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Describing Japan as a ‘backpack filled with surprises for every type of traveler’ would just be the right thing to do, thanks to the thousand shrines & temples, gorgeous gardens & palaces, the spectacular mountains, and other major attractions. It’s not only the technological wonders, but also the best places to visit in Japan that have highlighted the island nation on the map. And believe us, exploring each one of them is worth every dime.

So, if you’ve never wondered about visiting there, it’s about time that you do because these must visit places in Japan offer experiences, which you would have never had before. Get ready to impress yourself with one of the best destinations that give you a mesmerizing feeling. Known for its rich culture, you get to explore while on your trip to Japan.

35 Best Places To Visit In Japan In 2024

Are you looking for beautiful places in Japan? Here are the best places to visit in Japan that you should include on your itinerary to make the best of your trip. Scroll down to know what all awaits you in this scenic land!

  • Tokyo – Essence Of Japan
  • Kyoto – Sacred And Serene
  • Nara – City Of Culture
  • Mt. Fuji – A Breathtaking Marvel
  • Hokkaido – Closer To Nature
  • Ishigaki – Exotic Destination
  • Hiroshima – Historically Significant City
  • Sapporo – Forget The Heat And Humidity
  • Osaka – A Cultural Delight
  • Yakushima – Naturally Gifted
  • Hakuba – For Adventurous Activities
  • Kamakura – Where The Buddha Resides
  • Nagano – Great For Family
  • Kawaguchi – Beautiful Landscapes
  • Takayama – Away From City Life
  • Shibuya – A Bustling City
  • Naoshima – Lush-Green Island
  • Asakusa – For Parties And More
  • Akihabara – Perfect City Life
  • Odaiba – For A Rejuvenating Experience
  • Kabukicho – Nightclubs And More
  • Ueno Park – For A Breath Of Fresh Air
  • Yokohama – Charming And Vibrant
  • Nikko – Historically Rich
  • Tohoku – Relax In Nature
  • Kawagoe – Revisit The History
  • Nagoya – Traditionally Beautiful
  • Kanazawa – For Food Culture
  • Shirakawago – A Surreal Place
  • Shikoku – Where Serenity Welcomes You
  • Nagasaki – A City With Sad History
  • Kobe – Surprisingly Attractive
  • Fukuoka – Japan’s Oldest City
  • Hitsujiyama Park – For An Enormous Sight
  • Hakone – Views Of Mount Fuji

1. Tokyo – Essence Of Japan

Tokyo is one of the best places to visit in Japan

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Tokyo is the city that reflects the colors of Japan. In Japan, places to visit are endless, and exploring everything in one trip would always be impossible. But, the popular city of Tokyo still deserves the top spot in your itinerary, thanks to its anime culture and world-class attractions. And if the historical sites don’t impress you much, the city has also got a great culinary scene! This is undoubtedly amongst the best places to visit in Japan for first timers.

Top Attractions:

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo DisneySea

Best Things To Do:

  • Spend an evening near the Tokyo Tower in Japan
  • Shop in Odaiba
  • Witness the grandeur of the Meiji Shrine

Places to stay: 

  • Guest House Trace
  • Manga Art Hotel
  • Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Places to eat:

  • Tapas Molecular Bar
  • Ise Sueyoshi
  • Sometarō

How to reach: Tokyo is very well-connected by airways to the rest of the world, so plenty of airlines from India connect to the Narita Airport.

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2. Kyoto – Sacred And Serene

Kyoto is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: veronica111886 for Pixabay

The city of shrines, gardens & palaces! Of all the major Japan destinations, the sacred city of Kyoto is one of the best places to visit in Japan in spring irrespective of whether you are holidaying with your family or your partner. The iconic temples, shrines, palaces, gardens, and bamboo forests are a treat to the eyes, and you cannot afford to miss it on your first trip.

Top Attractions In Kyoto:

  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
  • Philosopher’s Walk
  • Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

Best Things To Do In Kyoto:

  • Visit the Kiyomizu Temple
  • Explore the Nijo Castle
  • Visit the famous Kinkaku-ji

Places to stay: 

  • Village Kyoto
  • Downtown Inn Kyoto
  • Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto

Places to eat in Kyoto:

  • Samurai Juku
  • Sugarhill Kyoto
  • Saishuan Shiraki

How to reach: Osaka International Airport is the closest airport in Kyoto which is approximately 1 hour from the city.

3. Nara – City Of Culture

Nara is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

Home to adorable deers, temples & more! No list of the top Japan attractions can ever be complete without including Nara in it. Home to many shrines, monasteries, museums, and the famous Nara Park, this city is where you need to be to get familiarized with the famed Japanese culture and traditions. It definitely features on the list of unmissable places to visit in Japan.

Top Attractions:

  • Nara Park
  • Kasuga-taisha
  • Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Best Things To Do:

  • Visit the Isuien Garden
  • Befriend the deers at the Nara-koen Park
  • Explore the Nara National Museum

Places to stay: 

  • Smile Hotel Nara
  • Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Eki
  • Guesthouse Nara Komachi

Places to eat:

  • Kameya
  • Kura
  • Tonkatsu Ganko Nara

How to reach: Kansai International Airport is the closest airport to Nara and it takes around 1 and half hours to reach Nara.

