can attend the cultural festivals and enjoy a romantic dinner date in the desert with your partner. Not only one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget in December, Pushkar is a unique pick too.

    Things to do in Pushkar on your honeymoon:

    • Camel and jeep safari with your partner
    • Soar high in the sky with your love in a hot air balloon
    • A hike to Ratnagiri for beautiful views
    • Enjoy a Kalbelia dance performance

    Places to visit in Pushkar for couples:

    Pushkar Lake

    Naga Pahar

    Rose Garden

    Sarafa Bazar


    Man Mahal

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    10. Kutch, Gujarat: Kutch Nahin Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha

    Kutch is a blessing in disguise.

    Kutch is a blessing in disguise and probably among the best places to visit in December for honeymoon. The Great Rann of Kutch is the land of white desert and couples who want to go on an unconventional yet romantic expedition must head off to Kutch. You can witness the breathtaking sight of the boundless white desert under the moonlight, which can’t be experienced anywhere else in India. Another great thing you’ll experience in Kutch is the vibrant and entertaining Rann Utsav.

    Things to do in Kutch on your honeymoon:

    • Witness the most spectacular landscape under the shimmering moon at the best place to visit Decemberber in India for honeymoon.
    • Go on a wildlife tour to witness species like Peregrine Falcon, Steppe Eagle, and Imperial Eagle.

    Places to visit in Kutch for couples:

    Kalo Dungar

    Topansar Lake

    Kandla Port

    Mandvi Beach

    Kutch Museum

    Bhadreshwar Jain Temple

    Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

    Marine National Park

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    We hope this unique mix of best places to visit in December for honeymoon thrills you and makes you book your honeymoon tickets right away. Set your heart free and let it experience the beauty of winter romance at one of these honeymoon places in India in December.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Honeymoon Places In December

    Q. Which is the best country for honeymoon?

    A. Switzerland is the best country for honeymoon.

    Q. How much does a honeymoon cost?

    A. On an average, a couple spends between 3-3.5 lacs on their honeymoon.

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