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The Himalayas, being the mighty guardian in the north, house numerous places brandished by a diverse range of flora and fauna. Among these, Jim Corbett National Park is a star. To venture the place and explore it properly, there are world-class resorts in Jim Corbett that are known for amicable hospitality and strive to deliver the facilities that are exceptional in their own way.

The national park surroundings boast of some of the top-notch resorts in Jim Corbett, thus adding to the wonderful experience in the foothills of the Himalayas. Yes, hotels play a crucial role in deciding the success quotient of your trip. And that’s why we bring you the best of the lot that must be checked out while planning a trip to Jim Corbett. The list goes from most expensive to the most affordable resort in Corbett.

Top 30 Resorts In Jim Corbett

Here is a list of the best resorts in Jim Corbett that will make your stay there comfortable as well as luxurious. Take a look!

  • La Tigre Resort
  • Aahana Resort
  • Corbett Leela Vilas Resort
  • Jim’s Jungle Retreat
  • Namah Resort
  • Wood Castle Spa & Resort
  • Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort
  • Corbett River Creek Resort And Spa
  • The Golden Tusk
  • Kyari Corbett
  • The Solluna Resort
  • The Riverview Retreat
  • Corbett Riverside Resort
  • The Den Corbett
  • Country Inn Corbett
  • Le Roi Resort
  • The Monal Nest Resort
  • Saalvan Spa & Resort
  • Corbett Machaan Resort
  • Krishna Orchard Resort
  • Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort
  • Corbett Woods Resort
  • Jaagar – The Spirit of Corbett
  • Corbett Iris Spa & Resort
  • Falcon Nest Resort

1. LaTigre Resort

The vibrant LaTigre Resort

Image Source

LaTigre Resort is perfect abode where sun rays and chirping birds come along to wake you up from your cozy comfort and greet you good morning. Forest and towering mountains make up the backdrop of the picturesque resort. Spacious rooms with all the modern amenities complement the aforesaid.

What’s special: Photobooth, jacuzzi, billiards room, cricket pitch, and a nature walk.
Tariff: INR 13,990 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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2. Aahana

One of the villas of Aahana

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If the idea of nature’s wilderness fascinates you, you must plan a stay at Aahana. It is rated among the top resorts in Jim Corbett National Park, as per the guest reviews on TripAdvisor. It is a soothing retreat for comfort seekers with a multitude of options like the jacuzzi, swimming pool, and a dedicated Yoga and Ayurveda practicing arena.

Aahana features among the top luxury resorts in Jim Corbett and is highly recommended for a stay amid the beautiful surroundings and the varied wildlife you can witness there.

What’s special: Buggy ride, playing area for kids, and bathrooms with enclosed rainforest shower
Tariff: INR 12,600 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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3. Corbett Leela Vilas

Amid the forest- Corbett Leela Vilas

Image Source

Corbett Leela Vilas is the proud recipient of the Certificate of Excellence 2015 from TripAdvisor. Luxurious ambiance, children pool area, recreational hall, and lush greenery around makes Corbett Leela Vilas one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett National Park.

What’s special: Enjoy the best of nature with a touch of luxury services. Open air dining and jacuzzi are key highlights as well.

Tariff: INR 10,000 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and dinner

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4. Jim’s Jungle Retreat

Jim's Jungle Retreat

Image Source

Seek the Tiger, Find the Jungle! Jim’s Jungle Retreat presents you specially crafted bird watching tours in the Almora region or the Tumaria wetlands (just 13 km from the retreat). With all the in-house amenities, you also get to enjoy campouts at the tented fishing camp in Marchula to experience the area’s aquatic life.

What’s special: Birdwatch tours, Aranyam- Ayurvedic relaxation techniques, and photography workshops.

Tariff: INR 9,300 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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5. Namah

A view of the Namah resort

Image Source

If you ever longed for a weekend getaway to Jim Corbett, Namah is your perfect hideout. Enveloped by nature from all sides, Namah is a luxury resort located on the banks of the river Kosi. Rated as one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett, Namah boasts of all the modern amenities sought by a discerned traveler.

The resort has a pool, spa, gymnasium, and an awesome in-house restaurant – Prantha that serves a range of delicious cuisines from across the world.

