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The ‘Summer Capital’ of Russia, Sochi is a city sitting in the lap of the Black Sea. With the weather being temperate almost year long, Sochi is paradisiacal for all kinds of travelers ranging from adventure seekers to tranquil lovers. With limitless places to visit in Sochi, lush green vegetation, soul-soothing mountains lining the coastline, palm trees covering the city’s land, beautiful contemporary architecture, and warm sunny climate, this city has earned a place in the bucket list of most of the wanderers, especially during summertime. Sochi most definitely does justice to the tag ‘summer beach resort’ given to it.

The Black Sea Pearl allows you to experience a perfect blend of a thrilling and relaxing vacation. Once a host of the biggest event in soccer in 2018- Fifa World Cup, Sochi experiences at least a double population with tourists in summer! The nightclubs boom out on the coastline and the city becomes lively and vibrant. Tourists get to encounter happy, friendly, and helpful faces when visiting the summer capital of Russia. The unparalleled hospitality by the locals makes one feel like they are at home. Take a visit to these places below when traveling to Russia and you will certainly not regret any second of it!

9 Places To Visit In Sochi

Satiate your thirst for an adrenaline rush by visiting the mesmerizing mountains, achieve peacefulness and calmness in the various parks, and get in touch with the culture through numerous museums on your trip to the fierce land of Sochi.

  • Akhun Mountain
  • ‘Riviera’ Park
  • Sochi Arboretum
  • Sochinsky Natsional’nyy Park
  • Tiso- Samshitovaya Roshcha
  • Lake Ritsa
  • Sochi Art Museum
  • Roza Khutor
  • Marine Station

1. Akhun Mountain

Akhun Mountain View

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The highest point in Sochi, Mount Akhun allows you to witness the panorama view of the beautiful city. Mount Akhun houses a small Romanesque-like view tower at the top of the mountain. While ascending the tower, visitors get to encounter various scenic views of the lush greens, never-ending breathtaking mountain ranges, and the concrete jungle of the city. Whether time you choose between beautiful early sunrise or picturesque sunset, this tower gives you a chance to lose yourself in the mesmerizing views of the landscape.

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2. ‘Riviera’ Park

Park View

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For travelers seeking to be closer to nature and yet get a chance to partake in various exciting activities, Park ‘Riviera’ will give you a perfect opportunity to spend your time in tranquility. The park is full of various common and a few rare species of flora along with other exciting sights including dolphin beach, recreational area, fountains, Oceanarium, and many more. ‘Riviera’ Park is nothing but one of the most peaceful and tranquil places to visit in Sochi.

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3. Sochi Arboretum

Sochi Arboretum

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Home to numerous unique flora and fauna, Arboretum is an epitome of surreal landscape architecture. Along with trees and shrubs from all over the world, Arboretum also blankets Australian, Mediterranean, North American, Chinese, and Caucasian flora. Ponds, fountains, pavilions, and sculptures on the path add to the appeal and vibe of the park. To get a perfect view from the top, one can make use of the cable-way that connects to the highest point of the park and walk back down, enjoying the serene surroundings and wonders of mother nature. Arboretum is one of the most amazing places to visit in Sochi, giving you an insight into the flora and fauna from countries in varied continents.

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4. Sochinsky Natsional’nyy Park

Sochinsky Natsional’nyy Park View

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Russia’s first national park was founded with only one purpose- to preserve the dreamlike natural biodiversity of the country. This national park envelops that domain where the forest-clad foothills of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range submerge with the Black Sea. Distinguished and numerous species of contrasting flora and fauna can be found in this pristine jungle. Visitors also get to witness rare animals such as golden eagle, bearded vulture, Caucasus wood grouse, and many more on their thrilling escapade to this national park.

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5. Tiso- Samshitovaya Roshcha

Tiso- Samshitovaya Roshcha

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Nothing less than a paradise for adventure seekers, and nature lovers alike, these backwoods are thousands of years old. These forests give you an opportunity to dive into a waterbed surrounded by mighty mountains, walk around and in between ancient yet majestic trees, and witness unique and interesting trunks of varied species of bushes. The picturesque scenery of these forests takes away the breath of the spectators, making one feel calm and excited at the same time.

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6. Lake Ritsa

Lake View

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Nestled in the green forest clad mountains, and few kilometers away from Sochi, Lake Ritsa is one of the deepest lakes in Abkhazia. The clear blue waters with a tint of turquoise, lush green mountains in the background, and serenity in the surroundings make this lake one of the most popular attractions of the city. The soul-soothing and charming landscapes has definitely added Lake Ritsa to the list of best places to visit near Sochi.

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7. Sochi Art Museum

Sochi Art Museum In Sochi

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Housing centuries old gold and silver weapons in the present day, Sochi Art Museum was initially the administrative center of the Authority of the All Russian Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union. This art museum envelops masterpieces by local and international artists, paintings, graphics, and art from the 19th century through the 21st century. Master paintings by Aivazovsky, Polenov, Serov, and many more can be seen on the display.

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8. Roza Khutor

Roza Khutor In Sochi

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Once a host of 2014 Winter Olympics, Roza Khutor is a world-class ski resort located a few kilometers from Sochi. Roza Khutor is one of the focal locales for the inhabitants of Sochi and other neighboring cities. Cable-car allows visitors traveling in the offseason or who is not a fan of skiing to experience stunning views of the snow-clad mountains. One can also indulge in scrumptious meals at one of the cafes established on the location with a dreamlike mountain range as their view. Roza Khutor is one of the best places to visit near Sochi to escape the sunny days of Sochi and cozy up in the snow-clad mountains.

9. Marine Station

Marine Station In Sochi

Image Source

An engineering landmark of the Russian government, Marine Station is the main Port of Sochi. This architectural monument reflects four seasons and four cardinal points via the magnificent sculptural pieces established over the three-tiered tower. A fountain with a statue representing goddess navigation, polished stainless steel tower in the center of the building, and the surreal view of the endless sea from the station has landed Marine Station to be one of the best places to visit in Sochi.

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With so many beautiful and mesmerizing places to visit in Sochi, the summer beach capital is emerging as a focal point not only for the travelers from its neighboring cities but also for the tourists worldwide. Pleasant weather, warm and swimmable Black Sea almost throughout the year, forest-clad fierce mountains, and unparalleled hospitality makes Sochi one of the adventure-packed destinations in the world. Plan your escapade to Russia and experience a perfect blend of peaceful and thrilling vacation.

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