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Nagaland has one of the utmost beauties of the Purvanchal Himalayas Mountain Ranges in India. It boasts nature, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, accessible mountain peaks, and valleys. It is a tourist-friendly place in Northeast India. It is an important destination in the Purvanchal tours. Nagaland coordinates are 25.67° North and 94.12° East.There are many things to do in Nagaland for all ages of people in all seasons. They are available as outdoor and indoor activities. These are like hiking, trekking, camping, nightlife, and museum visits. The honeymooners, adventure seekers, family, and friends can enjoy these things to do in solo and groups. This place is also popular for its tribal people and their cultural values. You must visit here in the festival seasons of Nagaland to see those cultural heritages. Here, we have selected the top ten things to do once in your Nagaland tour.

Top 10 Things To Do In Nagaland

Here is a list of the best things to do in Nagaland that will give you a heartwarming experience of holidaying there. There is something to do for every kind of traveler. From adventure seeker to nature lover, this destination is paradisiacal for all. Take a look!

  • Ntangki National Park: Take A Wild Safari
  • Nagaland State Museum: See The Naga Heritage
  • Kisama Heritage Village: Explore The Nagaland’s Cultural Heritage
  • Dzukou Valley: Take A Nature Trek
  • Mount Saramati: Take A Trekking Trail
  • Kohima Mountains: Camp Under The Stars
  • Rain Forest Trail: Explore Nagaland Through Mountain Biking
  • Shilloi Lake: Take A Nature Walk
  • Doyang River: Go For Boating
  • Kohima: Experience Nightlife

1. Ntangki National Park: Take A Wild Safari

Take A Wild Safari In Ntangki National Park

Image Credit: leonbasson for Pixabay
This was an erstwhile forest reserve of Nagaland. Visiting this is one of the fun activities to do in Nagaland. In the year 1923, this place in Peren district was a forest reserve. Later, this place was kept as a wildlife sanctuary. Later, 5,120 acres were included in this natural reserve area. In the year 1993, it was declared as a National Park. It is 110-km away from its capital town Kohima. The nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts must take a wildlife safari in this National Park. It is an exotic forest to take a jeep safari and explore this forest reserve on a day trip. If you are lucky, you can find a group of elephants near the lakes. You can find predators like the lion, tiger, and leopard. There are monkeys, which are native species of Southeast Asian countries. You can find a sloth bear in grasslands. The birds like white-breasted kingfisher and hornbill are common to sight on the trees and water bodies. The reptile varieties you can see are python and monitor lizard. You can take photos of this wildlife in its natural habitat.

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2. Nagaland State Museum: See The Naga Heritage

Nagaland State Museum

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Once you land in Kohima, you must visit this incredible Nagaland State Museum. It is the finest place to see 16-tribal communities’ authentic arts and crafts. You must reach Upper Bayavu Hill, which is a 20-minute walkable distance only. You must be here in-between 09:30 Am to 03:00 PM. You can enter this museum by paying INR 10 and INR 50 for your camera. The history buffs and people interested in cultural heritage may need more than 3-hours to explore this museum. Others might need one or two hours only. It is worth visiting to see its art gallery, antiquities and see the history of profound Naga tribal communities wearables and things that are unique to this land.

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3. Kisama Heritage Village: Explore The Nagaland’s Cultural Heritage

Kisama Heritage Village

Image Source
Kisama Heritage Village is one of the important things to do in Nagaland during the Hornbill Festival. You must be here in the first 2-weeks of December month to see Naga culture in one place. This is because; Nagaland has 16-tribal communities with varied cultural differences. These can be seen with their attires, the use of traditional crafts, and the way they live with Mother Nature. If you visit here during this annual festival, you can taste authentic Naga tribal cuisines. Foreigners do attend this festival apart from domestic tourists. One important thing you can notice is that this village is untouched by modernization. That is why it is named as the heritage village of Nagaland. You can see this village and its tribal people as they were in ancient times. They show their performance arts during the 10-days Hornbill Festival.

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4. Dzukou Valley: Take A Nature Trek

Dzukou Valley

Image Source
What the Purvanchal Himalayas can offer is its exotic lush greeneries. You must reach Dimapur, which is 24-km away from Kohima. A day trip is the best to trek this scenic mountain valley. If you have enough time, you can trek and reach the Japfu Peak, which is 10,118-ft above the mean sea level. The view of this valley from this peak will be a memorable one than the photos you take from here. One-hour time is sufficient for an energetic person to reach its peak from this valley. June to September is the best time to trek this valley and climb its accessible peak, which is of moderate difficulties. The Himalayan flora blooms during this season. It will be eye-soothing everywhere to look at those colorful flowers. This place is the best to trek by nature lovers, honeymooners, and Anthophytes. It is advisable to carry hiking shoes, hiking sticks, and a camera and wear woolen fabric.