What’s special: Elephant ride, jungle safari tours.
Tariff: INR 9,000 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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Budget Resorts In Jim Corbett

These resorts offer the best of comfort and value and should be chosen by those who crave for incredible value for money.

6. Wood Castle Spa & Resort

The majestic Wood Castle Spa & Resort

Image Source

Wood Castle resort lies in the foothills of Shivalik ranges with the deep forest of Corbett National Park on one side and the Kosi river, breaking the silence of calmness of the night, on the other. The luxuriant rooms have been meticulously decorated with teak wood furnishings and overlook perfectly manicured lawns with fountains.

What’s special: Grill House – a multi-cuisine restaurant with a playground for kids, and riverside decks along the banks of the Kosi river.
Tariff: INR 8,000 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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7. Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort

A pleasant view of Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort

Image Source

Plush interior and an uber design makes gives this one a prime place when it comes to Jim Corbett best resorts. Combine all of this with nature all around and you have a winner. Guests can choose from three types of cottages with each one being unique in itself.

What’s special: Night jeep safari and a dedicated children’s play area.
Tariff: INR 7,500 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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8. Corbett River Creek Resort And Spa

The picturesque Corbett River Creek Resort and Spa

Image Source

For everyone obsessed with the rippling of water, this is the place where you pamper your obsession. Meditate, set your soul free, re-discover, and unwind at Corbett River Creek Resort and Spa. It is the perfect retreat if your ideal vacation includes nature, wildlife as well luxurious facilities that will pamper you.

Spend some time in a jungle amidst a creek in luxe environment & a variety of flora, and enjoy the natural beauty as birds fly past and you walk the paths once traversed by the mighty animals.

What’s special: Corbett River Creek Resort is known for woodlands, open grasslands, reservoirs and mountainous terrain nearby.
Tariff: INR 7,200 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and dinner

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9. The Golden Tusk

A well-lit suite from The Golden Tusk

Image Source

Comprising suites that exude grace and regalia, The Golden Tusk is a luxury resort in Jim Corbett enveloped by landscaped terrain and panoramic view of the countryside. If you desire a stay amid flora, fauna, and calm woods, The Golden Tusk is the perfect haven for you.

Besides great environs, the resort relies big time on top-notch hospitality backed by class. Go ahead and give it a try.

What’s special: Grill and bar that serve lip smacking delicacies and exotic drink.
Tariff: INR 7,000 per night onwards

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Luxury Resorts In Jim Corbett

Choose from the best of the best and enjoy a holiday dwelling in peace and luxury.

10. Kyari Corbett

Contemporary outlook of Kyari Corbett

Image Source

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Kyari Corbett is the perfect mix of simplicity and modernity. Distinguished by its large rooms, well-made cottages, and alluring greenery, the resort is a treat to all the aspiring vacationers looking for best resorts in Jim Corbett.

What’s special: Cycling, jungle safari, bird watching, and lantern walk

Tariff: INR 6,900 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and dinner

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Affordable Resorts In Jim Corbett

Cheap yet comfortable, these resorts offer a fine balance between value for money and luxury and should be a great choice for most people.

11. The Solluna Resort

The picture perfect Solluna Resort

Image Source

If you yearn for romantic place to stay, then The Solluna Resort is one of the finest 5 star resorts in Jim Corbett. A perfect retreat for honeymooners, it is an ideal place for those who wish to lose themselves in nature’s environment every once in a while.

The resort is known for its exciting honeymoon package that is topped with activities like jungle jeep safari, elephant joy ride, fishing, bird safari, jungle safari and village expeditions.

What’s special: A special rain dance arena, round the clock coffee shop, and a pleasant nature walk.
Tariff: INR 5,700 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast

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12. The Riverview Retreat

The Riverview Retreat by the pool

Image Source

Also among the highly rated budget resorts in Jim Corbett, the Riverview Retreat is the perfect weekend treat for you. It is nestled in a shady sylvan, right amid the Jim Corbett National Park. The river Kosi flowing alongside makes the resort a picture perfect location. Abundant wildlife around will fulfill your dream of staying in a perfect holiday resort.

