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    Street Food In Patiala cover

    Punjab and food is a combination as strong as pizza & cheese, pancakes & syrup, and fish & chips. They are incomplete without one another and absolutely inseparable. And when we talk about one of the most famous provinces of Punjab, Patiala how can we not talk about food? Calling Patiala a foodie’s paradise would be an understatement and if you haven’t tried the street food in Patiala, you haven’t lived at all.

    From the crisp and spicy Cholle Bhature to the all time favourite pakode, street food in Patiala is one of the best indulgences and something you would not regret trying. Although if you thought that street food in Patiala is all about Punjabi items you are so wrong! From delicious pav bhaji to mouth-watering panipuri there is so much to try in Patiala.

    Top 10 Street Foods To Try In Patiala

    Well, if you ask about what is the best, you might not get a definite answer but if you asked about the variety, there is plenty. There is a wide variety of what you can eat when you talk about street food in Patiala and here are some of the best choices for you.

    1. Cholle Bhature

    Cholle Bhature

    Image Source

    Something that doesn’t even need an introduction and something that is actually what a slice of heaven would taste like. It really is that good, you guys! Cholle Bhature is one of the most famous dishes from the Punjabi cuisine and something you should definitely be trying in Patiala. We know you might would have tried Cholle Bhature in your hometown but nothing beats the experience you will have in Patiala.

    Where To Try: Gopal’s

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    2. Amritsari Kulcha

    Amritsari Kulcha

    Image Source

    Try it if you want to know what the true flavours of Punjab really are and how and why the local street food in Patiala is so famous. Made with onions, mashed boiled potatoes and many other vegetables, Amritsari Kulcha is a tasty treat. If you want to treat your taste buds with the best then trying Amritsari Kulcha is the way to do it. Served with Chana and mostly with chutney this local street food item is epic.

    Where To Try: Amritsari Kulcha

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    3. Tandoori Chicken


    Image Source

    Talking about Patiala and not talking about Tandoori Chicken would be so unfair. If there is one thing that Punjabis know best, it’s how to do their chicken. Tandoori Chicken is one of the most famous street food in Patiala and something you must feast upon. Although you will get it in every other restaurant you go to, trying street side Tandoori chicken is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on and especially when you are in Patiala.

    Where To Try: Mohan Murge Vala

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    4. Puri Cholle

    Puri Cholle

    Image Source

    Finger-lickin’ good! That’s the only term you can use to describe this Punjabi delicacy. Fried and spicy is what you will be served and if you don’t mind a little bit of oil, then this is the perfect delicacy for you. Well, if you think of missing out on this one because you just might put on weight, then we say well, you are missing out on life. If we talk of the best street food in Patiala, puri cholle have to be on the list.

    Where To Try: Radhe Puri Kachori

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    5. Kathi Roll

    Kathi Roll

    Image Source

    The name is enough we think. It’s satiating and delicious and falls in the list of the tastiest and most amazing street food in Patiala, Punjab. Made with mixed vegetables or paneer and even chicken trying a Kathi Roll in Punjab is one of the best things you can do to yourself. It’s basically the filling wrapped in a Paratha with cheese and many chutneys.

    Where To Try: Rollacosta

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    6. Aloo Tikki

    Aloo Tikki

    Image Source

    Chaat and Patiala have the same relation as body and soul and therefore one of the most famous street food in Patiala is Aloo Tikki. Made with fried potatoes, peas, curd and different chutneys, mint and tomato chutney being the primary ones, Aloo Tikki is something not to be missed for anything in the world. It’s a mouth-watering delicacy that you will fall in love with, instantly.

    Where To Try: Sunder Chat

    7. Jalebi


    Image Source

    We see, you are worried about the oil and sweetness and the fat that comes with it but Punjabis’ ‘sanu ki’ attitude and their love for food and the inclination towards sweets makes Jalebi one of the must try street food in Patiala. Not sure if that means you should take a break from your strict diet? Well, just look at Jalebis for once and tell us if you would be able to resist it and not take a cheat day.

    Where To Try: Kohli Sweets

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    8. Kachori


    Image Source

    If you are sure you can resist temptation even if it’s so damn hard to control, then try Kachori for once and tell us you can still say the same. One of the best street food in Patiala, Kachori is enjoyed with chutney or ‘aloo ki sabzi’. This delicacy is crisp and crunchy from the outside and has boiled potatoes or moong dal inside as fillings. Best when served hot and circular in shape, this delicacy is not to be missed.

    Where To Try: Om Bikaner Misthan Bhandar

    9. Pakora


    Image Source

    It’s raining? ‘Chai’ and Pakora. Craving something that is made under ten minutes and is absolutely delicious? Pakora. Guests come in unannounced? Pakora. Well, do you even need a reason to eat pakora? If you take a street food tour in Patiala, it’s not possible to miss out on pakora. It is something to munch on when you are craving comfort food. You can literally make a pakora out of anything you like. Onion, cabbage, potato, mushrooms, actually everything.

    Where To Try: Pritam De Mashoor Pakode

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    10. Chicken Achari Tikka

    Chicken Achari Tikka

    Image Source

    Did you think we will skip this scrumptious item off our list? Is it even possible to have a list of the best street food in Patiala without mentioning Chicken Achari Tikka? Definitely not.The name is suggestive enough however if you still want to know in more detail what Chicken Achari Tikka actually is, then it’s basically Chicken Tikka with more spices and a tangy taste.

    Where To Try: Gabbar

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    ‘Changa phir’? Street food in Patiala comes in variety and is actually one of the best and the most cherished things about the city. Apart from the list here there might be things that you would try and instantly fall in love with. Do tell us about those, as they say the best bonds are those made because of food! If you can’t wait to explore this foodie’s paradise, then plan your trip to Punjab with TravelTriangle and have a hassle-free vacation. Eat till both your stomach and heart are full.

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