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Dotted with hundreds of ancient temples, tall pines, and green deodars, Mandi is a little town in Himachal Pradesh that every traveller who’s looking for an offbeat travel experience must visit. There aren’t many typical tourist places to visit in Mandi, but there certainly are some serene lakes, newly made dams, and some ancient temples one can visit. The town is also a perfect destination for your quick family vacations. Here’s a list of the 17 best places to visit in Mandi on your journey through Himachal.

Top 16 Places To Visit In Mandi

These 16 best places to visit in Mandi, will help you explore the best of this small town. Check out these tourist places in Mandi and choose what all places are you going to cover on your vacation.

1. Prashar Lake

500px Photo ID: 118523791 - A very beautiful place called 'Prashar Lake' is totally worth of 43km uphill ride/trek through forest from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Locals mention that the smaller island in middle of lake 'mysteriously' changes its position thr

Image Source Ideal for nature enthusiasts, Prashar Lake is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Extremely scenic and serene, this lake is located at an altitude of 2730 m and surrounded by Dhauladhar Ranges and thick cedar forests. A floating island is seen in the middle of the lake and a century old pagoda-like temple dedicated to sage Prashar is located on the bank. People trek up to the lake and camp on its bank for fun and adventure.

Location: D.P.F. Parashar Dhar, Himachal Pradesh 175005

Famous For: Trekking, sightseeing, and temple

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2. Rewalsar Lake

Rewalsar Lake View

Image Source Tucked on a mountain spur, Rewalsar is a square-shaped lake located at a height of 1360 m. Popular as Tso-Pema, which locally means lotus lake is one of the most scenic places to see in Mandi. Along with the breathtaking natural beauty, the three Hindu temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Sage Lomas, and monasteries, Gurudwaras, and a huge statue of Padmasambhava attract spiritual travellers.

Location: Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh 175023

Famous For: Trekking

3. Dehnasar Lake

A lake in mountains

Image Source Dehnasar Lake lies at 14,040 ft. above sea level and remains mostly frozen during winter. It is located beside rocky cliffs and derives its water from the snow. Blizzards and and hailstorms are common here, so you must avoid going here during winter months.

Location: Dehnasar, Himachal Pradesh 176125

Famous For: Temples

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4. Pandoh Dam

A dam in mountain

Image Source Constructed on Beas River, Pandoh Dam is a wonderful structure constructed in 1977. This beautiful dam and the lake formed by the greenish blue water of the dam make them some of the best places to visit in Mandi. White water rafting is seen in the lower beds of the lake with Grade IV and V rapids.

Location: NH21, Uba, Himachal Pradesh 175004

Famous For: Sightseeing

Opening Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

5. Barot Dam

View Of Barot Dam

Image Source Barot Dam is another picturesque construction on River Uhl. Encircled by Dhauladhar ranges and cedar and pine forests, Barot Dam built during the British age is famous for trout fishing.

Location: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Famous For: Sightseeing

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6. Sunder Nagar


Imagine yourself standing on a peak and looking at vast green patches and serene lakes! Don’t you feel like packing your bag and heading to this place right now? Well, you are not to be blamed. Sundernagar has captivated many people’s interest due to the man-made lake which was produced by the waters of Beas-Sutlej Project. It is one of the calm places to resort to in Mandi where one can spend some time amidst greenery. 

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Famous For: Temples, greenery, and nature walks

7. Kamrunag Lake

Kamrunag lake

If you are visiting this district, then you must explore Kamrunag Lake as it is one of the best Mandi sightseeing places. This place offers an amazing trekking trail for nature lovers at a height of 3334m. The lake is located on the Mandi-Karsog road which is often explored by trekkers. Surrounded by Bahl Valley and snow-clad Dhauladhar, you will find it one of the best places to visit in Mandi

Location: Kamru Nag, Himachal Pradesh 175031

Famous For: Temple and lake

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Beautiful Temples In Mandi

On your visit to Mandi, make sure that you explore these temples as they are counted among the top places to visit in Mandi.

8. Shikhari Devi Temple

Shikhari Devi Temple

Image Source Mandi is famed for many vintage temples and Shikhari Devi is surely one of them. Nestled away from the main town, at an altitude of 3332 m, one can enjoy temple sightseeing with some jaw dropping views. This temple is dedicated to Sikhari (hunter) Devi in the form of a stone image and has no roof.

Location: Shikari Devi, Himachal Pradesh 175046

Famous For: Temples

Opening Hours: 6 am to 8 pm

9. Kamakhya Devi Temple

Kamakhya Devi Temple

Image Source Among the best places to visit in Mandi, Kamakhya Devi Temple is devoted to Goddess Durga. This is a wooden temple, displaying Pagoda style architecture. Local people believe that the demon Mahisasur was cursed to be buffalo by the Goddess; hence plenty of buffalo sacrifices are seen during Navratri.

Location: Kao, Himachal Pradesh 175011

Famous For: Temple

Opening Hours: 5:30 am to 10 pm

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10. Bhutnath Temple

Bhutnath Temple in Mandi

Image Source Built by Raja Ajber Sen, this temple is located at the heart of the town and a popular name in the list of Mandi tourist places. The temple boasts of beautiful idols of Shiva, nandi, ornamental double arch at the entrance, a cellar, and the mandapa. Shivratri is celebrated with great pomp here.

