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    Darjeeling Food

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    Perched on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Darjeeling is a gorgeous hill town of West Bengal. Formerly a summer resort of the British Raj, this town speaks stories of its past in many languages. The Tibetan refugees who found a peaceful home here and the proximity of the town to Nepal has blended its air with various cultures. Now you will find buildings done in colonial architecture and food prepared in Tibetan and Nepali cuisine styles. But, Darjeeling has embraced all of it with love. And as a traveler, it will surely be passed on to you. So make sure you try all the popular Darjeeling food while you explore all the amazing places here. Don’t forget to take a stroll on Darjeeling Food Junction while you’re there. Darjeeling food prices are nominal and can be afforded by almost everyone. 

    Top 13 Darjeeling Food Dishes

    Food is an inseparable element of culture! And if you love getting close to the cultural side of the destinations your visit, knowing and tasting the food dishes of those places would certainly help. Here are some of the most loved Darjeeling food that you must also taste to know the heart of the city:

    1. Kwati

    Traditional Gorkha cuisine dish

    Image Source

    Kwati is one of the most popular food dishes in Darjeeling. It is a traditional Gorkha cuisine dish which you would easily find in the city. Kwati is basically a mixed soup which is made by boiling 9 different varieties of sprouted beans. Some spices are also added to the soup to lift its flavor and to form a thick liquid. This is a highly delicious and nutritious veg food in Darjeeling. High in proteins, the consumption of this traditional Nepalese dish is more during the festival of Gun Punhi. It is the full moon day of the 10th month in the Nepal Era lunar calendar, called Gunl. Don’t forget to ask them for their Darjeeling food recipes!

    Where to eat: Budget restaurants on Gandhi Road and Nehru Road

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    2. Aaloo Achar

    Aaloo Achar will appeal to any traveler

    Image Source

    Aaloo Achar is a must among the dishes served on the thali in Darjeeling. The taste of Aaloo Achar will appeal to any traveler, no matter which part of the country they are coming from. This dish is made of boiled potatoes that are finely chopped into pieces so that they catch the flavor of all the spices they are mixed with. Onions, radishes, cucumbers support the flavors in the background. Whereas fine paste of local chilies, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, and fenugreek seeds take up the center stage. Aaloo Achar is a spicy and tangy potato dish that you wont be able to resist.

    Where to eat: Hasty Tasty, Nehru Road

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    3. Sel Roti

    Sweet ring-shaped bread

    Image Source

    Sel Roti is a famous food in Darjeeling and is basically a mildly sweet ring-shaped bread. This homemade rice bread is very similar to doughnuts. An origin of the Indian subcontinent, this traditional food is prepared mainly during the festivals of Dashain and Tihar which are among the most significant celebration in the Hindu tradition. These festivals are primarily observed in Nepal and north-eastern parts of India including Sikkim and Darjeeling.

    Where to eat: Fiesta Restaurant, C/O Pineridge Hotel

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    4. Pork Curry

    Thai food Beef massaman curry

    Image Source

    Pork Curry is among the most popular non-vegetarian dishes of Darjeeling food. This mouth-watering gravy dish is prepared in various recipes including Pork Chilies, Phagshapa, and barbecued pork. But the basic way of cooking this dish involves cooking of pork meat in oil with various spices. Pork Curry is best served hot with steaming rice or local drinks.

    Where to eat:-Kunga Restaurant and Penang Restaurant

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    5. Tibetan Thukpa

    Traditional Tibetan food

    Image Source

    Thukpa in Darjeeling is a well-known dish and a traditional Tibetan food. The popularity of this dish has crossed borders and has even reached the cities like Delhi where they served and eaten with the same love. The dish became an inseparable part of the Darjeeling food with the migration of Tibetan refugees into the city. Thukpa is basically a form of noodles served in a meat soup. The soup also contains stewed meat, vegetables and is garnished with fresh spring onions and chopped coriander. Available in different forms, Amdo Thukpa is a popular variant. Originated in Tibets Eastern region, Thukpa in Darjeeling is now a major dish in neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and many northeastern Indian states of Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh.

    Where to eat: Dekevas Restaurant, Nawangs Restaurant and Kunga Restaurant

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    6. Gundruk

    Darjeeling and popular food in Nepal

    Image Source

    Gundruk is one of the best foods in Darjeeling and popular food in Nepal. It is prepared with fermented green leafy vegetables such as mustard leaves, and spinach. This is also one of the most common dishes in the region and therefore is a must try for travelers exploring food on their Darjeeling tour. Gundruk is rich in iron and other minerals.