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4. Mt. Fuji – A Breathtaking Marvel

mt. fuji is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: kimura2 for Pixabay

The paradise for adventure seekers! Renowned around the world for offering the most thrilling experience in Japan, Mt. Fuji is the ultimate place to visit and definitely one of the most romantic places in Japan. While the official climbing season begins from July and ends in September, you can witness the beauty from a distance throughout the year. It is one of the best places to visit in Japan for young adults. Needless to say, this place ought to be on your list!

Top Attractions:

  • Mount Tenjo
  • Chureito Pagoda
  • Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine

Best Things To Do:

  • Go for skiing
  • Visit the Arakurayama Sengen Park
  • Enjoy the views of Mt. Fuji from the Subashiri 5th Station

Places to stay:

  • Hatago Ichiya
  • Bself Fuji Villa
  • Hotel Mount Fuji

Places to eat:

  • Hoto Fudou
  • Tempura Restaurant Ninja
  • Tetsuyaki

How to reach: The nearest airport to Mount Fuji is the Shizuoka Airport which is 83.5 km away. You can hire a cab or take bus to  reach Mt Fuji.

5. Hokkaido – Closer To Nature

hokkaido is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: fisag for Pixabay

The abode of natural hot springs! Popular for its volcanoes, hot springs, and ski areas, this gorgeous Japanese island looks right out of a picture book. And it is because of its various attractions & experiences that it is an impeccable place to holiday with both your kids and significant other. Be it the beauty of the Blue Pond or the Zoo, you’d be left mesmerized. It is one of the most ideal places to visit in Japan during summer.

Top Attractions:

  • Asahiyama Zoo
  • Farm Tomita
  • Blue Pond

Best Things To Do:

  • Relax in the hot spring
  • Treat yourself with scrumptious seafood
  • Visit the famous national parks

Places to stay:

  • Yorkshire Farm
  • Hotel Park Hills Hokkaido
  • Puremiahoteru – CABIN – Obihiro

Places to eat:

  • Daruma
  • Hokkaido Cafe
  • Hokkaido Ramen Kyowakoku

How to reach: New Chitose Airport Sapporo is the closest airport to Hokkaido. You can find local taxis and cabs for a ride.

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6. Ishigaki – Exotic Destination

Ishigaki is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: MarcelloRabozzi for Pixabay

The most trending travel spot in Japan! Voted as the most trending travel spot for 2024, the Ishigaki Island is definitely amongst the best places to visit in Japan. Despite its size, the island has no limit when it comes to offering unique experiences to its tourists, and glamming up their holiday in the Japanese land. It has been also voted as the best places to visit in Japan in cherry blossom season.

Top Attractions:

  • Kabira Bay
  • Taketomi Island
  • Ishigaki Limestone Cave

Best Things To Do:

  • Indulge in snorkeling
  • Relax on the beaches
  • Savour the Ishigaki Beef

Places to stay:

  • Ishigaki Guesthouse HIVE
  • Blue Cabin Ishigakijima
  • Ishigaki Seaside Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Sushi Taro 
  • Usagiya
  • Akebono

How to reach: The Ishigaki Airport is the closest, just 18 km away. Local buses and taxis are available.

7. Hiroshima – Historically Significant City

Hiroshima is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: chaliceks for Pixabay

The city that beautifies Japan’s landscape! In spite of being known around the world for being a victim of the horrendous atomic bombings, Hiroshima continues to be one of the major places to see in Japan. And believe us, apart from the dedicated monuments and sites that reflect the history, the city also has other spellbinding attractions like the Itsukushima shrine. This is the most popular places in Japan.

Top Attractions:

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Itsukushima

Best Things To Do:

  • Try Okonomiyaki, the local delicacy
  • Visit the Mazda Museum
  • Capture pictures at the Shukkeien Garden

Places to stay:

  • K’s House Hiroshima
  • Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
  • Court Hotel Hiroshima

Places to eat:

  • Parco della Pace
  • Guttsuri-ann
  • Nagataya

How to reach: Iwakuni and Matsuyama airport are located 70 km away. Hire a cab, taxi or local bus to reach your destination.

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8. Sapporo – Forget The Heat And Humidity

sapporo is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: chaos_sun for Pixabay

A haven for beer and ski lovers! With cities like Sapporo, ‘what to see in Japan’ would never be your top concern. The city not only helps you escape the heat and humidity but also help you discover your winter wonderland during its famous Sapporo Annual Snow Festival. If not the gardens, then the huge snow sculptures would definitely steal your heart! This is one of the best places to see in Japan with family!

Top Attractions:

  • Moerenuma Park
  • Former Hokkaido Government Office
  • Mount Moiwa Observation Deck

Best Things To Do:

  • Visit the Sapporo Beer Museum
  • Party in Susukino
  • Indulge in local delicacies at the Curb Market

Places to stay:

  • The Stay Sapporo
  • Relief Sapporosusukino Hotel
  • Tmark City Hotel Sapporo

Places to eat:

  • Gotsubo Oyster Bar
  • Hyousetsu No Mon
  • Sapporo Beer Garden

How to reach: New Chitose Airport Sapporo is the closest 53 km away. Local taxis and cabs are in abundance to drop you at your destination.

9. Osaka – A Cultural Delight

Osaka is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: 663highland for wikipedia

With the best shopping arcades, eateries that offer incredible food, and the top nightlife hotspots in the city, Osaka is one of the major places to go in Japan. Believe us, it would not only pamper the foodie or party lover in you, but also the die-hard tourist who loves witnessing the wonders of every place he or she visits. This is most preferred places to visit in Japan for first timers!

