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The beautiful city of rocks in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh is a hub for fun-filled and invigorating activities. Jabalpur holds within itself so many activities regarding sightseeing, trekking and mind-blowing. Just standing around taking pictures is not the only way to enjoy the beauty of this city, one should also explore the various ways they can partake in the most exciting things to do in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

15 Top Things To Do In Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh is easily the most magnetic city in India, tourist wise. Jabalpur makes your visit to this state even better by providing its tourists the following activities. A small city, slowly turning into a major hub for tourists as people are getting to sense the importance of the historic sites and adventure explorations. Here are the 15 top things to do in Jabalpur more eventful:

  • Visit The National Reserves: Find The Camouflage
  • Go For Trekking: A Supreme Taste Of Adventure
  • Get Into Boating: Sail Away
  • Do Some Sightseeing: Rock Your Mind Away
  • Delve Into Water Bodies: Water Water Everywhere
  • Explore Museums: Old Is Gold
  • Go For Shopping: All The Way
  • Ride Cable Car At Bhedaghat: For Awesome Views
  • Enjoy the Street Food of Jabalpur: Taste Spicy Food
  • Grab Views From Madan Mahal Fort: Learn The History
  • Explore Nature At Dumna Reserve Park: An Ecotourism Site
  • Get Blessings At Gwarighat Gurdwara: Pay Respects
  • Splash At Seaworld Water Park: For The Adventure
  • Get Spiritual At Chausath Yogini Temple: An Old Heritage 
  • Explore Sangram Sagar Lake: A Quiet Space

1. Visit The National Reserves: Find The Camouflage

National Reserve

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Taking a break from the human civilization would be a great idea to escape urban pollution, traffic and monotonous ways and visit the jungle-like atmosphere. Jabalpur has one of the best parks. Reserves and flora-fauna settlement. Safaris are a widely recommended activity that helps you see the beauty of the jungles in real life in their almost natural habitat.

However, keeping a safe distance and not pestering the animals is a must to break through their camouflage and rare appearances and enjoy watching their natural instincts. The best flora-fauna settlements to visit in and near Jabalpur are Kanha national park and Dumna reserve park.

Tip: Be careful as you will be in the lap of nature; don’t feed the animals!

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2. Go For Trekking: A Supreme Taste Of Adventure


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You do not need to fear eating large amounts of delicious, new and tasty food as Jabalpur also offers its tourists trekking. Trekking is not only for keeping that holiday flab away but also to view a place’s beauty in a more slow and detailed manner. Trekking provides an experience of walking on natural pathways caused by geological formations and to also come across a few regional and harmless animals and rare birds.

The best place in Jabalpur to try trekking is the Madan Mahal fort. You get to trek upwards and get a beautiful view if you reach the main trekking end destination.

Tip: Be familiar with your surroundings and wear proper gear!

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3. Get Into Boating: Sail Away


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Boating is one of the best things to do in Jabalpur. The salty water spraying lightly on your face and the cool breeze blowing makes the experience even better. Boating is highly recommended if you want to appreciate the dams, especially the Bargi dam and various ghats like Bedaghat and Gwarighat. The famous Dhuandhar falls also gives its tourists to get a closer look at the smoky falls by giving them an option to boat their way up to a safe distance.

Tip: Make sure that you are comfortable with boats and can travel on water.

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4. Do Some Sightseeing: Rock Your Mind Away


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Jabalpur is nicknamed as the city of rocks by its locals and it would be a shame if you forgot about the unique and beautiful soft rocks and rough caves with interesting engravings. Jabalpur has the finest natural rock structures like the balancing rock and the marble rocks. It has beautiful caves and forts made with the raw granite rocks like the Madan Mahal fort.

Tip: Be careful around the rocks as getting too close might be harmful!

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5. Delve Into Water Bodies: Water Water Everywhere

Water Bodies

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Jabalpur offers its tourists the best activities regarding various water bodies and activities. Jabalpur houses the famous Dhuandhar falls, the beautiful Narmada river, the calm Sangram Sagar lake and the numerous ghats situated on the Narmada river itself.

The dams are a sight to see as the Narmada dam project initiated many dams that effectively provide electricity to the people living in Madhya Pradesh. Tourists are also given a chance to undertake various boating options and see the water body is the closest possible way.

Tip: Don’t get too close to water!

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6. Explore Museums: Old Is Gold


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The ancient relics in Jabalpur completes the perfect sightseeing package and lets its locals hearts swell with pride because of the iconic, historic and unforgettable story etched behind the old heritage sites. The most famous Jabalpur thing to do is to pick up a camera and visit the forts and the temples standing since the 11th and 10th centuries. To experience the whiff of interesting history tourists can visit the Rani Durgavati fort and museum and the famous Chausath Yogini temple.

