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Safari in Egypt has a bunch of different kinds of packages around amazing and the best sites to explore. You can enjoy Egypt desert tours in Bahariya Oasis, Black Desert, White Desert, Farafra Oasis, Kharga Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, etc. to sleep below the stars, feel the true nature and harmony, touch the desert life, and meet with Egyptian loving people to know their lifestyle. Egypt safari trips are some of the most interesting experiences that you must include when planning your visit to Egypt. It blends adventure, serenity, and the appreciation of nature. The desert safari offers an opportunity to enjoy various desert activities.

7 Best Ways To Experience Safari In Egypt

Explore the Egypt safari tours to feel the adventure in the desert and to get a delightful and bizarre voyage. During the entire safari trips in Egypt, you get to submerge into the real feel of the desert life while interacting with its locals and living life as they do.

1. Africa Safari Park

Africa Safari Park

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Experience the loveliest forest activity surrounded by nature and animals in open woods. A great adventure to update your social media with lively pictures. Situated at the 65km point on the desert road of Cairo-Alexandria, Africa Safari Park offers you the opportunity to encounter a genuine safari journey. There you’ll get to see wild animals in their natural living space and what not. This park is an exceptional spot in Cairo and was the first of its sort to open in Egypt. There is also motel which seems as though it has a place in the tropical woods and the restaurant inside it offers the alternative of having a dinner while you’re enjoying the forest landscape.

It is the first safari park in Egypt providing everybody the opportunity to carry on a striking and daring adventure. The park consists of 22 types of rare reptiles, for example, Cobra, Jarboua, Watawat, falcons, turtles, and different species of animals, which are canvassed by a cave. A few of the activities that can also be performed in the parquet comprise of ice hockey, fishing, table tennis, football, billiards, ping pong and so on. One of the most enjoyable activities here is the ‘Zambezi’ river excursion that takes you out to view crocodiles, monkeys and a lot of birds e-route. The cave features a gathering of reptiles, birds, and some rare species of animals. Nothing to worry about as the most unsafe of them are securely kept in glass cases.

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2. Gara Cave Safari

Gara Cave Safari

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Appreciate a natural Gara Cave created by rain in the Eocene limestone – 55 million years before. This Egypt safari tour offers voyage to Gara Cave starting from Cairo. During this safari tour, you will get to see and enjoy the Gara Cave amidst the desert. Ancient people lived in this cave apparently during the late Neolithic period as proved by rock art and artifacts discovered in the cave.

Also, visit the magic spring and Ain Khudra. Especially explore the old and new white desert to experience one of a kind safari trip. It is considered one of the best places to do a white desert safari in Egypt. Also, you can enjoy the overnight camping there. As when you wake up at the early morning you will be left mesmerized with the beautiful sunrise scenes in the White Desert.

3. Quad Bike Pyramids Desert Safari

Quad Bike Pyramids Desert Safari

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What a great experience to ride a quad bike in the desert around the Pyramids of Giza – one of a forever cherishing desert experiences from Cairo. You can travel with a private guide for the Giza Plateau who will give you directions on riding your stern 4-wheeler. Just open the throttle and see yourself thundering over the sands.

You will surely enjoy racing over the Giza plain, fly here and there on low dunes of the plateau and feel the surge of the warm desert air. Also, stop en-route to appreciate the dazzling scenes across Cairo and the three pyramids namely – Chephren, Cheops, and Mykerinus – constructed as tombs for old pharaohs of Egypt.

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4. Sakkara Safari

Sakkara Safari

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First, reach Sakkara, then begin your Egypt safari tours through 4×4 jeep for around 15 minutes to reach deep within the desert. From that point onward, you must stop to appreciate the attention-grabbing perspective of the Step Pyramid in Sakkara. Later you head towards Camel Caravan in the Desert where you can enjoy camel ride journey for around 30 minutes and reach Sakkara Country club to relish lavish lunch after a heyday of adventures.

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5. Arabian Nights Safari

Arabian Nights Safari

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This safari in Egypt provides a special way to spend the time splendidly with your family or friends enjoying between horseback riding and desert safaris. There’s nothing as happening as horseback riding, and this you can enjoy during your Arabian Nights safari tour. Here you will get to visit the lowest dent in all Egypt, Fayoum oasis which is 48 km from the Cairo-Fayoum desert road. A lot of desert activities are offered at Arabian Nights camp. During the Arabian Nights safari, you can rent camels, horses or beach buggies to enjoy to the fullest in the desert that too at the affordable rates and also on Fridays, there are folkloric shows arranged for visitors.

You likewise get to tour the Ein Elcellein area where you can buy handmade and agricultural products from farmers like dates, nuts, mint, and fruits. The locals are very friendly in this village who will even welcome you in their houses. Further, head to visit Qasr Qaroon which is the oldest lake in the world, and have lunch in front of the lake. The whole Arabian Nights safari tour is like a grand feast and something definitely not to be missed.

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6. Luxor Desert Safari Tour

Luxor Desert Safari Tour

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This entire safari trip allows you to view a plenty of local attractions and additionally experience the authentic desert lifestyle by opting overnight camping option. Appreciate a safari by driving to Dakhla Oasis to visit Kasr Al Labbakha which is a hot spring. Take a dip in this natural jacuzzi to relax oneself. As you get to do overnight camping in Dakhla Oasis safari tour, you can relish Egyptian meals during your stay at the camp.

Furthermore, visit the old covered city nearby, which has an oil press, courthouse, school, and dwelling chambers. You can also visit Muzzawaka from outside and Deir El-Haggar nearby to the desert. Conclude your Luxor desert safari tour by visiting the Baris oasis, as well as the temple of Dush.

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7. Siwa Oasis and Alexandria Safari

Siwa Oasis and Alexandria Safari

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Siwa Oasis safari is one of the most beautiful safari tours in the world. To begin this safari, you have to reach Siwa first. From there starts your real safari excursion through 4X4 jeep. You’ll pass the two lakes during your journey towards the desert. On reaching you will enjoy the amazing sunset view and set up your tent for spending a night in the desert area.

Here you get to encounter a nomadic Bedouin while taking delight in the evening around a campfire and relishing a delicious barbecue dinner. In the desert, you can enjoy your safari by driving over the highest sand dunes in the western desert up to the east for about 80 m. Also, dive in Abou-Shrouf – the cleanest and biggest spring – the spring has sulfured water which is considered really good for rheumatism and skin. Moreover, visit the old village of Abou-Shrouf, Zauton to see the Roman olives’ oil press and black Roman tomb as well as the recently discovered Roman tombs that are full of skeletons.

Next day after camping in the desert go further to tour Alexandria which was built by Alexander the great. It also used to be the capital of Egypt under the dominion of Cleopatra. In Alexandria, you get to visit a few tourist sites such as the Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa and the Citadel of Qaitbay at the west part of Alexandria which was built in 1477. The beauty of this castle is breathtaking as it is surrounded by the sea on the three sides. Also, visit the Great Library of Alexandria – the oldest Library in the world – that contains more than 2 million books. This jeep safari in Alexandria Egypt is really a worthwhile choice for every tourist.

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Safari in Egypt is something one has to add in their Egypt trip itinerary. Sleep beneath a galaxy of stars in Egypt’s stunning deserts and find an unusual panorama on an action-packed adventure to satisfy your desert safari dream. Additionally, enjoy sightseeing to many famous nearby areas. There’re many options of safari trip available to choose according to your preference. So, plan a trip to Egypt now and experience the vivid desert safaris with your loved ones.

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