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    Nong Khai Places

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    Situated in the North-Eastern side of Thailand, Nong Khai is universally acclaimed as a popular tourist’s spot for decades now. Situated on the banks of river Mekong and across Vientiane in Laos, Nong Khai is famous for its pink sunsets and riverside chills. A visitor will be bound to explore all the alleys of this place for its simplicity and beauty. Nong Khai is some 600 km north of Bangkok.

    10 Best Nong Khai Attractions

    Take a look at some of the best Nong Khai attractions that are a must-visit for all the travelers alike on their next trip to the paradise of Thailand.

    1. Sala Kaew Ku

    Nong Khai Sala Kaew Ku

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    Constructed almost 20 years ago, by Luang Pu Boun Leua Sourirat, Sala Kaew Ku is one of the most famous and visited site of Nong Khai. It is a park filled with antique, poise and bizarre figurines of Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and others. Most of these gigantic sculptures are great relics of Buddhism. The biggest attraction of this place is the main building where Luang Pu’s pictures of various stages of his life is portrayed.

    Location: Samakkhi Community, Nong Khai, Thailand.
    Timings: 8:00am – 6:00pm

    2. Wat Pho Chai

    Nong Khai Wat Pho Chai

    Wat Pho Chai is considered as one of the most sacred place in the town and is worshiped wholeheartedly by the people of Nong Khai. This place has one of the most sacred image of Buddha, Luang Phor Phra Sai, situated in it. The head of this imager is made up of pure gold and the body is made up of bronze and the ornaments are made of ruby. This holy temple is a must visit for every tourist visiting Nong Khai.

    Location: 873 Prajak Silpakom Rd., Nong Khai – 43000, Thailand
    Timings: 6:00am – 6:30pm

    3. Issan Rum Distillery

    Issan Distellery Nong Khai

    Image Courtesy: Karas Rum Quest

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    Issan Rum Distillery is a rum production house which is 100% agricultural in nature made with sugarcane juice. It is a very quirky place for a visit. The place is about 12 km away from the main touring area of Nong Khai, on the edge of the town which gives it a secluded feeling and a very calm atmosphere. Here, you can see how agricultural rum is prepared in a very hygienic and processed way. This is a very fun to visit place in Nong Khai.

    Location: Ban Nong Song Hong | Kaibokwan Subdistrict, Nong Khai 43100, Thailand
    Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

    4. Tha Sade Market

    Nong Khai Tha Sade Market

    One of the biggest market in Nong Khai, Tha Sade Market has everything that you need for your daily use and for your luxury. The market has all sorts of food product, clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. available at a very pocket friendly price. Every tourist should definitely buy the souvenir he/she is looking for from this market.

    Location: Mi Chai Road | Nai Subdistrict, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand
    Timings: 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

    5. The First Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

    Nong Khai The First Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

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    The First Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is a bridge over the river Mekong, connecting the city Nong Khai in Thailand with Vientiane Prefecture in Laos. This bridge is a perfectly connects two different parts of the country and is the place where different people exchange their culture and travel from one part to the other. This brightly lighted bridge has the best view at night and the river Mekong and its shiny water gives a perfect look from under.

    Location: Vientiane, Nong Khai, Thailand

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    6. Nong Khai Aquarium

    Nong_Khai Aquarium

    Image Source

    Nong Khai Aquarium is unique and world famous for is gigantic size and out of the box features. The aquarium covers the whole path through which the tourists have to travel. It will seem like one is travelling through the middle of the aquarium in reality. This large aquarium has to offer a huge and unique variety of freshwater and saltwater fish and animals. An uncommon animal found here is the Mekong catfish. This aquarium is away from the main city in a university. There is a scuba diving show every day at 2 pm and that attracts a lot of crowd. This gigantic aquarium featuring a tunnel through which tourists can walk is definitely going to enthrall.

    Location: Kho Kaen University Nong Khai Campus | 112 Moo. 7, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand.
    Timings: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm

    7. Wat A-Hong Silabas

    Wat A-Hong Silabas

    Image Source

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    This beautiful and huge temple has a lots of ancient history to offer to you. Along with a cave, this place is also the house of the giant catfish of Mekong. There is a huge statue of the goddess of the Mekong River’s navel. The goddess is idolized for money and love and the local people worship and celebrate her in all occasions. The goddess i-s accessorized with woman’s items and incense sticks. This beautiful temple also has many images of Buddha, made of bronze. There is a replica model of the famous Phra Phuttha Chinnarat present in this temple too, called the Phra Phuttha Khuwanan Satsada. Tourists who crave for historical backgrounds in such places should definitely make it a point to visit this temple in Nong Khai.

    Location: Baan Ah Hong, Tambon Khaisri, Amphoe Bung Kan, Nong Khai, Thailand

    8. Phra That Bang Phuan

    Nong Khai Phra That Bang Phuan

    Being one of the most sacred and historical temple of Nong Khai, Phra That Bang Phuan is famous for its 29 Buddha relics. This old and ancient temple has no records of its first built relic. The then king, Lan Xang King Setthathirath had built new relics amidst the old ones, making it a huge temple, all together. This temple has a majestic view because it is secluded from the city realms and is considered very much powerful and mythically active. For tourists who believe in god and also crave for ancient history, this is the perfect place to visit.

    Location: Nong Khai Province
    Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

    9. Lan Phaya Nak

    Lan Phaya Nak

    Image Source

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    Lan Phaya Nak is an excellent temple district in Nong Khai. It is filled with countless figurines of celestial bodies, gods and goddesses. With a great collection of huge statues from Buddhism to Hinduism, this place has to offer a historical and mythological stories in abundance. A very peaceful yet antique place to visit for tourists who are willing to know the Thai culture at it’s very best.

    Location: Nai Mueang, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand

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    Placed between different political borders, Nong Khai has both historic and physical extravaganzas, bridged between Thailand and Laos. A Thailand tour has to in every possible way include a visit to this beautiful and historical city. So, book your next trip to Nong Khai with TravelTriangle and get a customizable tour package holiday.

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