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Krabi is a province situated in the West Coast of Southern Thailand. The terrain of this region is characterized by rocky, sheer limestone cliffs. Covered with dense mangroves forests and having more than a hundred offshore islands, this place is popular for Krabi Snorkeling.

Best Season To Snorkel In Krabi

Boats on the Seashore in Krabi

Krabi is warm throughout the year with April-May and September-October being the hottest. The best season to visit Krabi is the monsoon season, from November to March when the humidity is under control.

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2 Best Places To Experience Karbi Snorkeling

The hilly terrain makes it a great destination for hiking and rock-climbing but what stands out is its enormous coral reefs that make Krabi an ideal destination for snorkeling. Here are Krabi snorkeling prices and other details of the two major destinations where you can best experience this water adventure activity.

1. Phi Phi Island

People snorkeling in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

The Phi Phi Islands are an Island group of Thailand that fall under the administration of the Krabi Province. They are located between the large island of Phuket and the West Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland. On the Andaman Sea, Phi Phi is a paradise just 30-miles away from mainland Thailand. Snorkeling near the Phi Phi island is a breathtaking experience.

You will be awe-struck by the beauty of the ocean as you snorkel and swim surrounded by colorful fishes and coral formations at Lohsmaha Bay. You must also snorkel at the mesmerizing Hin Klang for open-sea snorkeling in Krabi. The sparkling clear water looks absolutely magical. Snorkel among the coral gardens of Ao Maya and Ao Lo Sama where you would see reef fishes and may even spot a leopard shark.

The place is still away from human inhabitants and is blessed with stunning sandy beaches. On your tour to Phi Phi, you can also visit the Bamboo Island, another place for snorkeling in Krabi. Just 5 Kms from Phi Phi, Bamboo Island is a flat Island covered with thick vegetation, surrounded by a strip of white sand and 500 meters of reef.

Tour Price: INR 3200

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2. Hong Island

A kid snorkeling in Hong Island in Thailand

Hong Island is a group of four islands called the Koh Hong Group. Generally referred to as Hong Island and Hong Lagoon, they are located off the coast of Krabi. So you can enjoy Krabi snorkeling off the beach at these islands. They are considered to be the most beautiful islands of the region. From Krabi, leave on a long-tail boat to explore Hong Island. Kayak to discover the secrets of the Hong Lagoon.

During high tides, boats can enter the lagoon whereas during low tide you can only enter by kayak. The island has shallow coral reefs and sandy beaches perfect for your post snorkel relaxation. Another spot to enjoy open water snorkeling and swimming is at the Ko Daeng Island and Paradise Island.

Tour Price: INR 2000

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How To Reach Krabi?

A sunset in Krabi

Krabi Island snorkeling scenes are so popular that travelers from around the world visit this place every year. The direct way to reach Krabi from India is through a flight. There are few airlines that provide flights from the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore to the Krabi Airport.

Another way to reach Krabi from India is through Bangkok. There are regular flights from all the major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore to the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. From Bangkok, you can reach Krabi through roadways, waterways, and airways.

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What makes Krabi snorkeling tours exclusive from other parts of the world is the view that one gets to see on the go. Getting surrounded by a colorful shoal of fishes is an experience you can’t explain in words. Exploring the beautiful natural coral formations is another perk of snorkeling here. Live the best moments of your life by planning a tour to Krabi.

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