Top Attractions In Osaka:

  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Osaka Castle
  • Dotonbori

Best Things To Do In Osaka:

  • Visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium
  • Visit the Hozenji Temple
  • Go beer tasting and partying at night

Places to stay:

  • Hotel Taiyo
  • Hotel Fine Garden Juso
  • APA Hotel Osaka Higobashi Ekimae

Places to eat in Osaka:

  • Osaka Tacos
  • Giga Rabbit
  • Curry Yakumido

How to reach: Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport are the nearest airports to Osaka. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

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10. Yakushima – Naturally Gifted

Yakushima is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

An island of magical waterfalls! An island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Yakushima is famous for its wildlife, cedar forests, and waterfalls. If you’re someone who loves venturing into the wild for an experience of a lifetime, then this best place to visit in Japan is absolutely worth your time.

Top Attractions:

  • Senpirono Falls
  • Jōmon Sugi
  • Mt. Miyanoura

Best Things To Do:

  • Kayaking or canoeing in Anbo river
  • Witness the Oko-no-taki Waterfall
  • Watch the Loggerhead turtles lay eggs

Places to stay:

  • Seaside Hotel Yakushima
  • Guesthouse Yakushima

Places to eat:

  • Yakushima Curry House
  • Panorama
  • Wakadaisho

How to reach: Tanegashima airport is the closest to the city. Hire a cab, taxi or local bus to reach your destination.

11.  Hakuba – For Adventurous Activities

hakuba is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

The ultimate winter wonderland! Situated amidst the Japanese Alps, right outside the city of Nagano, Hakuba is a village cum famous winter sports hub. The various mountain resorts that offer incredible skiing, snowboarding, and hiking experiences make the city a perfect place for including it into your Japan sightseeing tour. Undoubtedly, it is considered to be one of the most famous places in Japan.

Top Attractions:

  • Mt. Shirouma
  • Hakuba Happoone Winter Resort
  • Lake Aoki

Best Things To Do:

  • Ski at the Cortina Resort
  • Visit Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park
  • Hike to the Happo Pond

Places to stay:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Hakuba
  • Morino lodge
  • Hakuba Highland Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Raicho Lodge Madarao
  • B.O.S
  • Izakaya Kaz

How to reach: Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda Airports are the closest international airports. Local taxis and cabs are in abundance to drop you at your destination.

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12. Kamakura – Where The Buddha Resides

bronze buddha in kamakura

Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures for Pixabay

The Kyoto of eastern Japan! In Japan, points of interest might vary depending on the type of traveller you are. But it’s quite the opposite when it comes to the seaside town of Kamakura. Boasting bamboo groves, ancient temples, vibrant beaches, great shopping alleys, and lip-smacking local delicacies, this town has everything that would amuse you. So, you must add this destination to the list of places to visit in Japan near Tokyo itinerary.

Top Attractions:

  • Enoshima Aquarium
  • Kamakura Museum of Literature
  • Kannon Museum

Best Things To Do:

  • Witness the Great Buddha of Kamakura
  • Go surfing at Shonan Beach
  • Visit the Jufukuji Temple

Places to stay:

  • Kamakura Park Hotel
  • 8HOTEL
  • WeBase Hostel

Places to eat:

  • Kebab Kamakura
  • Sometaro
  • Miyoshi Udon-noodle & Sake

How to reach: Tokyo Haneda Airport is the closest to Kamakura. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

13. Nagano – Great For Family

Nagano is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: Nihonsuku for wikipedia

You cannot miss one of the best places to visit in Japan on your vacation which is the tropical retreat to beat the heat. Located in the heart of central Japan, Nagano is home to a lot of hidden gems like the Ninja Village for kids, Shiga Kogen Ski Resort, and Zenko-ji Temple which make it a perfect place for all the types of travellers. But, what makes it more exclusive is the pleasant breeze that surrounds the city throughout the year. You cannot miss one of the best places to visit in Japan on your vacation.

Top Attractions:

  • Karuizawa
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Kamikouchi

Best Things To Do:

  • Visit the Zenko-ji Temple
  • Enjoy winter sports at Shiga Kogen Heights Ski Resort
  • Rejuvenate at Shirahone Onsen

Places to stay:

  • Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
  • Hotel JAL City Nagano
  • Hotel Mielparque Nagano

Places to eat:

  • Nihonmatsu
  • Ramen Misoya
  • Shinshu nagaya sakaba

How to reach: The nearest airport to Nagano is Matsumoto Airport which is 58 km away. Local buses and taxis are available that comfortably take you to your destinaion.

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14. Kawaguchi – Beautiful Landscapes

Kawaguchi is among the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

Japan’s most natural wonder! While this city in Japan is more famous for its Lake Kawaguchiko and the breathtaking views of Mt.Fuji in the front, it is equally known for being a paradisiacal gem for the culture vultures. The vibrant vibes and attractions of all types undoubtedly make it a great spot to tick off your bucket list.

