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    guide for a beautiful vacation

    In today’s day and age travelling is considered a form of escapism to some while a lifestyle to others. The reasons to travel could be several pertaining to one’s age, nature of their job, academics or just plain preference among others. Whether you travel for fun or work- it teaches you the things you couldn’t have learned otherwise.Be it the unexpected situations that stand in your way while you travel or the new perspective of life a stranger teaches you, it’s the uncertainty of its nature that helps you in your journey of understanding yourself better.

    Things you should know before you visit Karimun Island

    clear blue sky-Karimun Island

    If you are someone that would prefer travelling to a paradise of beaches and clear blue sky-Karimun Island is the place for the traveler in you. Great Karimun Island or Karimun (Karimun Besar in Indonesian) is one of the several islands in the province. It’s nothing less than the pride of Central Java among the locals and savvy travelers. Karimun also offers a marine national park known as Karimun Jawa National Park which is one of the six Marine Parks in Indonesia. The five ecosystems it supports are: mangrove forest, seaweed and sea grass, coral reef, tropical rainforest and coastal forest. The island is majorly inhabited by around 10,000 permanent citizens, mostly fishermen.

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    How to get to Karimun Island?

    a fast boat to reach island coast

    There are many ways to reach Karimun Island.

    •  From Singapore: There are two ferry crossings which serve route from Singapore to Karimun. The Journey can be started from the Harbourfront Center Ferry Terminal to the Port of Tanjung Balai, a 90minute-long journey.
    • From Malaysia: The journey from Malaysia to the Karimun can be started from Kukup (Johor Southwestern) using the Fast Ferry and MV Ocean Indoma.
    •  From Batam: From Batam one can use Miko Natalia Ferry Port Sekupang.
    •  From Tanjung Pinang: From Tanjung Pinang one can use the Dumai Express Ferry in Port of Sri Bintan Pura.

    You can take a fast boat from Tanjung Emas port in Semarang (4 hours), the the fast boat from Jepara (2 hours) or even a slow boat from Kartini harbour in Jepara (6 hours). You must take a check on the weather forecarst as the trips are highly dependent on low tide levels.

    Things to do in Karimun Island, Indonesia

    One will never find themselves wondering too hard about what to do here, since the island offers a range of touristy activities.

    1. Island Hopping

    exploring the beaches

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    It’s one of the most popular thing among those who visit this island. So, you could find yourself a boat and go hopping from one island to the other meanwhile exploring the beaches and the sea as you go. Some of the preferred islands are; Pulau Tengah, Tanjung Gelam and Menjangan Besar. They are touted to be the most beautiful islands in the world.

    2. Hiking

    hike around the island

    With the help of some locals you could trek or hike around and discover breathcatching views of the islands and the sea. A bit of a hike away from Karimun is the best sunset spot on the island. From here you will be able to see Karimun in its entirety. Find a good company, get a few beers and you are all set here.

    3. Diving

    a watery wonderland

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    It’s only natural for someone to visit such a watery wonderland and think of diving. It is the most popular sports activity among locals and tourists alike. The well-known local diving spots here are Taka Panyawangan and Gosong Cemara. We suggest you to wear the proper diving equipment before going into the water. Also, stay on the lookout for any loose gear.

    4. Swim with the sharks

    view of the beach at night

    This phrase turns into a reality on this island with the key differentiator being the safety. You can sight sharks around the sight and swim with them to satisfy your adrenaline rush while locals take care of your safety. We suggest you not to touch the big fish. Also, don’t push yourself — do this when you’re a hundred percent ready.

    5. Viewpoints

    enjoys terrific viewpoints

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    Hilly Karimunjawa enjoys not only terrific viewpoints, but ones filled with fun and cheesy props to flood your social media feed with blogger like pictures. You’ll have to pay an entry fee for the privilege of viewing some of them. Don’t forget to take your camera and experience the marvels of Karimun through the camera lens.

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    6. Spend a day at the beach

    island offers beautiful white beaches

    What’s a vacation without a day of relaxation at the beach? Since the island offers beautiful white beaches with a terrific view, one can sip on the coconut water or chug a bottle of cold beer while indulging in some local dishes. The most popular beach among travelers is Pantai Batu Topeng. Kick back, buy a bottle of beer and bid stress goodbye.

    7. Mangroove Trekking

    area offers trekking

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    Within the Kurimunjawa National Park a protected mangrove area offers trekking along raised boardwalks deep into the forest. Tourists are generally discouraged by locals as they warn them about this activity being too expensive. There is a huge difference between what locals pay and what tourists do. It is said that the more foreign tourists who are seen to visit mangrove forests, the more the Indonesian government (and locals) are able to see their value which can help slow their destruction. One can think of this as a donation.

    Places to Stay in Karimun Island

    1. Breze Azurine Lagoon Retreat

    enjoy the tropical climate

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    Rooms closer to the road are the lower priced, but offer arguably better views, however the higher the tag, the more privacy. Decor is tasteful and classic made of all things natural like wood and rattan, perfectly complementing the tropical climate. The outdoor tub (with hot water!) is a bonus.

    2. Ayu Hotel

    Beach Party

    This is more like a family business run by an Indonesian and a German couple which offers a style of three rooms. The interiors are simple and give a homely feel whilst sticking to its traditional style of interiors. The pastel decor and the comfy furniture makes it a perfect getaway for honeymooners. Book this hotel to enjoy world-class facilities.

    3. Karimun Lumbung Resort

    a view of swampy mangroves

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    If you are looking for privacy opt for the sea facing rooms in this beautiful hotel that has a secluded feel and trumps a view of swampy mangroves. This resort is featured among the best stays in Karimun because of its strategic location, fully furnished rooms with a view and a sauna attached to every room. Visit this hotel for a luxurious stay.

    4. Samsara

    point out all the top spots

    Terrific painted maps on the walls point out all the top spots. Evenings can turn into a local jam session, although chilled and not late—they like to respect their neighbors, and Samsara occasionally organizes beach parties too. Samsara is one of the finest Karimun Island resorts if you don’t mind sleeping on the wooden bunk beds.

    5. The coconut house

    coconut house

    The coconut house is a budget friendly hotel which is tastefully designed with traditional Indonesian motives mixed into modern clean rooms. It is well located with walking distance to the night fish market. Most travelers looking for accommodation are attracted to this site because of its affordably priced, quality rooms. They also offer complimentary breakfast to their customers.

    The Park is in remote location and only few tourists go here for the same reason, which is a shame because the island has so much to offer. From the clear pristine waters with amazing underwater live to white sandy beaches and uninhabited islands covered by rainforests serving as a real treat. However, beware of the plastic bags, light bulbs and shoes that you might encounter on the white beaches since waste disposal is quite compromised. So while you explore Indonesia, don’t forget Karimun Island.

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