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    Festivals In India In August

    India is a land of diverse religion, heritage, culture, and traditions and the true reflection of this variety is seen through varied festivals, celebrated across the country. While most of the places in the country enjoy monsoon in August, the plethora of charming festivals in August in India help people enjoy the rain splashes all the more.

    From the boat races to music and yoga feasts, August has quite a few varieties of festivals, which are high on spirit, fun and vibrant.

    Festivals that let you absorb the essence India’s culture

    1. Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race – An exhilarating competition displaying passion and enthusiasm

    a thrilling boat race

    Where: Punnamda Lake, Alleppey in Kerala

    Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is one of the most popular and classic festivals in August in India. This is a thrilling boat race, organized at Punnamda Lake in Alleppey, where thousands of men row snake boats and compete with each other. This enthusiastic August festival showcases great zeal of bonding, coordination and team spirit and eventually marks the commencement of 10 days long Onam festival in Kerala.

    Another popular event of the same kind is Aranmula Snake Boat Race. This thrilling boat race takes place on Pampa River in Alleppey and marks the end of the festival of Onam.

    What’s special: Many of boatman rowing snake boats, singing folk songs and indulging in healthy competition is a great sight. Moreover, the spectators enjoy this buzzing event from the banks of the lake or can stay in houseboats and experience the same.
    Date for Nehru Trophy snake boat race 2018: 11th August

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    2. Onam – The most gorgeous festival of the month

    the most vibrant and famous festivals in August in India is Onam

    Where: Kerala

    One of the Indian festivals in August 2018, that you must not miss is Onam. This is a 10-day long festival, celebrated throughout Kerala, especially in Trivandrum, Thrissur, and Kottayam. Traditionally, Onam marks the homebound journey of legendary king Mahabali. Local people wear traditional attire, decorate the household and cook special delicacies to enhance the spirit of Onam.

    What’s special: Boat races, elephant rallies, Kathakali dance performances, kaikottaikali shows (clap dance) and Pulikali processions.
    Dates for Onam 2018: 15th August- 27th August

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    3. Athachamayam Festival – Showcasing Kerala culture and traditions

    the most iconic cultural festival in India

    Where: Tripunithura, Ernakulam, Kochi

    Celebrated along with the Onam festival, Athachamayam is one of the most iconic cultural festivals in August 2018, India, that rejoices the heroic triumph of the royal king of Kochi. This is one of the most vibrant festivals in Kerala, where local people wear a traditional outfit and participate in folk dance and music. Elephant rallies and colorful tableaus showcasing local tradition, artforms, and culture are also seen during the festival.

    What’s special: Local people dress up like tigers and participate in rallies.
    Dates for Athachamayam festival 2018: 15th August-19th August

    4. Nag Panchami – A religious festival of its kind

    most unique and courageous festivals where snakes are worshipped

    Where: Rural parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

    Among the age-old Indian festivals in August, Nag Panchami holds a special significance. This is one of the most unique and courageous festivals where snakes are worshipped. On an auspicious day of lunar month of Shraavana, Nag Panchami is observed in full glory and pomp in rural parts of India and Nepal.

    This festival is followed by Jhapan Mela- a tribal festival, where Goddess Manasa is worshipped. Jhapan Mela is a rural fair demonstrating various tricks with snakes and is observed in the interior parts of Vishnupur and Bankura districts of West Bengal.

    What’s special: Snakes are carried in procession to the temple and devotees dance to the music of been or snake charmer’s flute.
    Dates for Nag Panchami 2018: 15th August

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    5. Eid-al-Adha – The festival of sacrifice

    observed by the Muslim community

    Image Source

    Where: Celebrated by Islamic community, all over India.

    Eid-al-Adha is one of the most significant festivals in August, observed by the Muslim community. Popular as Bakri Id, this festival is celebrated through sacrifices of sheep and goat and cooking the meat and sharing with friends and relatives. On an auspicious day, people dress up in beautiful attires, attend community prayers, visit friends and folks and exchange sweets and gifts. Children receive idi or gifts from elders.