What’s special: Some of the attractions of the resort are Spa and Wellness center, swimming pool, and angling excursions
Tariff: INR 5,600 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast only

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13. Corbett Riverside Resort

A view of the Corbett Riverside Resort

Image Source

The Corbett Riverside Resort is one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett near river. Infact, it offers the Kosi river experience at your doorstep and also adds a dash of exotic bird sightings and the calls of the wild. The resort also offers a relaxing spa and activities like horse riding and swimming, to name a few.

What’s special: Plenty of outdoor and indoor activities such as bicycle rides, table tennis & snooker.
Tariff: INR 5,300 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast and lunch/dinner

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14. The Den Corbett

A lovely cottage facing a lush garden at The Den Corbett

Image Source

The Den Corbett makes for a perfect stay as you plan a trip to the Corbett National Park with family and friends. Meditate by the riverside, relish memorable moments in the tree house, make merry with friends in the amphitheater and take a jungle safari amid the greenery of Corbett National Park. The Den Corbett is among the best resorts in Jim Corbett park that’s worth your time and money!

What’s special: Amphitheatre, where you could make a bonfire and enjoy it with some traditional music, river deck, lush green lawn, and plenty of recreational activities.
Tariff: INR 4,600 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast

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15. Country Inn Corbett

Interior view of Country Inn Corbett

Image Source

Fireplace in your own private terrace is the best way to enjoy a wildlife vacation. Sounds fun! The Country Inn Corbett is for everyone who plans to bask in nature’s glory. With all the modern amenities at your disposal, Country Inn Corbett has everything you could ask for.

What’s special: Park’s rolling grasslands that provide an excellent view, swimming pool overlooking the garden restaurant, and seamlessly flowing water make this one a fine option among the other Jim Corbett resorts.
Tariff: INR 3,150 per night onwards, inclusive of breakfast

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16. Le Roi Resort

Le Roi resort

Image Source

This is one of the most popular resorts in Jim Corbett that offers picturesque views and world-class services. Along with sophisticated rooms with wooden floors and windows that overlook spectacular views, the resort provides heartwarming activities for the perfect stay.

What’s special: This award winning resort offers a lavish swimming pool and a gorgeous view of lush green surroundings. A perfect location for meetings, wedding sites, and a pleasant family weekend.
Tariff: INR 3,624 per night onwards

17. The Monal Nest Resort

The Monal's nest resort

Image Source

Offering in-house games and a swimming pool where you can relax your mind and soul, this resort is perfect for those who are looking for complete luxury and lavish stay. It offers all kinds of amenities and facilities that you will never feel that you are surrounded by a jungle.

What’s special: Luxurious accommodation with in-house games and swimming pool
Tariff: INR 3000

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18. Saalvan Spa & Resort

Saalvan spa and resort

Image Source

If you thought forests could not be lavish then this resort will prove you wrong. Nestled amongst the wilderness of the Jim Corbett national park, this resort offers spa facilities so that when you come back tired after exploring the park you get the most ultimate relaxation.

What’s special: A lavish pool, banquet resort, indoor play, conference hall, and air-conditioned room.
Tariff: INR 5,000 per night onwards

19. Corbett Machaan Resort

Corbett Machaan Resort

The word machaan must have brought something to your mind right? Well, if you are relating the word with wilderness then you are half right. The other half-truth is that this resort offers wilderness along with luxury. There are AC huts and villas, and whatever you choose you are sure to get a comfortable stay.

What’s special: Wildlife and beauty of local fauna, bonfire, swimming pool, golden bamboo resort, Gol Ghar sitout, and B n B cafe.
Tariff: Starting from INR 4,500

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20. Krishna Orchard Resort

Krishna Orchard resort

Image Source

If you want to absorb the beautiful views of the Himalayas from the windows of your rooms, then, this resort is made just for you! It is built amidst orchards and offers picturesque views. It offers all the amenities that you will need on your holiday.

