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Dandeli town is located in the western Indian state of Karnataka. The Dandeli wildlife sanctuary has made the place more famous and known to all. This wildlife sanctuary has given shelter to a good number of species and so there is good and balanced biodiversity in Dandeli. Not only rich habitat of flora and fauna attracts travelers here, but also Dandeli adventurous sports, wildlife reserves, national parks, temples, and many architectural marvels. The city of Dandeli is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka so it is surrounded by the Western Ghats by its side, so it has both rivers as well as hilly sides that make the Dandeli adventures sports more interesting and fun-loving.

Top 9 Dandeli Adventure Sports

There are many adventure activities in Dandeli that you can enjoy in the city as the place has many terrains to offer starting from the mountain ranges to the riversides that make it a more beautiful attraction in the eyes of the tourists as well as the visitors. The list of some of the most famous adventure sports in Dandeli is as follows with some additional details that would help you to know more about sports and their locations along with their prices.

1. Kayaking

man doing kayaking

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If you are interested in Dandeli water sports, then you must go and enjoy kayaking over there. You will love to paddle your boat in the beautiful water reservoirs of Dandeli, as the place has many water reservoirs where you can enjoy kayaking. The kayaking boats are made of metal and are large. The kayaks are mostly flat bottomed and are filled with air, one has to wear all the life jacket before getting into the kayak for a ride in the waters. You do not need not fear a tip from the kayaks as it is designed in that way that they may scare you at times but the guides will take care of you while you go for kayaking in the river. Not too many people can fit at a time in the kayaking boats so this makes the sport more interesting and adventurous.

Where: Kali River or Supa reservoir
Best time: October to January
Prices: Starting from INR 250 per person

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2. White Water Rafting

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Yet another one of the famous Dandeli adventure watersports is white water rafting that you can enjoy as recreational outdoor activities that use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. White water rafting can be done in any river or creek that has numbers of rapids. You also get to experience the risk and utmost importance and need for teamwork when you go for white water rafting in. This water sport is full of danger which is going to raise your heartbeat and that is why this is counted among the best of the adventurous water sports. This water sport needs a lot of energy and it helps reduce your stress while on the other hand this isn’t advised for the non-swimmer. It is highly recommended to wear your life jacket, personal flotation device, protective gear, hold the paddles properly and stays in the boat, etc. white water rafting is very famous in Dandeli city so you can go and enjoy adventurous rafting over there.

Where: Kali River
Best time: October to January
Prices: Starting from INR 500 per person for 20 minutes

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3. Zorbing

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Zorbing is one of the most famous Dandeli adventure sports that has been the talk of the town for quite long now. The sport of zorbing involves getting inside an orb and rolling downhill or any flat surface. It is way too exciting as one rolls inside the orb and could not differentiate the sky and land surface. You can spend around 45 minutes inside an orb. Also, you do not need to be fearful of breathing problems inside the inner chambers of the orb as the inner chamber is designed in such a way that it allows air to seep in. If you are a lover of adventure and are in search of something new then this should be in your list to do activities as it is one of the best things to do in Dandeli.

Where: Dandeli Lake
Best time: October to January
Prices: Starting from INR 350 per person

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4. Cycling

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Cycling is in the list of adventurous activities in Dandeli. It is an athletic sport that helps increase your muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and decreases fat levels. Apart from all this it also takes us to the beautiful historical sights starting from the palaces to the temples. Like the bike tours, the cycle tour usually covers 4 to 5 days and it comprises of some specific locations. You can select the places as per your wish, if you want to be a part of the crowded city side and take a tour in the main city then you can enjoy that as well in the city of Dandeli, or if you want to go for the more soothing and peaceful places then you can enjoy cycling by the side of the hills, rivers, etc. The benefit of this sport is that this is very economical and at the same time it has its many health benefits.

Where: By the side of Western Ghats
Best time: July to September
Prices: Starting from INR 450 per person

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5. Jungle Trekking

trekking in jungle

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Jungle trekking involves exploring what has not been explored in general and is one of the most exciting Dandeli adventure sports. Trekking can be completed in a day or even less than that depending upon the location in which you are trekking. It helps you to bring out the adventurous zeal that you carry inside you. Given that Mysore is surrounded by the Western Ghats by its side where trekking can easily be enjoyed, so the trails for trekking options are quite abundant in the city of Dandeli. Trekking involves a lot of adventure as well as fun as it is done in terrains that are not man-made so you get the chance to enjoy the cool climate of the hills along with the lush greenery all around and the peaks make the city of Dandeli a perfect place for you to enjoy a trekking trip. You get the feel of the beautiful nature while you go for trekking in the mountain ranges.

