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Sri Lanka is an enchanting island country located right below India in the Indian Ocean. The country is diverse in a plethora of aspects – religion, culture, food, architecture, arts, and people. Anything and everything in Sri Lanka that has a varied quality to it is a byproduct of this diversity. Talking about religion in Sri Lanka, Christianity is counted amongst the minority religions. There are many Sri Lanka churches that stand as the living establishments of Christianity teaching its values and doctrines. These structures also showcase the amazing and intricate architecture used in the making. Travelers from all over the world come to Sri Lanka to visit not just its temples, lakes and other attractions, but also its beautiful and magnificent churches. Read on as we tell you more about the many churches in Sri Lanka.

Top 10 Sri Lanka Churches

One of the most prominent religions in Sri Lanka, Christianity was introduced in this island country probably in the year AD 72. There are many Sri Lanka churches and cathedrals that are known for their amazing architecture and the doctrines and values they teach. Check out the list of the many cathedrals and churches in Sri Lanka to know about them in detail:

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1. St. Lucia’s Cathedral

St. Lucia's Cathedral

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Out of the many churches in Sri Lanka, St. Lucia’s Cathedral is one of the country’s finest, largest, and the oldest. The architecture of this stunning church belongs to the Baroque styles and from the Renaissance. There are massive white columns and statues in this cathedral that will transport you to the times in Europe. The many features like the massive white columns, woodwork, stained glass windows, and the four massive bells add a whole lot of beauty to the place. There is a regular service that happens in the cathedral. Visit this place to reverberate in the awe-inspiring sounds of the choir hymns and marvel at the amazing architecture of the structure.

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2. St. Sebastian’s Church

St. Sebastian's Church

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One of the most beautiful churches in Sri Lanka, St. Sebastian’s Church is patterned on the Reims Cathedral in France. It is built in the Gothic Revival style, hence making it an architectural marvel. Also known by the name of St. Sebastian’s Church, Wellaweediya, it is a catholic church whose patron saint is Saint Sebastian. While on a vacation in Sri Lanka, it is suggested to include a visit to this place in the itinerary to experience the best of Christianity in Sri Lanka, know about its history, and marvel at the stunning Gothic architecture.

Location: Negombo, Sri Lanka

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3. All Saints’ Church, Borella

All Saints' Church

Out of the many churches in Sri Lanka, All Saints’ Church, Borella is one of the most prominent ones. It is a Catholic church located in the Borella area of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The place is known for its stunning Gothic architecture – the reason why it stands out amongst the other major churches in Sri Lanka. While on a vacation in this beautiful country, visit this magnificent church to enrich your exploration experience.

Location: Borella, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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4. Basilica Of Our Lady of Lanka

Basilica Of Our Lady of Lanka

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Out of the plethora of Sri Lanka churches, the Basilica of Our Lady of Lanka is an offbeat place to include in a vacation in this gorgeous country. It is a Roman Catholic Church that has the status of a Basilica in Tewatte, Sri Lanka. Located in a distant suburb of Colombo called Ragama, it can be visited by those who want to more than just the usual Sri Lankan itinerary. It is a site of pilgrimage for Sri Lankan Catholics. Check out the amazing statue of Our Lady of Lanka and click many pictures to take back home as souvenirs and memories.

Location: Ragama, Sri Lanka

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5. Christian Reformed Church in Sri Lanka

Christian Reformed Church

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One of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka belonging to the Protestants, the Christian Reformed Church in Sri Lanka has a rich historical past. The place tells about the stories of Protestantism that was introduced as a missionary religion in Sri Lanka in the year 1658. This was done so by the Dutch missionaries who came to the island country of Sri Lanka and defeated the Portuguese to take over the rule. At the time, there were other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Catholicism. One can visit this place to know more about the history of Sri Lanka, its colonial past, and the advent of Protestantism in the country.

Location: Bambalapitiya, Sri Lanka

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6. Wolvendaal Church

Wolvendaal Church

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Wolvendaal Church, also known as the Wolvendaalse Kerk is one of the most prominent churches in Sri Lanka. One would be amazed to know that in spite of it being really old, it is still well-maintained and is in continual use to the present day. The architecture of the structure of the church belongs to the Dutch colonial era. The foundation of the church was laid in the year 1749 and got completed 8 years after it. The structure is constructed in the Doric style in the form of a Greek cross. Visit this place to absorb the different architectural styles and know more about the history of Protestantism in Sri Lanka.

Location: Wolfendhal Lane, Colombo 01300, Sri Lanka

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7. Methodist Church in Sri Lanka

Methodist Church

The headquarters of the church is in Colombo. Established on 29th June 1814. Visit this church on your vacation to Sri Lanka and soak in the reverberance of the positive vibes of the choir hymns.

Location: 252, 2nd Floor A2, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

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8. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

St. Mary's Cathedral, Jaffna

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Out of the many beautiful churches in Sri Lanka, St. Mary’s Cathedral is quite a famous ones. To know more about Catholicism in Sri Lanka and to check out the beautiful architecture and stories of the churches in Sri Lanka, include a visit to this place in your Sri Lankan itinerary.

Location: Jaffna, Sri Lanka

9. St. Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade

St. Anthony's Shrine

Image Source

Another beautiful church in Sri Lanka is the St. Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade. It is a minor basilica and a designated national shrine in the country. Check out the amazing architecture and reverberating vibes of the place while on your vacation to Sri Lanka.

Location: Kochchikade, St Anthony’s Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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10. All Saints’ Church, Galle

All Saints' Church, Galle

Out of the many churches in Sri Lanka, the All Saints’ Church is quite a famous one. It is an Anglican church that is known for its peaceful ambiance and amazing architecture. There is a large bell that was placed in his memory in the central dome of the church in the year 1876. This is a distinct feature of the church making it look really pretty and interesting.

Location: Galle, Sri Lanka

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Having read through the details of the many Sri Lanka churches, include them in your itinerary on your next vacation to this amazing country. The places of worship are quite rich with hordes of history and interesting stories to tell. The way each one of them came into formation and how they have survived the tides of time is a story in itself. While on a vacation to Sri Lanka, visit these religious places and get to know more than just the values of Christianity. Get yourself acquainted with the rich and intricate architecture of these beautiful churches.

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