Tip: Follow the museum rules as history is preserved.

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7. Go For Shopping: All The Way


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It is not hard to believe that Jabalpur has the best sweets ranging from Kalakand, Malpua, Rabdi, Poha and Jalebi and khoya ki jalebi. What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest shops in Jabalpur and buy all these sweets lasting for at least a year because you will not be getting anything as original and perfect like the ones in Jabalpur.

The souvenirs are a must to never forget this memorable city, so do not forget to buy lots of memories from souvenir shops outside the famous forts, lakes, rivers and tourist sites.

Tip: Be vigilant of the market surroundings and research before you go.

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8. Ride Cable Car At Bhedaghat: For Awesome Views

Ropeway above the buildings

Bhedaghat is an enticing location with waterfalls and amazing landscapes, and serves as one of the best places to visit in Jabalpur. You can get a view of the Marble Rocks, take amazing shots of the place with a view view of the famous Dhuandhar waterfalls. When the rays of the sun fall on the rocks, it gives you an immense pleasure to explore.

Tip: Be careful if you are scared of heights. Don’t move much in the cable car.

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9. Enjoy the Street Food of Jabalpur: Taste Spicy Food

Samosas View

Jabalpur is known for its spicy variety of delicacies. The street food outlets give you a tasty introduction into the city’s local food culture. During the summers, you can find ice bars, Dahi Vada, Kulfi, Jaljira, Lassi, and Mangoshake. Come winter, and you get a taste of  Gajak, Laiya, Mangoda and Gaderi.

Tip: Eat to your heart’s content!

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10. Grab Views From Madan Mahal Fort: Learn The History

Old Building

To get a brief account into the history of the city, make sure that you visit the Madan Mahal Fort. This would be a nice place to visit if you are passionate about learning about the history and culture of this marble city. Built in the year 1116, this glorious fort has a reservoir, war rooms and a stable which speak volumes about the architecture of the place. 

Tip: Get your camera to capture the panoramic shots of the city.

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11. Explore Nature At Dumna Reserve Park: An Ecotourism Site

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Wondering what other things to do in Jabalpur that will complete your vacay? Well, here is a park for you to explore the flora and fauna of the region. One of the best places to visit in Jabalpur, the Dumna Reserve Park is a major eco-tourism site. As a nature lover, you get to walk around the gardens and get into birdwatching. You will also find the best of tent houses, lodges and resorts in Jabalpur here.

Tip: Don’t forget to participate in recreational activities including fishing, swimming, and toy train rides!

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12. Get Blessings At Gwarighat Gurdwara: Pay Respects


Located across the hills, on the banks of river Narmada, the Gwari Ghat Gurdwara is an amazing place to visit. Get a bird’s eye view, pay your respects and celebrate the enthusiasm of the place. Every Sunday, the Gurdwara organizes a feast, called Akhand Path Bhog, where locals, tourists and devotees gather in huge numbers to seek the blessings of God. 

Tip: The river also facilitates boating and so you  get to explore adventure.

13. Splash At Seaworld Water Park: For The Adventure

people on a waterslide

Want to have lots of fun? Welcome the Sea World Water Park into your itinerary which is one of the top activities in Jabalpur for adventure. Fun-filled pool and rides await your arrival. Due to its perfect hangout spots and food stalls, this water park serves as a top water park in Jabalpur. Taking a bath here and enjoying activities in the region makes this water park one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh in summer.

 Tip: Be careful of the water slides if you are neither fond of height, nor water.

14. Get Spiritual At Chausath Yogini Temple: An Old Heritage 

Chausath Yogini Temple

The Chausath Yogini Temple of Jabalpur is one of the top famous temples in Madhya Pradesh. Imbibed with Khajuraho architecture, the temple is one of the oldest heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh. Built in the 10th century by the Kalachuri kingdom, the temple houses Goddess Durga, along with 64 yoginis, hence the name.

Tip: Dress modestly and be careful in exploring the age-old temple architecture.

15. Explore Sangram Sagar Lake: A Quiet Space

Honnamana Kere Lake

You’ve done all the things to do in Jabalpur but you are looking to end the vacation with peace. Enters Sangram Sagar Lake, a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Seek inner peace and spend some quiet time at this serene lake with a rich aquatic life. And if you want to go around the lake, the Bajnamath fort is located nearby, and flaunts a medieval style architecture. 

Tip: Try to keep your smartphones and technology away to observe the full benefits of the place!

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Are you still sitting at home bored or are you one of those people who think that they have seen everything in India? Explore the top places and indulge in the best things to do in Jabalpur this year. TravelTriangle offers tour packages of beautiful places within India that will surely interest and convince you to pack your bags and head out for a trip to Madhya Pradesh.

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