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    Russia in November

    Russia is the largest country in the world, occupying a large portion of Asia as well as of Eastern Europe. This country has a rich culture that attracts most of the tourists. It is a crazy adventure for people who travel to Russia in November for the first time.

    Russia shares its border with various countries like Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and many more. This country has n number of churches, parks as well as the building where tourist could hang out.

    The Baikal Lake in Russia is the world. Even it shares the diversity of landscapes as well as climatic zones so that a person can enjoy all the seasons.

    How Russia In November Looks Like

    How Russia Looks Like in November

    Most of the people have a common thought that Russia is a country that is always cold, but it is not true. People living in Russia experience both summer and winter at times. Most of the people like visiting Russia in November because during this time the country mostly remains covered with snow.

    It is vital to know that the temperature varies from place to place. It means that the temperature is different in different cities so, one should collect all the information from the weather report before planning the trip in November. The temperature of Moscow Russia in November fall below -20 degrees and it even increases time to time. In Siberia, the temperature can even go below 50 degrees.

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    Advantages Of Traveling To Russia In November

    Advantages Of Traveling To Russia In November

    1. You tend to find hotels at a low rate. Apart from the hotel, the tickets of the airline as well as of trains are low.
    2. The country is completely covered with snow and it looks very attractive to the visitor.
    3. It is the perfect time for the people who love to go skiing on the slopes.
    4. People love to see the view of Russia snow in November and that is the reason they prefer to choose to visit Russia this month.

    Russia in November weather is very cold and that is the reason it is suggested that tourists should carry warm clothes along with them.

    Some of the clothes recommended to be worn by the people visiting Moscow Russia in November are:

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    What To Wear?

    What To Wear in Russia in November

    1. Make sure to wear boots that are covered with fur so as to provide complete safety to your feet. Try to get the shoes or boots that have a thick sole.
    2. Buy a long coat, typically till knees or below. But when you visit some location outside, then it is suggested to buy a coat that has fur on the inside.
    3. People who wish to walk in low temperatures are suggested to wear thermal pants as well as boots.
    4. You can even wear gloves so as to give protection to your hands.

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    Places To Visit In Moscow Russia In November

    Sparrow Hills

    Sparrow Hills

    It is a place that offers the best view of the tourist. It provides with the excellent views of the snow so that the visitors could feel content. Apart from the city view, one can even view the parks and some top hangout places.

    Red square

    Red square

    It is suggested that people should visit Moscow in all the weather conditions – be it winter or summer. It is suggested that red square is the best place to visit in Moscow during November. It is one of the most beautiful and forbidding squares of Moscow, which attracts most of the tourists.

    Saint Basil Cathedral

    Saint Basil cathedral

    It looks like an enormous wedding cake and looks really beautiful in the winter season. It was built in late 16the century and gives a perfect look to the place. This cathedral is covered with churches on the nine sides. It looks really perfect in the month of November, as the place is completely covered with the snow.

    Krasny Oktyabr

    Krasny oktyabr

    It is even known as the red October and adds beauty to the place. It is the hottest hub in complete Moscow. It is because this place keeps the person warm even in the coldest days. Most of the youngsters are found in this pub have a good time with their loved one. Even it offers excellent dishes to visitors so that they can feel content. This place is designed in an alluring way so as to catch the view of visitors. Red October offers great discounts to the visitors so that they could enjoy appropriately.

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    Novodevichy Convent

    Novodevichy convent

    It is one of the best places in Moscow that leaves the person speechless. This place looks very cheerful especially in the month of November because it is completely covered with snow. In winters, this place looks like the castle of the beautiful princess. Sportivnaya is the station that is located near to this place making easier for the travelers to travel.

    Cathedral of Christ the savior

    Cathedral of Christ the savior

    It is a glossy white place that has a giant dome, which resembles the ice castle in the month of November. A person can perform various activities in this place so as to enjoy the beauty of place appropriately. It has the largest air swimming pool that is inside so that the visitors could feel delighted after visiting this place. Its nearby station is Kropotkinskaya so if you wish to come to this place, then make sure to check the metro map carefully.

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    Winter is the perfect time to visit Russia, especially in November so that you can see the real beauty of the place. But at the same time, it is suggested to carry proper clothes along with you during the vacation to avoid any medical emergency.

    So, plan a vacation to Russia in November is not less than a fairy island so it is suggested to visit this place once in winters. But before deciding the vacation places, it is suggested that to go online and grab as much information as possible about the places you want to visit.



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