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Warm hearted locals, great hospitality, tourist-friendly locations is what defines a vacation in the Arab Republic of Egypt. A destination with a rich history, diverse cultures, scrumptious cuisine and beautiful location, Egypt has a lot to offer. With remnants and relics of the ancient past, calm Nile, ferocious Red Sea, and mighty pyramids, Egypt is the epitome of historical haven. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest city in Egypt- Alexandria, which was founded by Alexander the Great and lorded by Queen Cleopatra. Some kilometers away from Alexandria, travelers can discover a few of the hidden gems of Egypt. Find below a list of places near Alexandria that will make your visit worthwhile and exciting! Make sure to explore the places near Alexandria Va on your getaway.

5 Places To Visit Near Alexandria

A trip to the capital city, unspoiled natural oasis, exquisite sandy stretches, stunning beaches, architectural marvels, appetising delicacies is what is in store for you when traveling around the city of Alexandria. Check out this list of good places near Alexandria and start planning your next vacation to the country!

1. Wadi El Natrun

Wadi El Natrun

In ancient Egypt, lakes in Wadi El Natrun were the source of Natrun, a chemical used for mummification by the Pharaohs. Located about halfway between Cairo and Alexandria on the western desert, the valley of Wadi El Natrun is blessed with a series of beautiful lakes, magnificent Christian monasteries, diverse species of birds and much more. Wadi El Natrun captures the essence of religion, peace and spirituality.

Distance From Alexandria Port: 127 kilometers
Places To Visit In Wadi El Natrun: Monastery of Our Lady Baramus, Syrians Monastery, Anba Bishoy Monastery, Monastery of Saint Marcus

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2. El Alamein

El Alamein

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Once a battlefield of the Second World War, El Alamein has a strong history of combat. The town witnessed the major victory of the Allies in the North African campaign. Around eighty thousand Commonwealth, German and Italian soldiers were killed or wounded in the series of desert battles in El Alamein. El Alamein has recently become an attraction for travelers who are looking for a step into the bygone days. This town is a home to thousands of cemeteries of the warriors who lost their lives in the battles.

Distance From Alexandria Port: 109 kilometers
Places To Visit In El Alamein: El Alamein War Cemetery, World War II Military Museum

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3. Cairo


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Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, envelopes numerous amount of fascinating and interesting tourist attractions. Located on the banks of the river Nile, Cairo provides a blended landscape of mesmerizing lush greens with shoreline and impressive skyscrapers. The city also encompasses a juxtaposition of ancient and new Egypt with Pyramids of Giza and an obelisk marking the ancient history, where as sky high hotels and apartment buildings form the modern landmarks. Along with the fascinating landscapes, Cairo is also a hub of good food places near Alexandria serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine. El Tabei El Domyat, El Gahsh, Hawawshy Shalaby, El Dawar and Ramez El Soury are a few names where one can try the flavoursome Egyptian meals. There a number of places near Alexandria Bay that qualify for a visit.There are a number of good places to eat near Alexandria that you must visit too. Make sure to visit these places near Alexandria Egypt on your getaway.

Distance From Alexandria Port: 218 kilometers
Places To Visit In Cairo: Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, The Citadel, Bab Zuweila, Zamalek, Khan el-Khalili bazaar

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4. Pyramids Of Saqqara

Pyramids Of Saqqara

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Pyramids are the architectural marvels of the Arab Republic of Egypt and a treat for history buffs. Built as tombs for the pharaohs, pyramids have become a focal point for tourists traveling to the country. Saqqara, a burial ground that served as a cemetery for the first capital city of Old Kingdom- Memphis, witnessed the building of the first ever pyramid. Saqqara, known for step pyramid of Djoser, was named as UNESCO World Heritage Site with processes of excavation, recovery and restoration constantly taking place. A mummification workshop was recently discovered by a group of archeologists along with five mummies and their jeweled coffins making it one of the interesting places near Alexandria.

Distance From Alexandria Port: 245 kilometers
Places To Visit In Saqqara: Pyramid of Djoser, Imhotep Museum, Red Pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Zoser, Mastaba of Ti

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5. Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis

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A valley nestled in the rocky mesas, Bahariya Oasis earned the attention of tourists by virtue of the magnificent archeological treasures, stunning Black Desert, and glorious Bawiti Museum. The floor of this oasis is covered with an attractive scenery of date palms and serene natural springs which are nothing but a treat to the eyes and body. Bahariya Oasis has been tagged as one of the most peaceful oases in Egypt. Offering a chance of true desert exploration, Bahariya Oasis is one of the fun places to go near Alexandria, Egypt. Magical sand dunes, desert safaris, sandboarding, desert camping, camel riding, and hot and cold springs make Bahariya Oasis a paradise for adventure enthusiasts.

Distance From Alexandria Port: 505 kilometers
Places To Visit In Bahariya Oasis: Alexander the Great Temple, Bawati Museum, Valley of the Golden Mummies, Black and White Deserts

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So, found it worth paying a visit to the historical and mesmerizing landmarks of this marvelous country? The pyramids, natural springs, Chrisitian monasteries, WWII battlefield, ruins of the ancient cities are surely going to make your holiday to Egypt with TravelTriangle offbeat and a thrilling one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Places Near Alexandria

Q. What is there to do in Alexandria Va at night?

A. There is a bevy of things to do in Alexandria Va at night, like taking a stroll at King Street Mile, dining in historic hot spots, and seeing the tiny Spite House.

Q. What is there to do in Old Town Alexandria?

A. From hopping on a sightseeing cruise to visiting the Torpedo Factory, there are many things you can do in Old Town Alexandria.

Q. Does DC metro go to Alexandria?

A. Yes, DC metro goes to Alexandria.

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