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    Travel apps to cater to all travel woes

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    The way we travel has changed with smartphones coming in. There are location updates, map guides, food finding tools and much more. Wherever you go, your best friend—your phone—takes good care of you. There are a lot of apps out there and it gets damn confusing to pick the right one.

    Are you confused too? ‘Cause we don’t like that look on your face! Here’s our pick of 9 awesome mobile apps for travelers that must be on your phone. Just download these handy travel apps to make your next trip easier, cheaper, faster, and a lot smarter.

    Problem 1: Planning and Booking— Solution: TravelTriangle

    The various features of the traveltriangle mobile app

    TravelTriangle, a marketplace connecting travelers and travel agents, serves as a platform for booking personalized holiday packages from localised verified travel agents in 50+ national and international destinations. Travelers can request, choose, personalize, and book the best travel packages created as per their tastes and needs.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android

    Problem 2: Packing — Solution: Packing Pro

    PackingPro on iPad

    Image Source

    An app for perfectionists, Packing Pro helps the travelers remember what to pack and acts as an evidence of things packed if the luggage was ever lost. Tell it the destination, duration, and accompanying travelers, and it’ll present a suggested list of things that you might need – essentials (passport, currency), clothes, and gadgets.

    Cost: INR 190

    Download: iOS

    Problem 3: Navigating — Solution: AllTrails

    The interface of the AllTrails travel app

    Image Source

    AllTrails is an extensive database of trails with track options and specifications including distance, elevation, and estimated time for navigation. The app also mentions the hackneyed routes and the roads not taken.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android and iOS

    Problem 4: Exploring — Solution: Trip Advisor

    The many benefits of the tripadvisor travel app

    Image Source

    It is a crowd-sourced review and rating service of restaurants, bars, hotels, and sights on a 5-star rating system. User reviews can help travelers get true experiences from users across the globe. It also provides a downloadable Offline City Guides app for 80 destinations that can be used in offline mode.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android and iOS

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    Problem 5: Food — Solution: Zomato

    User interface of the Zomato app

    Image Source

    The global restaurant search and discovery service operates in 22 countries across the globe, including India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, UK, USA, Canada, etc. Images of scanned menus and the interiors, user reviews, restaurant information, average meal costs, and Zomato ratings are the major features of this app.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android, iOS, and Windows

    Problem 6: Stay — Solution: Airbnb

    The iOS interface of Airbnb travel app

    Image Source

    The diversity in the Airbnb listing that exceeds 1 million is indeed unparalleled – from castles to vans, yurts to watchtowers, and hotels to apartments. Though setting up the booking procedure is a little tougher than conventional options because of the authenticity checks, but then the vast variety of stay options make up for all this hassle.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android and iOS

    Problem 7: Meeting People — Solution: Happn

    Use of Happn app for dating and meeting new people

    Image Source

    What a wonderful experience it is to meet strangers in even stranger countries. With Happn, you can come to know other Happn users you passed by in your lifetime. If you like them, you can send them a charm or start a conversation. And who knows, you might land up a perfect date with the perfect person in a perfect romantic destination.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android, iOS, and Windows

    Problem 8: First AID & Treatments — Solution: GotoAID

    Some of the many health assisstances provided by GotoAID app

    GotoAID aims to help prepare hikers for the unfortunate accidents and incidents. The app covers a plethora of problems, including burns, cuts, bites/stings, sprains/breaks, poisons, respiratory problems, and even some serious emergencies. The app takes you through exactly how to respond in these emergencies, step-by-step.

    Cost: Free for GotoAID lite, INR 274 for GotoAID premium

    Download: Windows, iOS, Android

    Problem 9: Managing and sorting confirmation e-mails related to the trip — Solution: TripIt

    Use of TripIT to auto generate itinerary from reservation e-mails

    Image Source

    Among a heap of e-mails, it is often hard to find out the confirmation e-mails for flights, car rentals, hotel bookings etc. TripIt converts these e-mails into a single itinerary. The app scans through the text of the e-mails for reservation times, adds events to the calendar in chronological order, and adds in maps to aid navigation.

    Cost: Free

    Download: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows

    So, what are you waiting for? Just download these mobile apps, pack your bags, and head out for your next adventure. Bon Voyage people!

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