Top Attractions:

  • Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Fujiten Snow Resort
  • Oshino Hakkai

Best Things To Do:

  • Attend the Shibazakura Festival
  • Paddle Around Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Sip on Koshu Wine

Places to stay:

  • Smile Hotel Kawaguchi
  • Wa Style Hotel Tokyo
  • Kawaguchi Station Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Kaenzen Restaurant Kawaguchi
  • Itsumo Korean Restaurant
  • Pusan Korean Restaurant

How to reach: Tokyo Haneda Airport is the nearest airport. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

15. Takayama – Away From City Life

Takayama is one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

The town with an old-world charm! Nestled high up in the mountains of Gifu, Takayama is amongst the top 15 places to visit in Japan. If you’re looking for an ultimate retreat away from the bustling city life, this is where you need to go. With stunning attractions all around the city, you can experience the charm of old Japan quite easily here.

Top Attractions:

  • Hida no Sato
  • Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
  • Sanmachi Suji District

Best Things To Do:

  • Go back in time at Takayama Jinya
  • Stay in a farmhouse
  • Attend the Takayama Festival

Places to stay:

  • Takayama Ouan
  • Ryokan Tanabe
  • Best Western Hotel Takayama

Places to eat:

  • Heianraku
  • Suzuya Restaurant
  • Kyōya

How to reach: The nearest airport to Takayama is Toyama Airport which is 57 km away. Local taxis and cabs are in abundance to drop you at your destination.

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16. Shibuya – A Bustling City

people crossing the road in Japan

Image Credit: cegoh for Pixabay

It is said that Shibuya has an impressive 2.8 million footfall on a regular weekday. This is so because not only does this place have a spectacular crossing or as they say, ‘scramble crossing’ which is surely nothing less than a sight to behold, it also has multiple shopping places with really cool clothing brands of Tokyo. This makes Shibuya a top place for shopping in Japan. One of the main shopping places include the famous 109 shopping mall which is located in close proximity to the train station of Shibuya.

Top attractions:

  • Meiji Jingu
  • Yoyogi Park
  • Omotesandō

Best things to do:

  • Enjoy the nightlife at Roppongi
  • Treat your shopping craving with Takeshita Street
  • Witness mesmerizing views with Roppongi Hills

Places to stay:

  • Mustard Hotel Shibuya
  • Shibuya Hotel En
  • Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

Places to eat:

  • Uobei
  • Ichiran Shibuya
  • Hakushu Teppanyaki

How to reach: Haneda Airport is conveniently located from the city. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

17. Naoshima – Lush-Green Island

lake view in Naoshima, one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

A tiny island beautifully set amidst the Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima offers a perfect weekend escapade from Tokyo. There’s no shortage of art museums, sculptures and modern architecture woven into the various attractions of the island. Since it’s a long journey to the island, it is best if you plan to stay there overnight just to get enough of the bliss and peace that the place has to offer. Naoshima is also considered as one of the best destinations for camping in Japan

Top attractions:

  • Lee Ufan Museum
  • Benesse House
  • Naoshima Bath

Best things to do:

  • Get ready to witness the fine work of Tadao Ando at Chichu Art Museum
  • Visit Kojin Island for some peace and quiet
  • Witness the splendid nature’s charm in Labyrinth of Cherry Blossom

Places to stay:

  • SPARKY’s House
  • Benesse House Hotel Park Building
  • inn Hoshikuzu

Places to eat:

  • apron cafe
  • Cafe Salon Nakaoku
  • Issen

How to reach: The nearest airport to Naoshima is Takamatsu Airport which is 27 km away. Hire a cab, taxi or local bus to reach your destination.

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18. Asakusa – For Parties And More

Temple in Japan

Image Source

Crowned as the cultural hub of Tokyo, Asakusa has a combination of things to do and multiple places to go to for different kinds of travellers. One of the good places to visit in Japan includes the Asahi Beer Hall which is like a gem for all party-goers who wish to try amazing booze in Japan. You can also try the Nakamise shopping block for a wild shopping spree in Japan.

Top attractions:

  • Asakusa Shrine
  • Amuse Museum
  • Hanayashiki Amusement Park

Best things to do:

  • Experience blessed vibes at Sensō-ji
  • Have a unique gaming time at Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo
  • Visit Kappabashi-dori for the various topnotch restaurants

Places to stay:

  • Asakusa View Hotel
  • Red Planet Tokyo Asakusa
  • Smile Hotel Asakusa

Places to eat:

  • Sometarō
  • Kikkō
  • Ramen-tei Asakusa

How to reach: The nearest airport to Asakusa is the Tokyo Haneda airport. Keisei Skyliner operates a train from Tokyo Narita to Asakusa hourly.

19. Akihabara – Perfect City Life

people walking across the road in Akihabara

Image Courtesy: goodfreephotos.com

Known as the ‘world’s geek capital’, Akihabara is famous for having a vast category of video and computer games on the planet. One of the main cafes of the like in this region is fantastical Akihabara, that will offer you a fun and engrossing gaming experience. Make sure you look out for the ones which are safe enough and not hoax in any form. You might not want to miss one of the best places to visit in Japan.

Top attractions:

  • Tokyo Anime Center
  • Ryōgoku Edo Noren
  • Ginza Line Crossing

Best things to do:

  • Shop at 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan
  • Witness endless lush greenery at Chidorigafuchi moat
  • Rent a bike and tour the place on your own

Places to stay:

  • APA Hotel Akihabaraeki Denkigaiguchi
  • Akihabara Washington Hotel
  • Keikyu EX Inn Akihabara

Places to eat:

  • Kyushu Jangara Ramen Akihabara
  • Tempura Hisago
  • Tonkatsu Marugo

How to reach: The nearest airport to Asakusa is the Tokyo Haneda airport. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

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20. Odaiba – For A Rejuvenating Experience

famous Odaiba decks, one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Source

Further ahead of Rainbow Bridge, the magnificent island of Odaiba has exquisite shopping centres which also boast of a Ferris wheel inside. What else can you wish for in Japan? Another reason for the fame of this place is the installation of a Gundam statue right outside of Diver City Mall, which literally seems to be alive! Having a theme park on board, this place is nothing less than a perfect spot for your vacation in Japan!