What’s special: Fitness center with gym, business center with internet access, car hire, and children activities.
Tariff: INR 7,736

21. Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort

Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort

Image Source

This is amongst the most wonderful resorts in Jim Corbett with swimming pool and is known for its eco-friendly ambiance and utter luxury. Promising candid moments with the ferocious wildlife of the park, Ashoka’s Trail is probably the only one of its kind. Some of its range of services and facilities include a jeep safari, trekking, nature walks, table tennis, pool table, fully equipped rooms with attached bathroom, jacuzzi, saloon, spa & entertainment, private verandah, swimming pool, lawn, and much more.

What’s special: Deluxe, supreme deluxe, and tiger den room
Tariff: INR 2,929

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22. Corbett Woods Resort

Corbett Woods Resort

Image Source

If what you seek is an eco-friendly resort that fits your budget easily, then Corbett Woods Resort is a great choice. Cosseted by the fascinating charms of Ramnagar and tucked in close proximity to the Dhela River, this supreme holiday home never compromises on the luxury and comfort of its patrons even in the rock bottom rates that it offers rooms in! Some of the amazing and luxurious services and facilities that this resort offers besides warm hospitality include a jungle safari, trekking, bonfire, excursions & picnics, children’s play area, travel assistance, swimming pool, & even poolside party venues, a health club, and more. 

What’s special: Infinite edge pool, iconic spa, and in-house restaurant
Tariff: INR 2,422

23. Jaagar – The Spirit of Corbett

Jaagar - The Spirit of Corbett

Image Source

Located in Ramnagar towards the Aliganj route, this is among the best Jim Corbett resorts near river and displays an outstanding authenticity and indigenous essence of the rustic Kumaon region that brings travelers and explorers from near and far. Enjoy fresh, home-grown food plucked from the resort’s very own farm that cultivates different types of vegetables, honey, and a huge variety of fruits to promote the organic way of living. Relish facilities like jeep safari, bird watching, private veranda, room heater, conference facility, lounge area, and more.

What’s special: Participate in activities like angling & Gujar experience, flying fox, rappelling, river crossing, Burma bridge, snake race, and nature treks.
Tariff: INR 5,250

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24. Corbett Iris Spa & Resort

Corbett Iris Spa & Resort

Image Source

Iris is counted amongst the finest 4-star resorts in Jim Corbett owing to the unique and surreal experiences it gives to travelers coming to Jim Corbett in anticipation of being truly one with nature and the wild. Tucked away in lush and groovy thickets of the park that also serves as a home to a variety of exotic birds, reptiles, and mammals that roam free here, this resort is an ideal blend of nature and man-made comforts. Among the other services provided here for a blissful stay include a spa, yoga, meditation, jungle safari, jeep safari, body surfing, rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, table tennis, etc.

What’s special: Among the other services provided here for a blissful stay include a spa, yoga, meditation, jungle safari, jeep safari, body surfing, rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, table tennis, etc.
Tariff: INR 3,557

25. Falcon Nest Resort


Image Source

Organizing regular activities to take visitors deep into the wilderness with experienced guides and supervisors, Falcon Nest ensures that you get the real experience of staying in the jungle and amidst untouched natural beauty. Offering gorgeous views of the lush jungles and the gurgling Kosi River, this resort lets you stay in well-maintained and fully equipped rooms that speak comfort and luxury. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include jungle safari, dhikala safari, slithering and nature walk, village tour, sightseeing, river crossing, bird watching, gypsy safari and bonfire, picnics, excursions, kids play area, and lawns. So, if you are seeking resorts in Jim Corbett near Kosi River, Falcon Nest is the best pick.

What’s special: Activities you can enjoy here include jungle safari, dhikala safari, slithering and nature walk, village tour, sightseeing, river crossing, bird watching, gypsy safari and bonfire, picnics, excursions, kids play area, and lawns.
Tariff: INR 1,700

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26. Taj Corbett Resort And Spa

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

This is one of the most premium resorts and hotels in Jim Corbett and is endorsed by Taj. The resort is very well designed and maintained specifically to meet the residing needs of the clients. Alongside an outdoor pool, the resort has been equipped with an indoor spa. There is a fully developed kitchen with all the essentials that you will need to make your stay here comfortable. There is a library and gift shop nearby that will spice up the whole experience of residing here.

