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Dubai never fails to make record-breaking endeavors with its worldwide acknowledged and bizarre attractions in the world. It has built one more treat for its visitors’ eyes – an Indoor Forest pavilion. In case you are an animal lover or have kids at home who love animals, make a beeline for Green Planet Dubai, the country’s first bio-dome that reproduces the captivating universe of a tropical forest.

Situated at City Walk, this indoor forest in Dubai represents an extraordinary, tangible ordeal of going through a verdant and lavish rainforest. Visitors get to behold an extent of awe-striking scenes from treetop canopy platform to the mystical jungle, precipice hanging greenery enclosures, and cascades encompassed by birds, butterflies, amphibians, etc. The microclimate here is continually preserved, which relates to the conditions of the tropical woods – the temperature is between 25-28°C and the humidity is maintained at 70%. The humidity in the enormous ‘dome’ is kept appropriately enough so that the environment is ideal for rainforest plants, birds, and animals to flourish.

The best time to visit the indoor forest City Walk in Dubai would be early morning or in the evening, before dusk to enjoy a perfect view and spectacle of creatures living here. This time is considered ideal for clicking some incredible photographs.

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The Indoor Forest In Dubai

The Green Planet in Dubai, a new indoor fascination in the city, has brought a rainforest to the Arabian Desert. Here you can explore and enjoy the unusual concept of the first Bio-Dome in the whole Middle East and the planet’s oldest ecosystem. It will offer you an intensive encounter with nature via an upright garden that is the biggest life-sustaining tree ecosystem.

Here are eight interesting features of the Green Planet:

1. The Unique Complex

The Unique Complex

The complex is Dubai’s one-of-a-kind evolution of an indoor tropical rainforest, with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants, free-flying birds, and animals. The key highlight of this ecosystem is the gigantic, manmade 25-meter tall and world’s most massive indoor life-sustaining tree, which is an imitation of a genuine tree from a selva.

Tempting the visitors of all ages, this location is ideal for a family day out. The biodome comprises four levels: The Canopy, The Forest Floor, The Midstory, and The Flooded Rainforest. Every level represents the importance and the role of rainforest. Every creature in the complex has been brought from different zoos and private breeders; nobody was caught for the park in the wild.
Inside the structure, every animal has been provided with an open area where it can move without any restriction.. Also, the wide range of plants and animals that are kept here are chosen in a manner that they absolutely get along together and are safe for one another.

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2. The Diverse Indoor Rainforest

The Diverse Indoor Rainforest

There are sloths, porcupines, snakes, arachnids, parrots, different reptiles, and countless fish. You don’t have to worry, as the majority of the creatures are kept in such a way inside the glass cases or under the microscopes that it is entirely safe to wander around while enjoying your time with them.

The highest level at this recreational park is the Canopy – here you can observe the birds flying throughout the dome. You get to see a wide range of birds – from Macaws to Toucans. Also, the lowest level – the Flooded Rainforest is a location where a huge aquarium shows the distinctive variety of underwater life in this ecosystem complex. Further, visitors can see frogs, lizards, and snakes! all the safety measures have been taken.

All the levels give visitors a comprehensive idea of what flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest would look like. It is a unique, jaw-dropping glass dome, so forget the desert heat of outside and relish your experience in a cool, soothing environment.

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3. Eye-Pleasing Tropical Birds

Eye-Pleasing Tropical Birds

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The birds are one of the highlights at the Green Planet. Without a doubt, the most cheerful experience is listening to these birds chirping and watching them fly from one branch to another, all through the pavilion. As tropical birds, in general, have bright hues, so you will get a brilliant display as they pass around you.

Professional as well as amateur photographers will have an awesome chance of capturing such beautiful moments in their camera.

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4. Getting Up Close To The Creatures

Getting Up Close To The Creatures

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If you desire to have a closer encounter with one of the creatures, this is for you. For an additional AED149, you can take part in a 20-30 minutes Sloth Encounter at the park. It includes finding out about the sloth and its habitat in the rainforest and having the opportunity to take one selfie with them.

At a similar cost, you can also take part in a “sugar glider encounter.” A sugar glider is a little marsupial that can “fly”, similarly as a squirrel flies. Like the sloth experience, this is also allowed for 20-30 minute interaction and incorporates a chance to take a picture with a sugar glider.

Additionally, all over along the incline, representatives hold discussions about an assortment of animals. One of them carries a snake and happily describes the intriguing facts concerning it. You’ll also be shown a large millipede pulled out from a container, which will seem similar to the snake and you will be permitted to touch it.

Also, the park arranges for the on-site birthday parties along with school trips.

5. The Biggest Snake Species

The Biggest Snake Species

Image Source
The Burmese pythons are one of the biggest snake species on the planet, weighing 90kg and up to 6 m in length. At Green Planet, you can really get an opportunity to get acquainted with and even touch them. The similar goes for the biggest cockroach you will ever see. There’s additionally an observation view region to get some photos to upload at your social media profiles.

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6. Education Hub

Education Hub

The recreational as well as an educational facility promotes awareness for the fragile balance of nature and the preciousness of one of our planet’s oldest living ecosystems. This facility makes it a perfect educational spot for kids. The Green Planet is ready to motivate all ages of people to care and learn more about every single creature and plant that inhabits the globe.

All of the staff at The Green Planet is thoroughly trained and more than pleased to provide visitors with extensive background stories on plants and animals residing in the park. They teach fun facts and even welcome guests to touch a few of the animals there.

Panels, slides, and interactive media further offer information to visitors concerning every living thing preserved at the indoor forest. The different types of data dispensing devices utilized here will make your educational experience non-exhausting.

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7. Marvelous Architecture

Marvelous Architecture

The building of Green Planet itself deserves acclamation for its unique architecture. A high cube-shaped building accentuated with round windows; it mostly uncovers an inside glass barrel stretching out from the ground level to the rooftop. A place where the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees celsius in the summer season, a glass-walled structure, regardless of whether it houses plants adapted to heat, would get more heat which can burn the plants as the daylight is amplified by the glass.

So, rather, the daylight goes through the holes created in the external building, which implies that the rays of direct light could never remain in one place for a really long time. This architectural plan truly is a smart idea to save them!

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8. Award-Winning Park

Award-Winning Park

In the year 2016, The Green Planet was awarded Project of the Year Middle East Consultant Awards. The award acknowledges the best planned, designed, and completed venture in the Middle East for 2016. At the MEP Middle East Awards, the project further won Highly Commended for Mechanical Project of the Year award in 2016 which is the most prestigious honor within the MEP field in the Middle East. It was also perceived by Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2017 as UAE’s ‘Best Kids Edutainment Venue.’

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How To Reach Indoor Forest In Dubai

Green Planet Dubai is located at the intersection of Al Wasl Road and Safa Road at the retail complex – City Walk. Also, parking is free here. The Green Planet Dubai entry fee is just AED 99 for Adults and AED 74 for Kids. You can purchase your ticket upon reaching the counter outside the building. The ticket can be purchased online.

The Green Planet ecosystem is a must visit for you during your trip to Dubai, especially if you’re traveling with your family. From the flooded rainforest to the architecture, this indoor forest in Dubai will give you that ideal feel of a vacation. Interact and explore within a completely new world of exotic flora and fauna in this entirely immersive vertical tropical rainforest.

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