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The one who explores is the one who seeks adventure, there is a lot that mother nature has to offer us than we can think about so why not make use of it? One of the best things about adventure is that it chills your spine at first but gives you great pleasure and extreme confidence once you tick off all the boxes on the bucket list. Here’s a list of few places to visit in Negara, Bali for adventure and fun.

Negara is the capital city of Jembrana Regency in Bali, Indonesia. Jembrana is known for its exceptional beauty that it is gifted with, Negara is isolated from the rest of Bali and is renowned for providing peace and calmness to its travelers. It is blessed with one of the world’s largest artificial reef projects, water sport is quite famous and scuba diving has always been on the to-do list of every adventure seeker, one may experience the richness of marine life. You can also experience the Pemuteran Bay. It is known for harboring one of the largest bio rock projects in the world. It would be a disgrace to nature if we do not appreciate the jaw-dropping beauty of Banyuwangi, it is the key to paradise and a treat for a keen observer of nature’s beauty. Do not forget to enjoy the Jegog in Sankaragung. Jegog is different from all other instruments as it makes the use of bamboo which produces extremely pleasing sound and is quite unique and different from the other instruments.

If you are seeking adventure and do not want to go heavy on your wallet, you can choose an off-season for visiting Bali which is from the months of November to April beginning. If you want to enjoy the crowd and have the budget you can definitely plan a trip during the months of April to October, the atmosphere maintains its beauty and light raindrops on your body like elixir drops from heaven, light breeze strikes softly on your face and gives a gist of calm and lightens your burden.

As soon as the thought strikes our mind that we have had enough of Bali, it surprises us with more alluring places, it is usually said that you may visit this beautiful place again and again but you will never have enough of it. So fellas, scroll through and chalk down all these fantabulous places to visit in Negara, Bali for Adventure and add them to your itinerary right away.

Places To Visit In Negara, Bali For Adventure

If adventure is what you are after on your holiday in Bali, then you should definitely put these places on your itinerary to get the adrenaline pumping.

1. Yeh Leh


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A must visit in any season, this beautiful beach has not yet found favor with tourists, and one look at it reveals why. While most of Balis beaches are filled with pretty white sand, this fisherman’s beach is filled with large and small pebbles and rocks of various colors. The pebbles have been washed clean of any origin story by the continuous waves, and the low tide is the ideal time to visit the place. Visiting Bali in October may put some places out of reach, but the Yeh Leh will not disappoint.

Location: Kabupaten Jembrana
Best Known: Fishermans beach

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2. Pemuteran Bay, North Bali


Pemuteran Bay is one of the premier sites for best scuba diving in Bali. If you scuba dive here, you will be diving around the worlds largest artificial reef project. The waves at this bay remain calm throughout the year because of which it has become the largest area in Bali that has shallow coral reefs.

Earlier, the cyanide fishing had lead to a decline in the coral reefs, but with collaborative actions taken by the local communities, dive operators and resort owners through Karang Lestari Foundation, it has been restored.

As you dive, you will come across spectacular and huge artificial reef gardens. Some gardens have shrines and statues of goddesses that stand there as a surprise for the divers. Pemuteran has various diving spots which are suitable for different skill levels. This site provides the best scuba diving in Bali for beginners. There are offshore slopes and deep reefs where you can meet the underwater residents like sea fans, lobsters, morays, etc.

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3. West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park

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When you’re in Bali, take your time to explore its national parks, wildlife reserves, forest, mountains, and gardens, that will let you explore the island in an unique way and make your journey more rewarding.

West Bali National Park in Bali is one of the most famous places in the world. Also known as Taman Nasional Bali Barat, this forested region is a conservation area which makes up the majority of central-western Bali. Founded in 1941, West Bali National Park was originally a Dutch initiative to protect the endangered Bali Starling bird, and the last remaining native animal from which most cattle in Bali descent is the wild banteng. Found in the westernmost part of the island, the park now has a total area of over 46000 acres.

Details About West Bali National Park

Best Time to Visit: August to December
Entrance Fee:
IDR 40,000 per person
A local guide must be hired for hiking, which costs about IDR 350,000
Location:Northwest Bali, Main Office – Jalan Raya Cekik-Gilimanuk Road, Jembrana

  • The boundary of West Bali National Park, located in the north-western part of the island, includes mangrove swamps, dense rainforests, wide open savannahs, and coral reefs. Off the north coast of Bali, there is also a small island reserve named Pulau Menjangan, also known as ‘Deer Island’.
  • This little island is home to the rare menjangan or Javan rusa, and attracts visitors from across the globe for its excellent snorkeling and diving.
  • Keep in mind that if you want to go on a West Bali National Park tour, you must have a park permit and be accompanied by an official guide.
  • Over 37,000 acres of Bali West National Park is made up of overland terrain while more than 7,000 acres are marine areas.
  • The park is managed in a zoning system, which consists of the Main, Jungle, Marine Protected, Religious and Historical, Cultural, Utility, Special, and Traditional Zones.
  • If you are looking forward to a snorkeling adventure, you should head to Menjangan Island. This is where you will find acres of vibrant coral reef gardens, making it an ideal destination for diving and snorkeling.
  • At the end of the last century, the marine reserve at Bali Barat National Park recorded 110 coral species belonging to 18 families and of these species, 22 belong to the mushroom coral family.
  • Only 29 mushroom coral species are recorded worldwide. However, there are at least 27 Acropora coral species found in an area as big as only 4 acres. Needless to say, you will have an amazing time exploring the coral reefs at one of the best national parks in Bali.
  • Home to about 160 different species of birds, make sure you get a glimpse of the mascot of the Bali Barat National Park – the Bali Starling
  • Sea and shore birds like Lesser Frigate, and White Starlings are the most common types found in the park.

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If this does not influence you to book your tickets right away, we wonder what will. Our mind needs a break from the mundane routine of 9-5 occasionally and needs something exceptional every once in a while to start afresh. Add these places to visit in Negara, Bali for adventure to your itinerary and have the time of your life. Get away from the chaos of the city and fly to a serene and tranquil land, book your holiday in Bali straight away and lose yourself into the beauty of nature, Bon Voyage!

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