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The first and foremost line of defense for any place is the ranges that cover it from everywhere! The ranges that are guarding a country are also the ones which are generating the foreign revenue by becoming the hub of tourists: this is one of the most sought after aspects by the visitors traveling to a particular county. Apart from that, these ranges stun the beholders with their glorious beauty!

When visiting South Africa, one gets the same feeling while witnessing the mountain ranges. Mountains in South Africa are the biggest reason tourists prefer visiting the country so often.

12 Best Mountains In South Africa

This article is devoted to such mountain ranges, which are not only guiding the vast country of South Africa but are also making the place very good to see and visit, generating the foreign exchange and being proved very helpful for the country! This one would surely make you feel proud, if you are an inhabitant of South Africa!

1. Thabana Ntlenyana

Sand mountain

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Thabana Ntlenyana, which truly signifies “Lovely little mountain” in Sesotho, is the most astounding point in Lesotho and the most elevated mountain in southern Africa. It is arranged on the Mohlesi edge of the Drakensberg/Maloti Mountains, north of Sani Pass. It remains at 3,482 meters (11,424 ft) high.The pinnacle is normally move by gatherings finishing a Grand Traverse of the Drakensberg, despite the fact that the pinnacle is in fact in the Maloti Mountains.The crest is regularly likewise move from Sani Top Chalet or from Vergelegen Nature Reserve. This is all just n words, but truly speaking this place can be added to one’s memories sincerely!

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2. Table Mountain

Beach Coast Table Mountain

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Table Mountain is Cape Town’s most notorious mountain extend, giving dazzling scenery to the city and its numerous shorelines. A five-minute link vehicle ride to the best allows heavenly perspectives of the Atlantic Ocean and the rambling city. The Table Mountain go is an ensured site inside the Table Mountain National Park as it brags more than 2,000 species indigenous fynbos, mysterious Afromontane woodland and an assortment of flying creature and creature species. The recreation center additionally fits an assortment of outside exercises, including serene nature strolls, climbing, abseiling, and paragliding. This place is hence definitely comes in t heist to be visited!

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3. Mafadi

Grass on mountain

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Ascents of Mafadi, endeavored from the South African side, are regularly produced using the Njesuthi campground. The Njesuthi ledge of the Drakensberg is one of the more remote climbing locales, and typically takes 2 days to achieve the slope. The course includes around an eight kilometer climb to Marble Baths. This is trailed by proceeding up the stream and with a blend of short ways and stone bouncing. This all finishes at the base of the edge, which prompts the Molar, with a campground. The consequent way up the edge to the highest point of the mountains is known as Leslie’s Pass.

4. Cederberg

Cederberg Mountain

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The Cederberg Mountains and Wilderness territory are arranged three hours from Cape Town close to the town of Clanwilliam. They are known for their emotional, sandstone arrangements, and old San shake workmanship. The eminent Wilderness region envelops 71,000 hectares of rough, sloping territory, making it a best climbing and shakes climbing spot in the Western Cape. A different universe Heritage Site, the Cederberg frames some portion of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is shrouded in mountain fynbos, including the shrub protea, the red disa and the renowned rooibos plant from which rooibos tea is created. The territory is likewise wealthy in untamed life.

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5. Amatola


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The Amatola are a scope of thickly forested mountains arranged in the Eastern Cape. The Xhosa individuals named the range ‘amatole’, signifying ‘calves’, as it takes after a crowd of youthful dairy cattle munching in the meadows. At 1,800 meters above ocean level, the Amatola Mountains are popular for their beautiful magnificence portrayed by lavish backwoods, profound gorges, fabulous cascades and all encompassing perspectives. Adjacent towns incorporate King William’s Town, East London, Stutterheim and Hogsback, the motivation for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The Amatola Mountains are home to the Sandile Heritage Route, a travel industry activity that pursues the lives of Xhosa rulers in the locale, and the Amathole Trail — a six-day climbing trail perceived as truly outstanding in the nation.

