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You might be surprised to know that Egypt is not just about ancient remains or artifacts and desert, but is also about adventure activities that will make your tour amazing. Scuba diving in Egypt is the most thrilling adventure activities you can enjoy. There are many places where you can engage into this activity. One of the most visited sea is the Red Sea, which got it name from the periodic algae blooms occurring seasonally which paints the sea with reddish hue. The sea is the mecca of marine life and is the crystal clear sea.

Top 11 Sites For Scuba diving In Egypt

When we talk about scuba diving in Egypt, Red Sea isn’t the only place for the adventure. There are many sites for scuba diving available in Egypt. However, no matter which diving site you visit, you are required to have experience in swimming. Take a look at the top 11 scuba diving spots:

1. SS Thistlegorm, Sharm El Sheikh

SS Thistlegorm, Sharm El Sheikh

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Located three hours from Sharm El Sheikh, SS Thistlegorm is a famous diving site in Egypt. One reason that makes this diving site famous is the British transport ship wreckage stretching over 128 meters long. One can clearly see the large vessel deep inside the sea. This large vessel was attacked and sunk in its journey from Glasgow to Alexandria. One of the interesting things about this large vessel is the cargo that includes armored cars, radios, rubber boots, and other things which are sitting on the bottom of the ocean. You along with your group can dive into the deep sea and explore this ship entirely. You will seriously love how these century old things are still lying in the sea. One thing to remember is not to miss the crocodile fish hiding in the sand around the wreckage. If you are in the North of Red Sea trips, then this is easily accessible.

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2. Big Brother, Hurghada

Big Brother, Hurghada

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This Brother Island is world famous for scuba diving activity. There are two small islands- Big Brother and Small Brother. They are known for pristine corals and shark encounters. If you are diving into Big Brother, you will end up meeting Aida II, 75 meter wreck which was crashed in 1957. The wreck sits the slant between 25-65 meters covered with corals. The best thing about this island is the beautiful crystal clear water that looks stunning and gives clear underwater view. If you want to shoot the entire activity, then you will come across large-lipped Napoleon Wrasse. Near to Aida II, there is another century old wreck called as Numidia which is surrounded by white tip reef sharks, hammerheads and the train carriage along with large wheels at 12 meters deep.

3. Shark and Yolanda Reef, Sharm El Sheikh

Mediterranean Sea Ischia Island Sea Italy

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If you want to have a once in a lifetime opportunity, then Shark and Yolanda Reed at Sharm El Sheikh is the best option. Through this dive, you will swim past variety of bathroom products, slates and other objects that fell from the cargo which sank in 1980. For photographers this is the great sea to get some amazing shots. This location is at Gulf of Aqaba which meets the Gulf of Suez. This area is known for strong currents and is rich with nutrients. It is in fact, perfect for marine life to breed on. The entire dive is of 30 minutes.

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4. Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Alam

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This 80 meters long reef is 25 meters deep. It has got steep wall and surrounded by strong currents, so this make the place right for drift driving. During the dive, you will float past fan corals and anthers. The Elphinstone Reef offers divers the chance to meet the Oceanic White tip reef sharks and Hammerheads. Moreover, you will also spot dolphins and tiger sharks. The reef is located 20-mins boat ride from the shore at Marsa Alam and earned the Top Diving Sites. It is better to pre-book your diving schedule.

5. Jackson Reef, Straits of Tiran

Jackson Reef, Straits of Tiran

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This reef is known for crystal clear water which means that you get clear view of underwater reef. Jackson Reef looks like paint and is stunning inside. The red and orange fire coral brighten up the surrounding area. However, professional divers will warn other divers to not to touch them as it may hurt. You can find different types of reef sharks like- white tip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. To reach this diving site, you need to take 30-minute boat ride from Sharm.

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6. Hamata


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If you tend to go into a remote area and stay close to the sea for diving purpose, then Hamata is the right option. This is the most famous dive sites in the southern Marine Park. To reach here, you need liveaboards. Being a small hamlet, very few tourists visit this place. Diving here is absolute bliss. The most famous spot is the Wadi el Gemal and is well protected by series of strict environmental laws.