    Where to eat:-Kushal Restaurant and Nostalgia Hotel

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    7. Aaloo Tama

    Interesting and highly flavorsome curry

    Image Source

    Aaloo Tama is an interesting and highly flavorsome curry prepared with potatoes and the fermented bamboo shoots. The potatoes are cooked in hot oil and spices are added to it. After this, fried bamboo shoots go in. Finally, garlic, tomatoes, and lemon are added to the mixture. This dish will lead to a burst of flavors inside your mouth. Make sure you try Aaloo Tama when you visit Darjeeling.

    Where to eat: Budget restaurants on Gandhi Road and Nehru Road

    8. Dal Bhat

    loved Darjeeling food

    Image Source

    Dal Bhat is a traditional dish in Darjeeling and cannot be missed out from the list of most loved Darjeeling food. Popular in many parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and India, the recipe for this dish originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is also a staple food in these countries. Dal Bhat is prepared with steamed rice known as Bhat and cooked lentil called Dal. It is a main dish in the traditional Nepali thali and is served along with other curries, chutney, and salads. The recipe includes flavors of onion, ginger, garlic, chili, tomatoes, and tamarind.

    Where to eat:-Hotel Lunar, Nanking Restaurant, Hasty Tasty, Nawangs Restaurant and Glenary’s

    9. Sekuwa

    Sharm El Sheik Kebab

    It is hands down one of the best foods in Darjeeling. It is basically meat barbecued with tangy spices and aromatic herbs to give it a distinct flavor. The meat could be of lamb, chicken, pork, mutton or beef. Making the Sekuwa is pretty simple. First, you have to mix the meat with natural herbs, spices, and other required ingredients. Once that is done, you have to roast the meat on fire. It is ready to be served. You can eat it with chutney or pair it with roti.

    Where to eat: Chopstick Restaurant

    10. Gobi

    Gobi Manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese dish popular in Bangalore

    Gobi is one of the most popular foods in Darjeeling. It is prepared using cauliflower and spices. The spices are a distinct mix of different Indian and Tibetan spices. You will relish this dish. The curry is cooked in typical Nepalese style. It is served with chapati or rice. The locals of Darjeeling prefer chapati. It is usually served in Nepalese thali. You can gorge on this dish when you’re out with your friends and family on a family vacation.

    Where to eat: Hotel Lunar

    11. Kheer


    Who doesn’t like to gorge on dessert after their meal- We are sure everybody does. Kheer is one of most significant Darjeeling foods. You will relish this Tibetan style dessert. It is a traditional dessert made using boiled rice with milk. Further, sugar, large cardamoms, pistachios, raisins, and almonds are added to the sweet dish. You will absolutely love having this sweet dish.

    Where to eat: Budget restaurants on Gandhi Road and Nehru Road

    12. Keema

    minced chicken with bread

    Keema is a traditional dish in Darjeeling. The English name for it would be minced meat. The dish is prepared using minced meat with peas or potatoes. Butter, onions, garlic, ginger and spices is also added to this dish to make it more flavorsome. It is considered one of the best dishes prepared in Darjeeling. You will have the time of your life gorging on this delicious treat.

    Where to eat: Blue Ginger Restaurant

    13. Noodles

    A platter of chicken noodles at Golden Point Tea & Snacks

    Noodles can quench your hunger and fill your stomach for a long time. This dish is found in all the restaurants and food stalls. You will have a ball of a time eating this dish. The noodles are made of wheat. They are tossed with vegetables, meat or eggs to prepare a delicious dish. They are also tossed in different spices. They are delicious and tangy and perfect for eating after a rain.

    Where to eat: Kunga Restaurant, Dekevas Restaurant, Kunjini Restaurant, The Park Restaurant

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    Is your mouth watering already? Plan a getaway to Darjeeling right away and come, taste the steamy, spicy and flavorsome foods of Darjeeling. Get ready for a food tour that will make you cross borders and leap time at every bite you take. The unforgettable tastes and aroma of the authentic dishes will make you want to come back to this town again and again.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Darjeeling Food

    Q. What is the famous food of Gangtok?

    A. The most famous foods of Gangtok include tomato achar (pickle), momo (steamed dumpling), thukpa (noodle soup), kinema curry (fermented soybean), and gundruk and sinki soup (fermented vegetable soup).

    Q. What is the food of Darjeeling?

    A. The food in Darjeeling is a blend of Chinese and Tibetan flavors. You will find many street vendors and restaurants selling Tibetan or Chinese dishes.

    Q. What is the famous food of Nagaland?

    A. One of the most famous Nagaland dishes is dry bamboo shoots cooked with pork.

    Q. What is the dress of Sikkim?

    A. Bakhu is the traditional dress of Sikkim. Men wear this piece of clothing with a pair of loose trousers and a leather belt. Women belt this outfit over a full-sleeved silk blouse, which is known as honju.

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