6. Thaba Putsoa

Thaba Putsoa Mountain

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Thaba Putsoa (Blue Mountain) is a mountain in the Maseru District of Lesotho. It lies along the way to the Mohale Dam, roughly 70 kilometers toward the southeast of the capital Maseru. The mountain achieves a stature of 3,096 metres. Thaba Putsoa has probably the coolest temperatures in Lesotho. A course alluded to as the Corner-Leslies Loop is turning into a famous method for coming to Mafadi. It involves climbing to Centenary Hut in Injisuthi Nature Reserve on day 1, rising Corner Pass and climbing Mafadi on day 2, sliding Leslie’s Pass to Marble Baths on day 3, and coming back to the Njesuthi campground on day 4.

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7. Champagne’s Castle Ridge Peak

Castle Ridge Peak

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Champagne Castle is a mountain in the focal Drakensberg goes, and is the second most astounding crest in South Africa. It contains a progression of backup crests, among them, Cathkin Peak (3149 m), Sterkhorn (recently called Mount Memory), Monk’s Cowl and Dragon’s Back.It is said that when two courageous mountain dwellers, David Gray and Major Grantham, ascended the pinnacles specifically before Cathkin, they were going to praise their whole deal by popping a container of champagne. Yet, as destiny would have it, the guide dropped the jug on a stone – and at that time Champagne Castle in the core of the mountains!

8. Popple Peak

Popple Peak

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Popple Peak is a mountain lying in the Drakensberg, South Africa. It is situated on the outskirt between South Africa and Lesotho, on the watershed that frames the fringe between the two nations. Popple crest is 3331 m above ocean level and has a rise of around 300 meters from the encompassing slope. On landing in the summit a rainstorm came up, and Poppleton was worried for his safety – making him leave the summit. Anderson later sent the review of the top to the Surveyor General with the tallness and name “Popple Peak”

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9. Giant’s Castle

Giant’s Castle Mountain

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Goliath’s Castle is a mountain top in the southern African Drakensberg in KwaZulu Natal. Goliaths Castle offers guests to the locales climbing openings with all encompassing perspectives. The Nature Reserve offers disconnected settlement, bushman shake workmanship with simple access for everybody and about the best base to begin a Drakensberg climbing knowledge. The zone is one of a large number of South Africa’s experience territories, and plays host to the Giants Challenge long distance race in April every year. This place hence can be rightly called as the beauty lying in the hearts of South Africa and if visited can never let you be touched by its amazing and great presence.

10. Mont-Aux-Sources


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Mont-aux-Sources is a mountain in Southern Africa, framing one of the most astounding parts of the Drakensberg Range. It is for the most part inside Lesotho, with parts in the KwaZulu-Natal and Free State territories of South Africa. The top is open from the Sentinel Car Park close Witsieshoek, by means of chain ladders. The Mont-Aux-Sources is a piece of a basalt level which lies at a normal height of around 3,050 meters (10 000 ft). Among the numerous slopes that encompass the level is a sheer mass of 330 vertical meters, known as the Amphitheater and the Sentinel. The most astounding point is a pinnacle 3 km from the Drakensberg ledge, achieving a height of 3,282 meters (10,768 ft).

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11. Drakensberg


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At 3,482m, the Drakensberg is the most noteworthy mountain extends in South Africa and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Extending for more than 600 miles (1,000km) from the Eastern Cape in the south to Mpumalanga in the north, the amazing mountain run highlights waterways and streams, sheer bluffs, pointed mountain tops and an assortment of endemic widely varied vegetation. The Drakensberg is additionally home to the biggest concentrated gathering of San shake works of art in southern Africa, which are extraordinary in quality and decent variety of subject. You can encounter the sheer magnificence of the Drakensberg by remaining at one of the numerous lodgings and resorts on the lower slants.

12. Magaliesberg

Beautiful nature rock

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The Magaliesberg mountains are among the most established on the planet, around multiple times more established than Everest. They extend for 120km from east Pretoria to Rustenburg in the west, isolating the highveld meadows from the bushveld savannah in the north. The mountain includes sheer quartzite precipices, profound ravines shaped by water spillover, some in excess of 100 meters down, great kloofs, and enduring cascades that stream into shimmering pools. The mountains are prevalent with explorers, shake climbers and picnickers who visit the shielded site to look for asylum from the worry of city life.

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The mountains in South Africa mentioned above are the most spectacular ones and can help you get relaxed just by gazing at their scenic beauty! Plan a memorable trip to South Africa and add these mountain ranges to your list of must-visit places.

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