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Iran is certainly not among the mainstream touristy destinations. This offbeat country comprises a host of beautiful destinations, some of which are naturally pretty and some have rich history and heritage attached to it. These places in Iran offer a visual treat to the soul and mind while the array of exciting things to do in Iran makes the vacation even more wonderful.

15 Fun Things To Do In Iran

Check out the list of things to do in Iran that enrich your experience and make the vacation memorable.

  • A Stroll Along The Tabiat Bridge
  • Enjoy Dinner At Moslem Restaurant
  • Watch The Colours Change In Pink Mosque
  • Explore Vakil Bazaar
  • Take A Trip To Persepolis
  • Stroll In Naqsh-e-Jahan Square
  • Hike Up Sofe Mountain
  • Spend A Night In Varzaneh Desert
  • Visit The Old Town
  • Experience A Zurkhaneh Performance
  • Enjoy Local Food
  • Roam In Bazaar Of Tabriz
  • Enjoy Couchsurfing
  • Take A Tour In National Jewellery Treasury
  • Visit Traditional Houses

1. A Stroll Along The Tabiat Bridge

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The Tabiat Bridge, which locally translates as the Nature Bridge is one of the most popular pedestrian bridges in Tehran, Iran and a stroll over it is one of the most relaxing things to do in Iran. This is a 279-meter-long foot bridge that connects two city parks; namely Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park over the Modarres Expressway. Enjoy the sunset from the bridge along with view of the city with sparkling evening lights.

Opening hours: 6:15 am -12: 30 am

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2. Enjoy Dinner At Moslem Restaurant

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If you have a plan to visit Tehran Grand Bazaar, do not miss out on the delicious food at Moslem Restaurant. This is one of the famous places to eat in Tehran, Iran. Try their tahchin- which is saffron rice with chicken, a variety of kebabs and lamb shashlik.

Always crowded with tourists and locals, one will always find a long queue of foodaholics waiting for their turn to try delicious delicacies. Don’t be impatient to wait in the queue, as the mouth-watering taste and unbelievable portion size are surely worth the wait.

Opening hours: 11 am to 6 pm

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3. Watch The Colours Change In Pink Mosque

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Nasir al-Mulk Mosque or the Pick Mosque is ancient and very beautiful in Shiraz, Iran. Built during the reign of the Qajar dynasty, this is a sight to behold. Plan to visit this place early in the morning to enjoy the sun rays coming inside through the coloured glasses. Moreover, waiting a few hours and clicking the changing colours of the sun rays through stained glasses is surely one of the most beautiful things to do in Iran, which rarely people know about.

Opening hours: 7 am t0 5 pm, on all days of the week except Mondays.

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4. Explore Vakil Bazaar

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Located at the heart of Shiraz city, Vakil Bazaar is a colourful and vibrant local market in Iran. If you are an avid shopaholic, there can be no better things to do in Iran than this.

From spices to souvenirs, handicrafts, pieces of jewellery to rugs; one can get everything here for a rejuvenating retail therapy experience.

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5. Take A Trip To Persepolis

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Persepolis is the ceremonial capital Achaemenid Empire and now a stunning architectural site in Iran. Founded by King Darius, this masterpiece depicts a beautiful Achaemenid style of architecture and artwork. Listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site, a day trip to Persepolis, located 60 km from Shiraz is one of the must-do things to do in Iran.

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6. Stroll In Naqsh-e-Jahan Square

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Located at the centre of Isfahan, Naqsh-e-Jahan Square is a sprawling and crowded public square. Built during Safavid Era, Naqsh-e-Jahan Square is also known as Imam Square is known for historical monuments on all sides and buzzing local markets. With Kaiseriyeh Gate, Shah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque on all sides, spending an evening in this bustling public place are one of the things to do in Iran for a great holiday experience.

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7. Hike Up Sofe Mountain

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Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do not worry as there are so many things to do in Iran for people like you. One such thrilling activity is a hike to Sofe Mountain. It is a 2-hour long hike and moderately easy for beginners. There is a cable car facility also, that takes people from the foothill to the peak. After the hike, enjoy a day picnic at the foothill to relax and invigorate.

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8. Spend A Night In Varzaneh Desert

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Varzaneh Desert is an attractive camping spot, located 100 km from Isfahan. Sprawling over 100 sq. km, this desert is known for spectacular dunes. Spending a night in the camps in the Varzaneh Desert and exploring the ancient village of Varzaneh are the perfect things to do for those who love thrill and adventure. The well-appointed Swiss tents.

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9. Visit The Old Town

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If you love exploring the city on your foot, Iran has something interesting for you. The ancient desert town of Yazd, its alleyways, lanes, and ancient streets make up as great sights and gives you an enthralling vibe.

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10. Experience A Zurkhaneh Performance

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Zurkhaneh, locally translating into ‘House of Strength’ is a traditional martial art form of Iran. Men practicing callisthenics and other popular bodybuilding exercises in a ring with loud music. Visiting Saheb A Zaman Club Zurkhaneh, located near Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd to watch a grand Zurkhaneh performance is one of the best things to do in Iran, for an experience like never before.

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11. Enjoy Local Food

Iranian Bread

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Iran has a rich culture and tradition and these are best reflected through its handicrafts, festivals, and food. The local delicacies of Iran are sumptuous, tasty and supremely delicious. From sabzi polo, zereshk polo. Khoresht-e ghormeh sabzi. to chelo kebab. Tahchin and Khoresht-e gheimeh are some of the must try delicacies of Iran.

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12. Roam In Bazaar Of Tabriz

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Located at the heart of Tabriz, this grand market is the oldest bazaar of the entire Middle East region and the largest covered market in the World. Comprising an array of unified, covered, brick edifices, buildings, and walled spaces, a visit to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site is a must and one of the best things to do in Iran. The architecture is par excellence and a range of souvenirs, handicrafts., leather goods, knick-knacks, and pieces of jewellery are worth buying.

Opening hours: 6:30 am to 9 pm.

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13. Enjoy Couchsurfing

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Couchsurfing is a popular thing to do in Iran which helps the tourists to socialise with the locals. If staying with locals makes you uncomfortable, meet them for coffee, chit chat and understand their lifestyle, traditions, heritage, and history. One can also share their traditions leading to a delightful culture exchange experience. Couchsurfing in Iran is a must do for all and it adds an extra zeal to the vacation.

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14. Take A Tour In National Jewellery Treasury

National Jewellery Treasury Iran

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Iran has quite a few interesting museums and taking a tour of the National Jewellery Treasury is one of the most unique and exhilarating things to do in Iran. Nestled within the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran, this museum displays stunning collections of Iranian National Jewels as their legal and authenticated custodian. With sparkling gemstones and pieces of ancient pieces of the jewellery showcased for tourists, this is surely one of the places in Iran that cannot be missed at any cost.

Opening hours: 2 pm- 5 pm
Tickets: INR 850/person

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15. Visit Traditional Houses


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Iran boasts of beautiful traditional houses, particularly located in Kashan.
Displaying grand architecture, structure and lifestyle patterns of well-off families; these traditional houses have become major tourist attractions. Visiting places like Boroujerdi House, Tabātabāei House, Abbasi House, and Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse- an ancient spa are among the must-do things in Iran.

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Iran is beautiful and scenic and a host of amazing things to do in Iran makes the vacation even more interesting and memorable. Take a glance at our recommendations and freeze a plan for your trip to Iran.

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