Top attractions:

  • Daikanransha Ferris wheel
  • Seaside Park
  • Yurikamome train

Best things to do:

  • Indulge in a fine sushi experience at the sushi bars
  • Shop at Aqua City for a unique experience
  • Spot a few fun robots at Miraikan science museum

Places to stay:

  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
  • Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
  • Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

Places to eat:

  • KUA`AINA Odaiba
  • Gonpachi Odaiba
  • Zest Cantina

How to reach: The nearest airport to Asakusa is the Tokyo Haneda airport. Local taxis and cabs are in abundance to drop you at your destination.

21. Kabukicho – Nightclubs And More

marketplace with people rushing

Image Source

It is indeed not strange for a place to have several neon signs. So, when you plan to visit Kabukicho, don’t be surprised to spot a few too many here. One of the main red-light areas of Japan, this place is famous for various adult indulgences and has many pubs with the same themes for all tourists passing by. Make sure you visit Shinjuku for an extraordinary virtual gaming experience here.

Top attractions:

  • Robot Restaurant
  • Shinjuku Golden Gai
  • Museum of Haiku Literature

Best things to do:

  • Try various fun rides at VR Zone Shinjuku
  • Watch a Tokyo Robot Evening Cabaret Show
  • Get to know more about Haiku at Museum of Haiku Literature

Places to stay:

  • APA Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho
  • Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Oedo Ayatori
  • Robot Restaurant
  • Kuriya

How to reach: The nearest airport is located in Tokyo i.e. the Tokyo International Airport, 18 miles from the city. Local buses and taxis are available that comfortably take you to your destination.

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22. Ueno Park – For A Breath Of Fresh Air

beautiful japanese tree bending

Image Source

Having an array of diverse options in one place, Ueno Park in Tokyo is the place to be if you wish to visit a prominent tourist destination in Japan. Whether you’re an history buff or not, an ancient black market like the one found in Ameya Yokocho will give you chills down the scene due to its authenticity and extraordinary fun vibes. Don’t forget to tour Yanaka if you are looking for places to explore in Japan with cultural and historic past.

Top attractions:

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Ueno Zoo
  • Kaneiji Temple

Best things to do:

  • Try Hanami to respect and experience one of the traditions of Japan
  • Visit National Museum of Nature and Science
  • Experience bliss and serenity at Ueno Toshogu Shrine

Places to stay:

  • Ueno Hotel
  • Candeo Hotels Ueno Koen
  • APA Hotel Keisei Ueno-Ekimae

Places to eat:

  • Inshotei
  • Khana Pina Ueno
  • Izuei Umekawa-tei

How to reach: Tokyo Haneda Airport is the closest to Ueno Park. Hire a cab to reach the park.

23. Yokohama – Charming And Vibrant

city view at night

Image Source

Having so many thrilling adventures and simply fun things to do, it is slightly sad that Yokohama doesn’t attract as many visitors as Tokyo, even though it is located quite close to Tokyo. Having a charming Minato Mirai waterfront on board, along with one of the biggest Chinatown regions, this place will surely surprise you more than you’d expect. Get ready to have a warm welcome from the locals here as it is weaved into their culture. This will sort out your query for where to visit in Japan for a romantic night!

Top attractions:

  • Yokohama Chinatown
  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
  • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Best things to do:

  • Visit Enoshima Island for some bliss
  • Witness a traditional Japanese garden at Sankeien Garden
  • Enjoy a fun outing at Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Places to stay:

  • The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
  • InterContinental Yokohama Grand
  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Charcoal Grill Green
  • Azamino Ukai-tei
  • Ippudo

How to reach: The nearest international airport to Yokohama is Pohang Airport. Take a train from here or a cab if you want to reach Yokohama from here. 

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24. Nikko – Historically Rich

famous shrine in Nikko, one of the best places to visit in Japan

Image Credit: ArvidO for Pixabay

Called as one of the most important regions of Eastern Japan, Nikko is located in close proximity of Tochigi Prefecture and has various shrines to be visited by travellers. These include Kanmangafuchi Abyss and Toshogu Shrine. If you wish to try something different, pay a visit to Edo Wonderland which is a theme back takes you back to the ancient era. If you’re thinking, ‘places I should visit in Japan’, make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Top attractions:

  • Kegon Falls
  • Nikko Futarasan jinja
  • Tobu World Square

Best things to do:

  • Dip your toes in the hot springs of Kinugawa Onsen
  • Walk down the history with Rinnō-ji museum
  • Go hiking through Senjōgahara

Places to stay:

  • Oku Nikko Hotel Shikisai
  • Nikko Kanaya Hotel
  • Nikko Park Lodge Mountain Side

Places to eat:

  • Hippari-Dako
  • Gyoza no Umechan
  • Meiji-no-Yakata

How to reach: Ibaraki and Fukushima Airport are the closest ones to the city. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

25. Tohoku – Relax In Nature

famous crater lake in Tohoku

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Wondering where to go in Japan? Also known as the hidden gem of Japan’s main island region, Tohoku has something for every kind of traveler planning to visit this place. But all that is just the tip of the iceberg, since the tourists from all over the world travel to this place exclusively for Aomori Nebuta Festival. Make sure to book in advance as the domestic travelers might make it a housefull!