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7. The Red Sea

The Red Sea

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Considered as one of the 7 wonders of the underwater world, it is the most famous diving site in Egypt. Upon diving in you get too introduced with more than 1000 species of invertebrates and 200 species of hard and soft coral. The Red Sea scuba diving site is crystal clear giving you clear underwater scene. The diving process includes- shallow patch reefs, drift dives and walls. Also you will come across some interesting wrecks inside. Corals here are so amazing that you won’t feel coming out of the sea world. The abundance of marine life and depths of the reef offers a thrilling experience.

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8. Dahab

Egypt Red Sea Blue Hole Beach Sea Sky Dahab

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One of the most loved destinations in Egypt, Dahab is also known for scuba diving. The diving location here is easily accessible from the shore. Some of the sites are- Blue Hole and Canyon. Blue hole scuba diving in Egypt is one extremely popular among the visitors. The central area of the Masbat is plenty to see and to chill around. There are cafes in the surrounding area. So once you are done with the diving, you can chill out in any of the cafes.

9. El Quseir


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This is an ancient town which dates back to 5000 years and is one of the important diving sites. Although there is an increase in the tourism in Egypt, El Quseir hasn’t been affected with this. The unspoilt, vibrant reefs are worth exploring. If you want to take a look at the coral reefs, then you will certainly have the best time here.

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10. Safaga


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Located 70 km from the south of Hurghada, Safaga is a popular scuba diving and is known for wall dives, beautiful coral garden, and Salem Express wreck. The express sank in 1991 taking 470 lives. If you are in Safaga, make sure to visit Ras Abu Soma which is considered as a top site for diving along with Tobia Reeds, which is also known as Seven Pinnacles. All sites of diving are reachable by boat. The most famous diving site here is Panorama Reef where you will comes across some spectacular 200m deep walls giving the best drift diving.

11. St John’s and the Deep South

St John's and the Deep South

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An unspoilt paradise for scuba diving in Egypt Red Sea is the Deep South, which contains three famous sites- St John’s, Zabargad and Rocky Island. All three are accessible by liveaboard. Strong currents coming from Rocky Island and Zabargad gives the best diving experience of drift dives. Here, you will come across some wonderful underwater reefs which are worth exploring during the dive.

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Being the most divine diving site in the world, the Red Sea is one of the safest places to enjoy scuba diving in Egypt. But, there are other spots too. There are different scuba diving companies in Egypt that can take you scuba diving with all the security equipment. The prices of scuba diving varies from one service provider to another. Being prepared in advance will certainly help in getting the best diving experience. Take a trip to Egypt right away to dive in its pristine waters.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Egypt

What is Egypt famous for?

Though most prominently known for the giant Pyramids, Egypt has a lot to offer to the world. From its delectable cuisines, amazing beaches and a plethora of adventure activities to explore, Egypt is soon becoming a popular tourist hotspot.

What to do in Egypt?

If you are looking for exciting things to do in Egypt, here are a few things worth trying:
1. Learn To Make Papyrus in Giza
2. Take a camel ride across Giza
3. Hike to the top of Mt. Sinai
4. Explore the Karnak Temples
5. Dive To The Lost City of Heracleion

Is Egypt a good place for diving?

Egypt is also known as the mecca of rich aquatic life, and clear blue waters which give an unique scuba diving experience found now where else.

Is scuba diving in Egypt safe for first-timers?

Yes. There should be no doubt about it. But make sure you have all the necessary training and safety equipment when you go scuba diving.

How much does scuba diving cost in Egypt?

Diving in Egypt can cost you anything between INR 2700 (€ 35) and INR 8600 (€ 110) per day per person. Cost may vary depending on the equipment, location, and additional services.

Which is the best scuba diving centers in Egypt?

A few popular dive centers in Egypt are:
1. Orca Dive Dahab
2. Camel Dive Club & Hotel
3. Scubatec Dahab Dive Shop
4. Sea Dancer Dive Center

Which is the best time to visit Egypt?

October to April is the best time to visit Egypt to escape the heat and explore the beautiful city comfortably. If you wish to avoid the crowd, you could avoid the peak season between December and January.

Is a diving certificate necessary for scuba diving in Egypt?

Though not law, many of the diving centers require you to have a diving certificate from an authorized agency if you wish to take up scuba diving activity.

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