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    romantic places in russia

    If you are thinking about a place to propose your partner at and how to make her feel special, then Russia can fulfill your choices with a range of beautiful and, of course, romantic places. There are many romantic places in Russia; these places are filled with couples all the time, but you can find some quality time to spend with your partner here.

    11 Most Romantic Places In Russia

    Here in this post, we reveal some of the best things to do in Moscow to take your relationship one step further. Without further ado, here is the list.

    1. Moscow City

    Moscow City

    Image Source

    The capital of the country, Moscow, is best for this purpose. This capital holds one of the highest skyscrapers which are top in the list of top romantic places in Moscow. You can take your fiancé there, and while observing the city from that height, you can give her a surprise. You can make your occasion very special and memorable for whole life.

    And on the board of the skyscraper, there are some words written in the Russian language which means only love is above so go and get to the top of that place.

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    2. Peterhof


    Image Source

    If you want to propose her like a king, then Russian Versailles can give you this chance. It is situated very close to Petersburg. You will find a lot of tourists here. But fountains and the greenery of this place can make both of you feel amazing and leave your relationship as green as the place. The beauty of this place will leave a mark in your memories and couples are not able to forget this place and the memories created here.

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    3. Patriarch Ponds, Moscow

    Patriarch Ponds

    Image Source

    The front view of this place, when viewed from a distance, looks very amazing, and that makes it one of the popular areas. There are some bars and restaurants in the neighborhood where you can celebrate and have some fun. The appearance of this place resembles Chelsea in London. There is a pond situated at the center which is a great attraction to this place.

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    4. Suzdal


    Image Source

    It is situated at a distance of 250 km from Moscow, in the town which is known as Golden Ring Town. It’s also worthy to add in this list due to its architecture and amazing environment. There are many houses made of wood, and it can give you an amazing feel like the prince of ancient time, and you can even buy those costumes from various shops out there. You can enjoy this day to the fullest and make it a memorable one.

    5. Chara Sands, Siberia

    Chara Sands

    Image Source

    You may get surprised for a while, but we are going to tell you the exact truth. A place like Siberia has a desert. It is a small one. The destination is perfect in all the sense to propose your loved one in such a romantic landscape. You will see the beautiful sunsets, and even the atmosphere is so great that she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from kissing you. There are chances that she will drop some tears after seeing your surprise.

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    6. Tavrichesky Orangery, St. Petersburg

    Tavrichesky Orangery

    Image Source

    This place is full of greenery. Lots of plants, trees, and flowers in this park attract numerous couples throughout the year. The stunning view can be a perfect one for your perfect day. The park has everything one can imagine like hills, sparkling lakes, and royal architecture. A visit here can rekindle your relationship and can bring a new warmth to it. The smell of oranges will only enhance the whole experience.

    7. Hot air balloon from Moscow

    Ride a hot air balloon from Moscow’s suburbs

    Image Source

    The situation can be a bit challenging to ride into heart shaped hot air balloon with your loved one. If you think you want to do something new to your better one, then this is the place where you can express your feelings and make her understand the importance of her in your life, your future and also about your happiness. Also, the scenery and the privacy will provide for a perfect date spot for all the couples.

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    8. Valaam Archipelago

    Valaam Archipelago

    Image Source

    Some people around the globe believe in leaving the world behind, and if you are one of those, then there is no better place than this. Here you will find the forests, azure waters, and awesome sunsets. People love to make proposals over here as it is a perfect place with nature all around you. This place is famous all over in Russia for the peaceful yet beautiful surroundings.

    9. Moscow River cruise

    Moscow River cruise

    Image Source

    Touring the Moscow River can be the best thing you ever did in your life for your partner, or maybe it can be one of the best for you as well. The cruise experience on the river of Moscow is better than most of the other cruise journeys. Here you can see the Russian richness and also the beauty of the view from the cruise. These moments of happiness can add more value when you will give her a surprise by going down on your knees and proposing her.

    10. Lake Seliger

    Lake Seliger

    Image Source

    It is a place full of crackling fires and a beach. This is what the lake has for you to welcome you and your partner. You can enjoy your private happy moments, and when you get her attention, you can propose to her and tell her about your feelings, and both of you can gaze at the wonderful scenes. No matter what your relationship is suffering with, this place can demolish all those walls.

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    11. Lagonaki Plateau

    Lagonaki Plateau

    Image Source

    Even watching the photo of the beautiful place can change your mood just in a snap then imagine how much special it would be when you propose her in the plains of this Caucasian biosphere reserve. You have to pay 2 dollars for the ticket of this plain. These meadows, boxwood grows, and a view from the height can make the situation more likely to be in your favor.

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    These 11 most romantic places in Russia can be best for anyone, but more so for those who are looking to spend their honeymoon in a peaceful yet beautiful place. So, if you’re planning a couple getaway, these places are a must-visit on your honeymoon toRussia.

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