Top attractions:

  • Lake Ogawara
  • Hotto Plaza Suginoko Hot Spring
  • Eboshi-dake

Best things to do:

  • Camp at Ogawarako Park
  • Try a soothing nature walk at Komaki Onsen Shibusawa Park
  • Indulge in a good dining experience at Onsen inn Matsuzono

Places to stay:

  • Hotel New Tohoku
  • Almont Hotel Sendai
  • Westin Hotel Sendai

Places to eat:

  • Restaurant Karinba
  • Marche Restaurant
  • Steak House Yoshino

How to reach: The best way to explore Tohoku is by buying a Japan Rail pass and visiting several attractions of the island.

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26. Kawagoe – Revisit The History

Kawagoe, Japan

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One of the surreal Japan points of interest, Kawagoe encompasses remnants of the ancient town from the Edo Period i.e. 1603-1867 and allows visitors to disapparate to the streets from past centuries. This tiny town is known as ‘Little Edo’ and is nothing less than a paradise for history buffs. Being one of the most important cities of trade, Kawagoe envelops an extremely rich history of Edo culture and architecture.

Top Attractions:

  • Kitain Temple
  • Warehouse District
  • Honmaru Goten
  • Candy Alley

Best Things To Do:

  • Visit the city museum to understand Kawagoe’s history
  • Feel the essence of spirituality in Kitain Temple
  • Explore the only remnants of Kawagoe’s palace from Edo Period

Places to stay:

  • Kawagoe Prince Hotel
  • Kawagoe Daiichi Hotel
  • Kawagoe Tobu Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Kawagoe Ichinoya Atre
  • Ogakiku
  • cafe torocco

How to reach: Kawagoe’s nearest airports are the Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Take an airport shuttle which takes about 2 hours to reach.

27. Nagoya – Traditionally Beautiful

Nagoya, Japan

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Home to little hidden gems of Japan, Nagoya is one of the unique places to visit in Japan and is often treated as a layover en route to Kyoto from Tokyo. Being one of the biggest cities in Central Japan, Nagoya was the heart of castle towns in Japan during the Edo period. Nagoya Castle is undergoing reconstruction by using traditional methods at present and this gives the explorers and wanderers a perfect chance to be a part of the rebirth of one of the most important aspects of the ancient times.

Top Attractions:

  • Nagoya Castle
  • Atsuta Jingu
  • Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • Tokugawa Garden
  • Nagoya City Science Museum

Best Things To Do:

  • Stroll through the castle and take in the ancient vibes of this town
  • Witness the serenity of Tokugawa Garden
  • Get in touch with the scientific technologies at the science museum
  • Explore the famous cherry blossoms and the stunning landscapes at Tsuruma Park

Places to stay:

  • Kyoya Ryokan Nagoya
  • Hotel MyStays Nagoya Sakae
  • Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel

Places to eat:

  • Atsuta Horaiken – Main Restaurant
  • Midtown BBQ – Nagoya
  • Yamamotoya

How to reach: The Chūbu Centrair International Airport is the closest airport to the city. You can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

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28. Kanazawa – For Food Culture 

Kanazawa, Japan

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Serving as the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa blankets numerous historical attractions such as reconstructed residences and contemporary museums. One of the less popular tourist places in Japan, Kanazawa experiences less footfall, which makes this destination a perfect escape from the usually crowded world. Famous for its seafood, Kanazawa is a perfect jewel for those travelers who prefer taking the road less traveled.

Top Attractions:

  • Kenroku-en Garden
  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Omicho Market
  • Kanazawa Castle

Best Things To Do:

  • Devour the famous authentic seafood
  • Take a tour of the castle and explore the hidden passageways and tunnels
  • Witness the beauty of the garden with three landscapes

Places to stay:

  • Emblem Stay Kanazawa
  • Hotel Mystays Premier Kanazawa
  • Hotel Trusty Kanazawa Korinbo

Places to eat:

  • Fuwari
  • Sushi Ippei
  • Pizzeria e Trattoria Da TAKE

How to reach: The nearest airport serving Kanazawa is in the city of Komatsu from where Japan Airlines manages a few airplanes.

29. Shirakawago – A Surreal Place

Shirakawa, Japan

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Shirakawago is a cute little village in the valley of Ono District in Japan and it looks right out of a fairytale. With ‘gassho-zukuri’ buildings built by the inhabitants themselves, this destination is an epitome of the traditional village life of Japan. Shirakawago is famous for its residences that are crafted to shrug off the heavy snow from the roofs during winter months. For explorers seeking to learn about the authenticity of the Japanese countryside, Shirakawago will leave no stone unturned to help you get a glimpse of the same. This is one of the best places to go in Japan while on a solo tour.

