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How far will you go to tell your mom you’re okay? Round the globe far? Well, that is exactly what Jonathan Quiñonez did.

Feeling the brunt of an exhausting job as a consultant, Jonathan, who is unmarried and basically “Single”, decided to travel the world on the savings he had built up during the past years.

But there was a problem. He was worried that during his travels, his Mexican mother would worry too much about him and his whereabouts but who knew, God had better plans!

Jonathan was in Cuba and wanted to inform his mother he was fine. Unfortunately, there was bad network and he couldn’t get through her. He decided to click a picture with a ply card saying ‘Mom, I’m fine’ and send it to her whenever he was in a good network zone! It worked like magic!

Pizza is fine, toppings are fine, and so am I, mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez with a pizza saying i am fine

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There was no stopping after this and Jonathan started clicking ‘Mom, I am fine’ photos at every destination he visited.

His mother was super happy with his caring son and the son was super happy too for his ‘Mom, I’m fine’ photo series garnered him more than 175,000 Instagram followers!

So how has his journey been so far? Well, let’s have a look through the eyes of a loving son!

1. Belgium (Tomorrowland): Music is life, but so are you, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez at Tomorrowland with mom i am fine card

Image Source

2. Peru: If you can read this, I just want you to know I am fine, Mom.

Jonathan Quiñonez ziplining in Peru upsidedown

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3. Mexico: Time to run, but before that, I just wanna say, I ain’t scared, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez and a crocodile in Mexico

Image Source

4.Mexico: Fine from every angle, mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez at the Mexico beach

Image Source

5.Peru: Making humans hold hands to tell you I am fi..awesome, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez at Machu Pichu in bolivia

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6.Columbia: Standing underwater with a God, but otherwise, feeling just fine, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez underwater with a Posiedon statue in Columbia

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7. Taking an awesome selfie with a camel because, why not? Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez taking a selfie with Camel

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8. Brazil: He is a football star, I am not, but I feel fine, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez with Ronaldinho

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9. Bolivia: Posing while climbing mountains is hard, but I’ll do it all over again for you, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez mountain climbing in Bolivia

Image Source

10. Morocco: I am their Aladdin but you’re my genie, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez underwater in a pool

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Not planning to stop anytime soon, Jonathan wants to give back to mothers and earth. He will volunteer with orphanages and also work on environmental projects on his way.

It was his love for the planet that inspired him to travel and he doesn’t plan to give up on it so soon. ‘Time to protect it!’, he says on his website.

In the end, we wish the solo traveler to have all the fun on his journey and continue with his unconventional method of photography and travel – that inspires some serious family goals!

Who thought sharing locations could be so much fun!

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