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Gangtok is a beautiful place surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush greenery. It is famous amongst hikers for amazing treks and is a pilgrimage site. It offers spell-binding views and is a great place to visit. And while you are exploring it, street food in Gangtok is something you cannot miss to blend in with the city’s culture like never before!

If you are planning to visit Gangtok soon and are thinking of having a delightful vacay, then don’t worry as we have made a list of best street foods in Gangtok!

15 Best Street Foods In Gangtok

Here is a list of the best street foods in Gangtok for all foodies to have the most sumptuous experience there! Take a look!

1. Phagshapa


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Amongst the popular street foods of Gangtok, Phagshapa is one which will treat all those who like it spicy and healthy both. It is a dish made of pork, radish and chilli! It is served with chapati or rice and offers a thrilling taste to your taste buds! You can have it as a main meal or a side snack.

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2. Thenthuk

Thenthuk in Gangtok

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Yet another yummy soup, Thenthuk is a Tibetan dish and amongst the most famous street foods in Gangtok. It can be made with chicken, meat, wheat or veggies. You will find it all the restaurants of Gangtok. It is one of the most popular street foods in Gangtok, so make sure you try it while exploring Gangtok!

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3. Churrpi

Churrpi in Gangtok

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A soup made of cotton cheese, this is one of the traditional street foods in Gangtok. It is loved by both locals as well as tourists. You can get it garnished whichever way you want which makes it even more enticing! Being another of the best street food in Gangtok, this one is an absolute must-have!

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4. Thukpa


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This is one of the best street foods in Gangtok that you must have heard about! It is a noodle soup which you can have both in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. For all foodies who want to have healthy street food, this is the perfect dish.

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5. Sel Roti

Sel Roti in Gangtok

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After you are done trying all the best street foods of Gangtok, get your hands on something sweet, that is, Sel Roti. It is a nepalese dish and is a sweet bread. Usually prepared at the time of festivals, it is a token of love and care for the people of Gangtok!

6. Momos

dimsums dumplings og

Momos are yet another popular and best street food of Gangtok that you cannot afford to miss out on. From a huge variety of mutton and chicken to vegetables and paneer, there’s a lot to pick from and treat your taste buds with. While it may seem similar to the ones in your city, believe the locals, the taste is as authentic as their origin.

7. Masauyra Curry

Indian Curry view

Not just Gangtok, Masauyra Curry is a very popular local dish in all of Sikkim. It looks like a ball and the main ingredient that forms the curry is fermented black gram. Taken mostly with rice or bread, the flavors in the curry salivate your taste buds well. As with other street foods of Gangtok, Masauyra Curry is generously seasoned with spices.

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8. Sha Phaley

Sha Phaley

An original dish from the Tibetan area, Sha Phaley is a street food delight in Gangtok. It is basically a bread stuffed with cabbage, onion and seasonal beef fashioned into a circular shape which is then deep or pan fried. If you love bread, fried food and meat, then this is the dish for you. Some places also serve with cheese stuffing inside.

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9. Shimi Ko Achar

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A popular food served on the plates of street hawkers in Gangtok, the dish is a pickle made from string bean called Shimi. To enhance the taste, sesame seeds, green chilies and lemon juice are added for spiciness and sourness. It is best served with Sel Roti or other breads.

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10. Sishnu

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Another popular dish from the streets of Gangtok, Sishnu soup is a typical Himalayan cuisine. A cold-chilly evening can be best enjoyed with a bowl of hot soup that is served with rice. The dish is also infused with boiled nettle leaves, garlic flakes and other flavors that make for a rich soup. It is a simple dish to create and is served in abundance in Gangtok.

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11. Chhaang

local hot beer

Originating from Nepal and Tibet, Chhaang is an alcoholic beverage made from barley, rice grain or millet. If you are a mountaineer, we recommend you to drink this as the perfect and natural substitute for beer or whiskey. The alcoholic content is quite low and the drink is refreshing when you enjoy it in cold winters.

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12. Chambray

Veg Pulao

Another tasty dish that originates from Nepal that is best served with rice. What we traditionally call vegetable biryani, chambray served with rice is called Pulao and just tastes fabulous with Aloo Tilko. It is one of the most popular vegetarian street foods of Gangtok.

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13. Kinema

Curry Vault Restaurant

Often consumed as a meat substitute in Gangtok markets, Kinema is a fermented soybean product. The dish originated from Limbuwan – present-day eastern Nepal, parts of Sikkim and Kalimpong. Kinema is either cooked into tasty soup and consumed with rice or it can also be used as a dip with bread. It is one of the top choices for breakfast in Gangtok.

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14. Kodo Ko Roti


Another Gangtok street food which is highly inspired from Nepal, it is a millet bread. A typical pancake, usually served with finger tomato pickle can also be eaten with other notified pickles. It is black in color and although looks hard in nature, has, indeed a soft texture.

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15. Gundruk

Delicious Food

Gundruk is a Nepalese original dish which is pickled as well as leafy in nature. It is completely vegan and mostly created from radish, mustard or cabbage leaves. The dish is mostly eaten as a side dish or even appetizers. Gundruk soup is one of the most popular dishes served in the streets of Gangtok

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Now when you know about all the street foods in Gangtok, you won’t be missing on a complete experience of the beautiful city on your holiday. And don’t wait, plan a trip to Sikkim now and savor these dishes today. Food exploration is definitely one of the top agendas in Gangtok. So, why not share that experience with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Street Foods In Gangtok

How much does it cost to eat from street food vendors in Gangtok?

They charge from INR 50 to INR 300. This depends on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The non-vegetarian delicacies are costlier than the vegetarian dishes.

Is it possible to get food late at night in Gangtok?

Yes, street food stalls are open during the wee hours near to the nightlife places in Gangtok. So, you can relish some amazing dishes at night also.

Which is the best place to taste the authentic food of Sikkim?

You can taste the authentic food of Sikkim from morning to night on the famous M.G Road in Gangtok.

From what time the street shops open and close in Gangtok?

Most of the street shops in Gangtok open from 09:00 AM and close before 11:00 PM. Their timing differs as per peak and non-peak tourist seasons.

Are there late-night restaurants in Gangtok?

Yes, you can find many late-night restaurants in Gangtok. They start their business from 06:00 PM to the wee hours as per tourist seasons.

Is it possible to get vegetarian food in Gangtok?

Yes, there are street food stalls and restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes in Gangtok. You can inquire first and have food if they serve 100% pure vegan dishes.

Which is the best food item to beat the cold apart from tea and coffee in Gangtok in winter?

You must try Churrpi soup, Thenthuk soup, and Thukpa soup to beat the cold during the winter season in Gangtok. They are available at every vegetarian and meat soup.

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