Top Attractions:

  • Fairytale Houses
  • Wada House
  • Gassho-zukuri Minkaen
  • Hakusan National Park

Best Things To Do:

  • Get hands-on experience about the traditional life of Japan
  • Witness the soul-soothing landscapes of the village
  • Camp at the Hakusan National Park and satiate your adventurous inner self

Places to stay:

  • Onyado Yuinosho
  • Shirakawa-go Terrace Hostel
  • Fujiya

Places to eat:

  • Yukinko
  • Irori
  • Shiraogi

How to reach: The nearest airport is Fukushima Airport which is 21 km away. Local buses and taxis are available that comfortably take you to your destination.

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30. Shikoku – Where Serenity Welcomes You

Shikoku Japan

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Still wondering best places in Japan? One of Japan’s four main islands, the charming island of Shikoku reflects the perfect blend of nature, tranquility, culture, and cuisine. Home to one of the oldest Japanese spa’s, Shikoku is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, pristine flowing rivers, and surreal Pacific coastline.

Top Attractions:

  • Muroto-Misaki
  • Ishizuchi-San
  • Iya Valley
  • Dogo Onsen

Best Things To Do:

  • Relax your mind and soul at the oldest spa in Japan
  • Stroll along the pilgrimage route that connects around 88 temples on the island
  • Hire a cycle and explore the city like a local

Places to stay:

  • Sunriver Oboke
  • Kotohira Kadan

Places to eat:

  • Ofukuro
  • Good food studio Cardamon
  • Hamakaidoh

How to reach: You can travel by bus from Osaka Kansai to Shikoku via Takamatsu Chuo Interchange Bus Terminal in approximately 6 hours.

31. Nagasaki – A City With Sad History

aerial shot of city lights

Image Credit: Hruruk for Pixabay

This city of Japan too is one of the main ports lying in the southernmost region of the island. Just like the city of Hiroshima, Nagasaki is also known for its memorial of peace. You can also visit various temples as well as shrines here in order to be a witness to the cultural, religious, and historical aspects of Japan that are beautifully reflected. This is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Top attractions:

  • Nagasaki Dutch Slope
  • Nagasaki Chinatown
  • Kofukuji Temple
  • Glover Garden

Best things to do:

  • Learn the historical facts at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  • Witness the majestic species of penguins at Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium
  • Travel around the city in Nagasaki Electric Tramway

Places to stay:

  • Hotel Monterey Nagasaki
  • Luke Plaza Hotel
  • Casa Blanca Guesthouse

Places to eat:

  • Kagetsu
  • Horaiken Bekkan
  • Shippoku Hamakatsu

How to reach: Kumamoto and Fukuoka Airports are the closest ones. Hire a cab, taxi or local bus to reach your destination.

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32. Kobe – Surprisingly Attractive 

buildings and structures with river

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This city lies between Mount Rokko and the sea. Although there’s a lot to see and experience here but Kobe is essentially known for its delicious beef. Therefore, ordering a burger in one of its restaurants or cafes is a must! The city comes in the way when you’re travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima via bullet train. If you want to witness the charm of this city, you should keep some extra time in hand when travelling between the two cities. This is among the best cities to visit in Japan!

Top attractions:

  • Wakamatsu Park
  • Arima Onsen
  • Kobe Oji Zoo

Best things to do:

  • Go for a leisure walk on Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  • Try the scrumptious local delicacies
  • Go for the Mount Rokko trek

Places to stay:

  • Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel
  • Kobe Sannomiya Union Hotel
  • Hotel Plaza Kobe

Places to eat:

  • Kobe Beef Steak Restaurant Royal Mouriya
  • La Shomon
  • Kokoroya

How to reach: Kansai International Airport is just 70 km away from Kobe and its the nearest international airport. Local taxis and cabs are in abundance to drop you at your destination.

33. Fukuoka – Japan’s Oldest City

A building with Japanese architecture

Image Credit: Fg2 for wikipedia

Your answer where to go in Japan to explore the rich culture is Fukuoka. Known to be the oldest city in the country of Japan, a visit to this place is a must. Located in the southernmost island of Kyushu, the city is comparatively in close proximity to the mainland of Asia. Moreover, the city of Fukuoka is considered to be an imperative port since more hundreds of years. The food culture and the relaxed vibe of this place will make your travel experience simply worthwhile. So, make sure that you include this place in your itinerary as it is one of the best Japan tourist attractions. 

Top attractions:

  • Fukuoka Castle
  • Canal City Hakata
  • Ohori Park

Best things to do:

  • Go for an evening walk at Yusentei Park
  • Pay a visit to Hakozaki Shrine
  • Go for a karaoke night

Places to stay:

  • Plaza Hotel Premier Fukuoka
  • Plaza Hotel Tenjin

Places to eat:

  • Yoshizuka Unagi
  • Beef Taigen
  • Hyotan Sushi

How to reach: The Saga airport is the closest one and you can find taxis from the airport to reach your destination.

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34. Hitsujiyama Park – For An Enormous Sight

Picturesque Lake and Mountains

Cherry Blossom in Japan is an enormous sight to behold. The country is very famous for the spectacle and therefore visiting during this season is a must. Make Hitsujiyama Park as your next destination for a picturesque setting and get blossomed by the mesmerizing views. With a huge flora of over 400,000 trees of nine different varieties, it’s a perfect patchwork of red, white, pink, and violet. Also, the park is in close proximity to some fine dessert restaurants where you can taste the best Japanese desserts. Now, who would want to miss a visit to one of the famous places in Japan?

