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    Things to do in Luxor

    Luxor is one of the top travel destinations located in Southern Egypt. Luxor means palaces and one can find temples, royal tombs and river scenery here.Luxor is the best place to visit for those who have an interest in history and architecture. One can find various museums in Luxor and it is also often known as the World’s greatest open air Museum. The tourism industry is flourishing in Luxor. Here is a list of things to do in Luxor, on your visit to this place.

    Best Time To Visit Luxor

    Best Time To Visit Luxor

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    The Best Time To Visit Luxor is in the months of March-April and October-November. These are the most pleasant months in Luxor and even the crowd is less at this time. As the crowd is less, hotels also charge less during this time. Though the best temperature to visit Luxor is in winters but the hotels are expensive at this time. And the place is crowded as well. The months between May to September should be avoided as these are the hottest and most uncomfortable months to visit the place.

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    Things To Do In Luxor

    Luxor is famous for its museums and temples. One will find self around various tombs, iconic temple complexes and Egyptian Sandstones in Luxor. Mark these things to do in Luxor Egypt to your vacay list.

    1. Karnak Temple – Discover The Ancient Egypt

    Karnak Temple

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    The Temple of Karnak is one of the largest religious buildings around the world. It is a very beautiful place and leaves a person in amazement. It was built around 2000 years ago. Exploring and discovering the ancient Egypt is one of the best things to do in the Luxor. It also has a sacred lake inside it. One can find about all the rulers that ruled there once and know a lot about ancient Egypt.

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    2. Luxor Museum – Know About The Ancient Egyptian Art

    Luxor Museum

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    Luxor Museum is the best place to visit and see Egyptian Antiques. There are less number of artifacts in the museum because they believe in the policy of better quality than the quantity. One can find the finest artifacts without any doubt. The place is worth a visit as one can find the finest of artifacts at this place. If you are an explorer of history and art, then you will surely love the Luxor Museum as you will get to know a lot about the Ancient Egypt through this museum.

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    3. Sofra Restaurant and Cafe – Taste The Exotic Flavors Of Egypt

    Sofra Restaurant and Cafe

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    Egyptian cuisine is unique in its own style. It is known for its abundant use of fruits and vegetables. And if you are visiting Luxor, then it is a must try. You can find everything ranging from the traditional authentic Egyptian food to international and oriental food here. Sofra Restaurant and Cafe is the best restaurant to visit in Luxor and to enjoy the delicacies.

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    4. Falluca Ride – Sail In The Nile At Night

    Falluca Ride

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    Falluca is basically a sailboat fully controlled by men. A Falluca ride is the best thing to do in Luxor at night. One can experience the sun set down and the stars come up during a Falluca Ride at night. The view around is just amazing and can leave you mesmerized. So, do visit the Banana Island by taking a falluca ride.

    5. Go Shopping

    Go Shopping

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    Luxor is famous for different items such as perfumes, carpets, spices, alabasters and many more things. Also don’t forget to buy the Anubis keyrings and magnets as souvenirs. Try doing your shopping from government approved tourist shops as they are a surety of quality and price. The price may be a bit higher of products in Egypt as they are made by local craftsmen. But it is worth the price paid for.

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    6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Hot Air Balloon  Ride

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    Luxor is a beautiful place and one can get a beautiful aerial view of the place by riding in a hot air balloon. One can enjoy the sunrise as the rides start just after the sunrise and the west bank of Luxor. And Luxor is generally very hot during the day, so the best time to visit different places in Luxor is early morning or during the night. So, if you are thinking of what to do in Luxor, then this should be in your list.

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    7. Nile Cruise – Sailing In The Waters Of Nile

    Nile Cruise

    Image Source

    A trip on the Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan should be on your to do list. It is basically a guided tour that will take you through the most iconic and best sights in Ancient Egypt. Most of the cruises are generally for 4 nights. And Nile Cruise still remains the top most attraction in Luxor, Egypt.

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    How To Reach Luxor

    How To Reach Luxor

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    By Air
    The nearest airport from Luxor is Luxor International Airport which is around 18 km from the centre of Luxor. The other major international airport in Egypt is Cairo International Airport which is around 679 km from Luxor. There are frequent flights to Cairo from India through which one can easily reach Cairo and then further travel by road.

    By Train
    There are no trains between India and Luxor. So, you will have to reach there by flight. But there are trains running from one city to another in Egypt. You can travel by train to Luxor from Cairo.

    By Road
    One can drive and reach Egypt. The distance between Egypt and India is around 4500 km. And you will have to cross Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and parts of Jordan and Israel to reach Egypt. It also requires a lot of permits and documents. Also if we see the political conditions, this route is not advisable.

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    Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes is a popular tourist destination with various ancient sites. It is famous for various monasteries and temples. One will be left awestruck by the beauty of this place. Shop and eat as you travel through the place. If you are a traveler who loves to explore the museums, traditional artifacts and monuments, then Luxor is totally for you. Book a trip to Luxor with Travel Triangle and also mark these things to do in Luxor on your to do list. Have the best of your time with your family.

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