What’s special: Close to the Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the Bank of River Kosi, forest Based Landscaping, and instrumental Live Music
Tariff: Starts from 10,000 INR

27. Winsome Resort & Spa Corbett

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Winsome Resort and Spa which is also located near the Gim Corbett park. Alongside, being one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett, this place has been operating for a considerable amount of time and has been pleasing visitors with their advance residential facilities. You will find a well-built tennis court for entertainment and sports purposes and an indoor spa that will assist you in relaxing. Don’t miss this chance of visiting one of the famous resorts in Jim Corbett.

What’s special: India’s first wildlife reserve, luxury rooms & resorts, spas, and delicacies at restaurant
Tariff: Starts from 4,000 INR

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28. Acorn Hideway Resort And Spa

Acorn Hideway Resort And Spa

Image Credit:Pixabay.com

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

The place is located in Ramnagar and is very well connected with the surrounding tourist spots. It comes with a fully-equipped premium-grade spa and offers a good amount of room for visitors to Jim Corbett. If you’re looking for luxury rooms in Jim Corbett, then Acorn Hideway resort is here to provide you with a full bar and restaurant.

What’s special: 5-star Luxurious Hotels, Hideaway and Beach Resort
Tariff: Starts from 4,000 INR

29. Aura Corbett Resort

Aura Corbett Resort

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Aura Corbett resorts are one of the best places to stay in Jim Corbett. Because of the renowned name of this place, a ton of visitors come and reside here throughout the year. With fully air-conditioned rooms and fine dining services, it comes with an outdoor swimming pool. If you’re visiting with family and children, then there is a children’s playground here a well to keep the children occupied.

What’s special: Kund spa, taste of veg soul kitchen, bonfire, and amusements
Tariff: Starts from 3,566 INR

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30. Corbett Treat Resort

Corbett Treat Resort

Image Credit:Pixabay.com

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Corbett Treat resort lives up to its name. It is built for offering the visitors the feel of the Jim Corbett theme. The massive pool is surrounded by greenery, so you will feel like you’re swimming in wild water. The staff of this place is very welcoming and stays at the beg and call for meeting the needs of the visitors.

What’s special:Dining area, mesmerizing mountain view, swimming pool, and comfy stay.
Tariff: Starts from 2,687

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If you are planning a trip to Jim Corbett you don’t need to worry about the places to stay for making it the most comfortable trip. After going through this list of resorts in Jim Corbett, you now know where to stay on your holiday in Jim Corbett. So when are you going?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resorts In Jim Corbett

What are the best wedding resorts in Jim Corbett?

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, then you’re in luck for these resorts offer a splendid experience: 1. The Corbett View Resort 2. The Solluna Resort 3. Samsara The Resort & Club 4. Kanwhizz Hum Tum Resort

What are forest resorts in Jim Corbett?

The best forest resorts in Jim Corbett include Corbett Jungle Treasure Resort, Corbett Bagheera Jungle Retreat, and The Den Corbett.

What are the best riverside resorts in Jim Corbett?

The best 5-star resort in Jim Corbett is The Solluna Resort. There are many other resorts as well but this one specifically is one of the finest ones and you will love your stay here.

What is the price range of resorts in Corbett?

The tariff for the resorts in Jim Corbett ranges from around INR 1,000 to INR 15,500. There is a range of hotels so suit your economic needs.

What are the popular places or landmarks to book resorts in Jim Corbett?

The area around the Jim Corbett National Park Office, as well as the Bijrani Gate, are considered to be the best for staying while in Jim Corbett for easy access to the park as well as other places here.

What are the best localities in Corbett to stay with family in a hotel?

Jim Corbett National Park Office and the Bijrani Gate are the best areas in Jim Corbett to stay with family and they have some of the best family-friendly hotels in Corbett.

How many days are enough for Jim Corbett?

About 2-3 days are enough to visit Jim Corbett. An entire day is needed for the jungle safari while one day is enough for sightseeing in Jim Corbett and visiting attractions like the temple and the river.

What is the best time to go to Jim Corbett?

Corbett is a year-round destination in Uttarakhand. However, November and February are considered to be the best time to visit since the weather is pleasant enough for the animals to step out, thus increasing your chances of wildlife sighting during a safari.

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