Location: Bhoot Nath Road, Samkhetar, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh 175001

Famous For: Temple, Religious Site

Opening Hours: 6 am to 8 pm

11. Bhima Kali Temple

Bhima Kali Temple in Mandi

Image Source Bhimakali Temple is another famous religious place in Mandi. Dedicated to Bhima Kali, an incarnation of Durga, the temple architecture displays spectacular wooden carvings. Located by the banks of Beas, this temple has a huge museum inside, showcasing exclusive images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Location: National Highway 20, Bhiuli, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh 175002

Famous For: Temple, Religious Site

Opening Hours: 6 am to 8 pm

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12. Triloknath Temple

Triloknath Temple

Image Source Constructed in 1520 AD by Sultan Devi, wife of Raja Ajber Sen, Triloknath Temple is yet another charming temple in Mandi. There are idols of three faced Lord Shiva, Parvati, Goddess Sharda, Narda and other Hindu gods. Known as one of the oldest shrines of the town, this temple is surely one of the most visited places to see in Mandi.

Location: NH 20, Purani Mandi, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh 175001

Famous For: Temple

13. Janjehli

Image Credit: Travelling Slacker for Wikimedia Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only. Janjehli is a beautiful hill town located 45 km from Mandi. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and is a popular spot for trekking. With a trekking trail up to 3300m, this place is visited by adventure buffs in large numbers. Not only this, a large number of tourists visit throughout the year to explore the beauty of the town.

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14. Tattapani

Tattapani, Mandi

Image Source A quaint little village in Himachal Pradesh, located at a distance of 60 km from Shimla, Tattapani is a popular tourist attraction famous for river rafting and its hot sulphur springs. Situated on the banks of river Sutlej, the hot sulphur springs here are believed to have medicinal properties that can cure stress, joint pain and other skin diseases. The place is a hub for various adventure activities like White River rafting, Zorbing, Skiing, Paragliding, Trekking and Camping. It is definitely one of the best mandi tourist places and a must-visit for anyone visiting Himachal for the first time

Location: Tattapani Karsog, Mandi, 175009 India

Famous for: River rafting, hot sulphur springs

15. Kamlah Fort

mountain view from Kamlah fort

Image source A 17th-century fort situated at a distance of 80 km from Mandi, Kamlah Fort is one of the best places to visit near Mandi. Named after a saint named Kamlah Baba, this fort is nestled at a height of 4772 meters. Situated amid the lush green and stunning landscape, the place is quite famous among trekkers. The visitors have to go on a trek through the ranges of Sikandar Dhar providing breathtaking views of the sight.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Famous for: trekking

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16. Chindi

chindi village, Himachal

Image Source The last one on our list of best places to visit in Mandi is Chindi. Located in the mesmerizing Karsog Valley, Chindi is a hill station famous for its architectural marvels and ancient temples. Nestled amid the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, this region is amongst the hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh. Chindi Mata Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, Kamakshi Temple, Shikari Devi Temple are some of the important sightseeing points here.

Location: Karsog Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Famous for: Scenic beauty

Best Time To Visit Mandi

Town with Beautiful Lake

Summers are pleasant in Mandi and winters are chilly with snowfall in abundance. If you like to soak the warmth of the sun then April to May is the best time and it is also the peak tourist season in Mandi. And if you love to play with the snow then you must head to Mandi in the winter months.

Location: Himachal Pradesh 175047

Famous For: Adventure sports

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Do you want to explore Himachal in a carefree manner? Then plan your vacation to Himachal with TravelTriangle, so that you can pack your bags and hit the road without any worries. Make sure that you explore all the top places to visit in Mandi. This is a place that you can explore with anyone, whether friends or family.  For our editorial codes of conduct and copyright disclaimer, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places To Visit In Mandi

What are the top attractions to visit in Mandi?

Prashar Lake, Barot Valley, Rewalsar Lake, Shikari Devi Temple, Bada Dev - KamruNag Temple, and Barot Dam are some of the major attractions you can visit on your trip to Mandi.

What is special in Mandi Himachal Pradesh?

The town of Mandi is considered to be a pivotal centre for trade. Located on the road that connects Pathankot and Kullu, this district is admired by travellers for its beauty that comes from its different lakes and dams. Moreover, there are various attractions in Mandi that are worth a visit.

Is it safe to visit Mandi, given the covid situation?

Yes, it is safe to visit Mandi, given that you follow all guidelines and take all the necessary precautions. Make sure to get yourself vaccinated before planning a trip, also wear masks at all times, maintain social distance in public places and sanitize your hands regularly.

How can I reach Mandi from Delhi?

Taking the train from Delhi to reach Mandi is considered to be the most hassle-free way. Take the Delhi-Una Himachal Express and deboard at Kiratpur Sahib. To reach Mandi from Kiratpur, it will take you around 3.5 hours via road.

How can I reach Mandi from Chandigarh?

You can visit this town from Chandigarh via bus. It will take at least 4 hours for you to reach Mandi from Chandigarh by bus. You can also opt for calling a cab for the same, which will make you reach the destination at a similar time.

Why is Rewalsar Lake famous?

Located at a distance of 24 kilometres from Mandi, Rewalsar Lake is one of the most popular sights in Himachal Pradesh. Enveloped within lush greenery, this lake is also known for the 123 feet tall statue of Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche.

How do you get to Rewalsar Lake?

Since the lake is located at a distance of more than 20 kilometres from the town of Mandi, you can reach this lake by calling a cab, which will take around 50 minutes.

How many lakes are there in Himachal Pradesh?

There are over 25 reservoirs and lakes in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The largest basin here s Renuka.

Is Himachal Pradesh safe?

Yes, the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is considered to be quite safe. It is also an ideal tourist destination for those who prefer travelling solo. Moreover, it is also a safe place for solo female travellers.

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