Where: Kavala Caves trek, Kulgi-Nagzari Valley trek and Potoli-Shiroli trek
Best time: October to January
Prices: Starting from INR 475 per person

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6. Ziplining

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In ziplining one is hooked to a zip line and then rushed down the hilltop to the feet while making you feel like a bird flying in the sky. It is also quite an enthralling experience that you just cannot afford to miss if you want to enjoy adventurous sports in the city of Dandeli. Ziplining is one of the best adventure sports in Dandeli. Such type of adventure sports is found mostly in the hilly region. So you do not need not travel that long to enjoy all of this if you are in the city of Dandeli. So basically if you are not that courageous enough to paraglide through the sky but still want to feel the essence of that adventure then, the next best option to be high up in the sky but not that high is ziplining. The free-falling and the overall experience of being in the void is one of a kind that you just cannot compare with anything else around.

Where: Kali River
Best time: October to February
Prices: Starting from INR 1100 per person

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7. Mountain Camping

camping under sky

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The mountain camping is another sport form the list of Dandeli adventure sports in the city which is quite popular over there. If you are looking forward to getting an amazing experience which is a combination of both the thrill of mountain climbing with the camping experiences, this is an amazing option to look into. There are several such spots in and around Dandeli city where you can chill in and just catch a break from the hectic lifestyle that you have going. It is best suggested that you choose the colder months for the mountain camping expeditions as the weather is more favourable during those months so you will be able to enjoy the camping more by lighting bonfires around and taking with your group. This is a very relaxing Dandeli adventure sport to do which is both peaceful as well as adventurous at the same time as resting somewhere by the side of a hill or mountain at an unknown place is very adventurous and being in the closest affinity to nature gives you peace.

Where: Kali adventure camp, Dandeli jungle resort, hornbill resort, Dandeli resorts
Best time: October to February
Prices: Starting from INR 1400

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8. Coracle Ride

coracle ride boat

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The coracle ride is yet another Dandeli adventure sport that you can enjoy in the city. Yan enjoys the coracle ride in the traditional boat along with your family or friends so this adventure can be enjoyed in groups and so you can plan to try the coracle ride with your loved ones in the city of Dandeli as this is also very interesting and enjoyable. The coracles are small boats that have lightweight. They are used for navigation in the rivers not for general rides so they are different in their structures. These coracle boats are made up of split and interwoven rods that are made up of willows or other such material and are tied with the bark so the structure looks very dangerous at times but this is very safe as there would be guards to guide you over the rides. Also, the coracle ride if Kali River is very famous in Dandeli.

Where: Kali River
Best time: October to February
Prices: Starting from INR 100

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9. Canyoning


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If you are planning a vacation with friends and looking for adventure sports in Dandeli then you must consider canyoning in Dandeli. It is one of the toughest activities to do as it requires a lot of strength and the activity is performed on cascading waters. Before doing this activity, you will first have to wear safety gear and check whether everything is working or not. Then you will be tied to a rope for safety reasons. Either you will be asked to climb up or go down a cliff where the waters are falling down. If you want to have that adrenaline rush then this the best activity to indulge in.

Where: Ganeshgudi near Supa Dam
Best time: October to January
Prices: Starting from 1,320 per person

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All these above mentioned sports can easily be enjoyed on your trip to Karnataka. You can try many other adventurous sports in Dandeli but these are some of the sports that are famous in the city. Also the additional information like the best time to visit, locations and prices will help you to know more about the sports to make it easy for you to plan your adventurous sport. The Dandeli adventure sports prices are reasonable and so you can try as many sports as you want.

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Frequently Asked Question About Dandeli Adventure Sports

Is it good to try adventurous sports in Dandeli, why?

Yes, it is good to try adventure sports in Dandeli as they are designed to give you some kind of thrill that you want to enjoy and relax in life. Dandeli has various adventurous sports that you can try.

Does adventure sports in Dandeli attract tourists?

Yes, the adventure sports in Dandeli attract tourists at a great length. There are various adventurous sports priced at fewer rates in Dandeli so the visitors are more interested to try the sports.

Does Dandeli have many places for adventurous sports?

Yes, you can try different kinds of adventurous sports like kayaking, water rafting, zorbing, etc. at different locations in Dandeli.

Are adventurous sports and the locations where they are performed safe?

Yes, all the locations where the sports are performed are safe and well equipped. The places are filled with trainers and other safety gear.

Are the adventure sports in Dandeli priced very high?

The prices are based on the days and times of the week. So the prices also vary accordingly. However, the prices are not too high in Dandeli for adventurous sports.

How good is mountain camping in Dandeli?

The places designated for mountain camping is located in a very safe and scenic location. The surrounding makes very attractive and soothing to enjoy the mountain camping in Dandeli.

Is Dandeli good for water sports activities?

Yes, Dandeli is safe for water sports as there are several water bodies in the city of Dandeli. So you can enjoy kayaking in Dandeli in the Kali River.

What is the best time to enjoy coracle ride in Dandeli and where can you enjoy coracle ride in Dandeli?

The best time to go for a coracle ride is from October to February. You can enjoy the coracle ride in the Kali River in Dandeli.

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