Top attractions:

  • Shibazakura Hill
  • Mount Buko
  • Nagatoro

Best things to do:

  • Catch the Chichibu Shibazakura Festival 
  • Hike among the many trails 
  • Buy festival snacks and souvenirs

Places to stay:

  • Hotel Route Inn Chichibu
  • Araki Kosen Ryokan
  • Guest House Nishiki

Places to eat: 

  • Laboratorino
  • Nosaka
  • Horumon Takasago

How to reach: From Ikebukuro, the Seibu Limited Express Chichibu train goes direct to Seibu-Chichibu station and the journey  takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete.

35. Hakone – Views Of Mount Fuji

A Lake With a Mountain by its Side

Image Source

If you’re wondering where to go in Japan, then Hakone is a popular area with great views of Mt. Fuji. If the weather is on your side, it can be both a great day trip as well as an overnight destination. If you are looking for a break from Tokyo, then visit Hakone, which is also a great place for a solo trip in Japan. Get mesmerized by the surrounding beauty and get excited about your next getaway which includes all the top places to visit in Japan.

Top attractions:

  • Lake Ashinoko
  • Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park
  • Open Air Museum

Best things to do:

  • Enjoy multiple hot springs
  • Ropeway to the boiling sulphur pits
  • Crisscrossing Lake Ashi on a pirate ship

Places to stay:

  • Kinnotake Tonosawa
  • Hakone Senkei
  • Okudo-Saryo Rikyu-an inn

Places to eat: 

  • Hakone Karaage Karatto
  • Gora Brewery & Grill
  • 808 Monsmare

How to reach: You can travel to Hakone via Odakyu Railway, Japan Railways or through the Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus.

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Best Time To Visit Japan

Japan Road Trips

To explore the major tourist attractions in Japan the best time to visit is from March to May during the late spring. You can also plan a visit during late autumn, especially in the months from September to November for the best experiences. The temperature remains mild during this time with very little rainfall.

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If the technological magic of the island nation couldn’t conquer your heart, we are sure that these best places to visit in Japan would! But which one would you visit first? Plan a trip to Japan with TravelTriangle and have the best vacation! Make sure you pack a few extra clothes in case these places change your mind, and you decide to extend your amazing vacation in Japan!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Japan

What is the smallest town in Japan?

The smallest city by population in Japan is Utashinai which is located in Sorachi Subprefecture of Hokkaido.

What’s the oldest city in Japan?

The oldest city in Japan is Fukuoka which also happens to be the closest city to Korea.

Are there still samurai in Japan?

Samurai were abolished as Japan modernized. Although, Kanazawa still houses a samurai district and is the only city to preserve the samurai world.

What are the famous places in Japan?

The most famous places to visit in Japan are the following:
1. Mount Fiji
2. Kinkaku-Ji
3. Fushimi Inari Taisha
4. Kiyomizu-Dera
5. Arashiyama
6. Tokyo Skytree
7. Osaka Castle
8. Tokyo Tower
9. Meiji Jingu

Can I get vegetarian food in Japan?

Yes, you can get vegetarian food in Japan. The following are the best vegetarian food that you can eat in Japan:
1. Mochi
2. Nasu or Eggplant
3. Kushimono
4. Pickles or Tsukemono
5. Daikon

Is there any temple in Japan?

Yes, there are many interesting temples in Japan but the best amongst them are:
1. Kiyomizu-dera
2. Todai-ji
3. Kinkaku-ji
4. Horyu-ji
5. Senso-ji
6. Toji
7. Rengeoin Sanjusangendo
8. Higashiyama Jisho-ji

Where can I go free in Tokyo?

The most popular free places in Tokyo are the following:
1. Hanabi
2. Matsuri
3. Suntory Musashino Brewery
4. Public Parks
5. The Imperial Palace East Garden
6. Meiji Shrine
7. Harajuku

What is the most beautiful place in Japan?

There are various tourist sites in Japan that are considered to be quite beautiful. Some of them are:
1. Shirakawa-go
2. The Blue Pond
3. Fushimi Inari Shrine
4. Chureito Pagoda
5. Kanazawa

Is it expensive in Japan?

Japan is essentially expensive when it comes to travelling around, staying at hotels, or eating out. However, if you want to avoid spending too much here, you can plan your stay at a hostel or eat at less expensive food joints.

How much money do you need per day in Japan?

On average, it will cost you over INR 7,000 per day when you’re travelling in Japan.

Do I need a visa for Japan from India?

Yes, you need to get a single entry visa to visit Japan which will be valid for up to 30 days Per Entry. To get the visa you can visit Japan embassy or consulate and submit all the required documents and fees related to the visa application.

What is the best month to go to Japan?

To get the best experience of a Japan tour, you must plan your trip between March and May or September and November as the weather remains pleasant adding extra fun to your trip to Japan.

What is Japan famous for?

Japan is famous for its rich cultural heritage, including traditional arts like tea ceremonies, ikebana (flower arranging), and origami (paper folding). It's renowned for its cutting-edge technology, producing innovative electronics, robotics, and automobiles. Additionally, Japan is known for its delicious cuisine, featuring sushi, ramen, and tempura, as well as its stunning cherry blossoms during springtime.

Which month is the cherry blossom in Japan?

Cherry blossoms in Japan typically bloom in April, marking the arrival of spring. This beautiful natural phenomenon, known as the 'sakura' season, is celebrated with hanami (flower viewing) gatherings and festivals across the country as people enjoy the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms.

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