    What’s special: Delicious meat preparations are cooked at every household and mosques, Islamic monuments and markets are decorated with lights and flowers.
    Dates for Eid-al-Adha 2018: 21st August

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    6. Raksha Bandhan – Rejoice the undying bond between brother and sister

    love and bonding between a brother and a sister

    Where: Pan India, particularly in north, west and central part of the country

    On every full moon day of the month of Shraavana, which corresponds with August, the glorious festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated throughout India. Undoubtedly, this list of Indian festivals in August is not complete without talking about Raksha Bandhan. It is rejoiced to honor the love and bonding between a brother and a sister. The sister ties the rakhi- a sacred thread around the brother’s wrist and prays for his long life and well-being while the brother takes an oath to protect her lifelong.

    What’s special: The sister performs aarti and applies tilak before tying the thread, while the brother gives gifts and sweets in return.
    Date for Raksha Bandhan 2018: 26th August

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    7. Teej – A grand festival of Rajasthan

    where Goddess by the same name is worshipped by Rajasthani women

    Where: Jaipur

    festivals celebrated in August in India incomplete without Teej, where Goddess by the same name is worshipped by Rajasthani women with full enthusiasm. Featuring absolute grandeur and glory, Teej is rejoiced in every part of the pink city, with traditional songs, dance, music, carnivals and local food. Here, native woman dress-up in green traditional outfits, wear bangles and mehndi and carry Goddess Teej in golden palanquin across the city. The rally is accompanied by decorated elephants, camels, and horses.

    What’s special: Teej special sweet dishes like ghewar and malpoa are prepared in every household.
    Dates for Teej 2018: 29th August

    8. Madras Week – Week long celebration of city’s foundation day

    the foundation day of the city of Madras

    Where: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    22nd of August is the foundation day of the city of Madras, now Chennai. To honour and celebrate the same, the entire week is rejoiced with grandeur and pomp in the city. The entire city is decorated with lights and flowers and various tours, fairs, shows and recreational events are organised for tourists and locals.

    What’s special: Heritage walks, food walks, bike tours and photo exhibitions.
    Dates for Madras Week 2018: 20th August- 27th August

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    9. Tarnetar Fair – A buzzing tribal feast

    a typical rural fair

    Where: Tarnetar Village, Surendranagar, Gujarat

    Another spectacular August festival is Tarnetar fair, held near the temple of Triniteshwar Mahadev in Gujarat. The fair was originally organized as a searching place for a spouse for tribal communities. This is a typical rural fair, where one can see and experience brave stunts, magic shows, tribal dance and music, camel rides tattoo stalls, merry go rounds and local food and handicrafts shops. If you wish to witness this buzzing and fascinating tribal feast, fret not! Gujarat Tourism offers comfortable tented accommodations and other facilities for all.

    What’s special: Performances of jodia pava (double flutes), rahado folk dance.
    Dates for Tarnetar Fair 2018: 24th August- 27th August

    10. Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival – A unique festival for those who are young at heart

    a unique festival for those who are young at heart

    Image Source

    Where: Covelong Point Social Surf School, Kovalam Village, Chennai

    As one of the most spectacular and one of its kind cultural festivals in August in India; Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival attracts thousands of music and health enthusiasts every year. This cultural feast features a variety of events and shows like performances of Indian and International musicians, screening of world cinema, national level surfing competition and meditation workshops. People joining this festival will be surely spoiled with choices of activities to indulge in. From chilling at the beach, checking out organic food stalls to taking part in kayak races and beach volleyball matches; there is something for everyone.

    What’s special: Yoga on the beach, water gun fights and healing music therapies.
    Dates for Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival 2018: Dates yet to be declared

    The list of fascinating festivals in August in India is right in front of you. Pick your choice, mark your calendar and head up.

    Witness the beauty of India and its rich culture in August by participating in the vibrant and wonderful festivals that hold the country together.

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