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Canada is one of those countries around the globe which provides the tourists with a taste of everything – from steep mountaintops to beaches and historic places. If you are on the lookout for a grand scheme of event that leads up to an amazing trip, visiting the Long Range Traverse is an absolute delight. Located in Newfoundland in Canada, this hiking trail is a popular spot amidst the adventure and hiking enthusiasts. If you are one of them and want to include an unexplainable hiking trip to your bucket list, visiting this place is an absolute must. It is situated primarily in the Gros Morne National Park but the trek till there is one of a kind and quite strenuous as well.

About Long Range Traverse

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Often called as the Montana sized island in the east coast of Canada, the Long Range Traverse is more or less a 5-day hike near the Gros Morne National Park located in Newfoundland, Canada. This is quite a tough off-trail hiking spot which is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

The whole process of planning and hiking through definitely requires a plan ahead of time to ensure that you don’t end up facing any kind of issue during the trip itself. The Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland Canada is every backpackers dream location. Majority of the hikers after reaching to the spot have explained what kind of an exhilarating experience it actually is.

Routes For Hiking In Long Range Traverse

The main part of the hiking trip through the Long Range Traverse is the planning you do ahead of time. Owing to the fact that the trail is off the track and not your standard hiking trail, the process can be a bit stressful and hectic if you don’t know your way around the place.

1. Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park view

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Wherever you come from, the Gros Morne National Park is predominantly the initial starting point for the overall hiking journey. Before you start with your hiking trip to the Long Range Traverse, it is quite important to ensure that you attend the orientation program that is held there. During this orientation, you will be shown a video and get a brief explanation about the hike from a ranger. Following that, you need to undergo a compass and map test that you need to pass to get going on the hike. They also provide with a transceiver in case you get lost on the trail and can’t find your way out. After that, you can check into the camp around the Berry Hill which is where you start your hike the next day, bright and early.

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2. The Little Island Pond

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The journey begins with you leaving your car behind in the parking of the Gros Morne National Park and embarking on the journey of the Long Range Traverse. Upon reaching the trailhead, you need to take a boat for 30 minutes to reach the Western Brook Pond. There is a tour guide on the boat who explains the severity of the entire trip that every hiker is about to make.

While the initial steps are easy to explore around, the deeper you go, you understand that the same is completely dependent on your own navigational skills. Following the beaten down path along with the vegetation and the waterfalls, you will come across the very first campsite of the traverse, the Little Island Pond. You can also get a panoramic view of the Gros Morne National Park from there.

3. Hardings Pond

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The next camping site that you need to navigate around is the Hardings Pond. Upon navigating through with the help of the map and the compass, you will come across a lunch spot located at the St. Mark’s Pond campground. This can actually be a good halt spot for you to have some lunch and rejuvenate your system.

Once the lunch is done with, start the hiking again till you notice the Hardings Pond. Majority of it is situated in between a deep lush greenery of the area around. If confused, make sure to follow the map religiously.

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4. Green Island Pond

Green Island Pond

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The next stop for the trekking trail is the Green Island Pond. From the Hardings Pond, you need to go up over two ridges and even navigate through the interconnected system of ponds. This part of the Long Range Traverse guided hike is possibly the toughest in the lot because of the steep climbing and getting down on constant intervals.
Following the trail, you will find the Green Island Pond, which is your next camping spot. Often times, if the weather is challenging, chances are that you might face some problems hiking through the steep mountains.

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5. Ferry Gulch

Ferry Gulch

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Going to the Ferry Gulch requires for you to cross a river and if the weather is worse, chances are that the process is going to be quite tough. The hike after crossing the river is quite simple and straightforward with an amazing view of the 10 Mile Pond nearby. You will also need to descent down the Gros Morne National Park trail in this part. The view from the Ferry Gulch is one of a kind, something that you wouldn’t witness normally.
From the viewpoint of the national park, you need to descend down to the bottom of the Ferry Gulch. If lucky, you can find an amazing campsite between two of the small ponds. This accounts for the penultimate day of the hike and the next day is when you hike down back to the Gros Morne National Park.

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6. Back To The Gros Morne National Park

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The last part of the hiking through the Long Range Traverse Newfoundland ends at the Gros Morne National Park again. You need to set off to climb down the tourist trail located in the back of the Gros Morne. The trail has a perfectly built staircase for you to easily get down and navigate through them to reach to the place you possibly have left your cars behind in the beginning of the trip.

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Facilities & Prices

For the most part, the prices for the hiking process does keep on fluctuating depending on the season, the demand and also for the kind of discounts that are available. If you sure of visiting this specific trail around in Newfoundland, it is always best suggested to make all the bookings before to get the entire package at a much-discounted price.


When it comes to visiting the Long Range Traverse Newfoundland Canada, the list of tips are pretty standard much like any hiking trip.

  • Make sure you have proper clothes packed
  • Keep all the camping essentials packed with you
  • Pack extra dehydrated food with you just in case there is rain or snow on the Long Range Traverse
  • Keep the essential first aid kit with yourself
  • Pack all the necessary medication
  • Use the transceiver during moments of emergency

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Visiting the Long Range Traverse is an equally enthralling and risky hiking trip to set yourself on. Make sure that you are well capable enough and are physically fit before you start with this specific hiking expedition. So, plan your trip to Canada right away and Go hiking !

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