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5. Mount Saramati: Take A Trekking Trail

trekking in nagaland

Mount Saramati is the highest mountain peak of the Purvanchal Himalayas in India. The eastern slopes from this peak divide India and Burma as the international border. You can see the Sagaing Region of Burma from this peak. When you reach this peak, you will be at an altitude of 12,552-ft above the mean sea level. The people with high altitude sickness must not try this trekking trail once in Nagaland tour. You must reach here early in the morning in Thanamir Village, which is in Kiphire District. It is 84-km away from Kohima. This is the best mountain peak to take a trekking trail by nature lovers and adventure seekers once in Nagaland tour.

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6. Kohima Mountains: Camp Under The Stars

Camping & Bird Watching

Camping in a hill station at an altitude of 4,738-ft above the mean sea level is the best for all ages of people. Kohima, the capital of Nagaland offers one of the best camping sites with excellent facilities and amenities. You must be here from April to September to enjoy camping with the views of mountain vistas and for night sky gazing. You must come under an all-inclusive Nagaland tour package with camping as one of the things to do in Nagaland. They provide free breakfast and Wi-Fi facilities to the campers. You need not worry about food and beverages. They prepare barbeque dishes on-demand near the campsite itself. For your dining needs, it has an onsite restaurant too. Hence, the campers need not go out for any food and beverage needs. You can enjoy the camping with mountain vistas of Kohima. It is advisable to carry woolen fabrics. The organizers do arrange for born fire during the night.

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7. Rain Forest Trail: Explore Nagaland Through Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Image Source
Bike rentals are available in Kohima for a day trip and on a daily rental. Few of the organizer does not take a deposit is the biggest advantage for foreign and domestic tourists. The popular biking trail areas are Lugsad, Rain Forest Trail, and Bakahan. The Naga roads are good and the best for anyone who has not taken a mountain road drive too. It is advisable to have a biking route map on your travel app or carry a physical map of the biking route you are going to explore. By mountain biking, you can see the scenic valleys, lush green mountain meadows, mountain mists, and Purvanchal vistas at the fullest. There are roadside vendors, where you can fill your appetite and drink hot tea or coffee. You must book an organized bike tour in Nagaland. It is advisable to come in a group to enjoy mountain biking in Nagaland.

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8. Shilloi Lake: Take A Nature Walk

Shilloi Lake

Image Source
This is a natural lake with Scenic Mountain surrounding in Nagaland. A nature walk is the best to go by all ages of people. You must reach Lutsam Village in the Phek District of Nagaland. It is 113-km away from Kohima and borders with India – Burma international border. You can see the Siberian Carne on this lake. The hornbill and other Purvanchal birds are common to find in all-seasons. The mountain vistas and the rolling hills surrounding are the best to go by walk and take photos. You can find the reflections of the rolling hills on this lake waters from all sides you walk around this lakeshore. This is a freshwater lake, which is 5,000-ft above the mean sea level. You can breathe fresh air throughout your nature-walking trail of this lake area.

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9. Doyang River: Go For Boating

Doyang River

Image Source
Doyang River is 38-km away from Kohima. This is the longest river in Nagaland too. Taking a boat ride on this river is the finest way to enjoy the riverside scenic areas. If you are lucky, you can find some wildlife, which is native to the Purvanchal. You can also watch the tribal people trying their luck to catch fish through angling from the river shores. November to April is the best time to visit here for boating in Nagaland. This is the best recreational things to do for romantic people and tourists coming here in a group.

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10. Kohima: Experience Nightlife


The best way to stay and enjoy this Capital is through shopping and nightlife. Witnessing nightlife is one of the must-try activities to do in Nagaland. There are hotels serving liquor to its inmates. There are many bars, which are open up to 11:00 PM. After a couple of drinks, you can taste authentic traditional food and multi-cuisine dishes in the main streets of Kohima. The right time to visit Kohima for nightlife is during the night carnival time. You can also enjoy traditional rice beer. Kohima has many nearby attractions to visit. You can explore the Kohima War Cemetery, Naga Heritage Village, Khonoma Village, and Kisama Heritage Village during the daytime.

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Best Time To Visit Nagaland

Best Time To Visit Nagaland

The best time to pay a visit to Nagaland is anytime between October to May. It’s best to visit before April as the temperatures usually start rising after that. However, the temperatures are just perfectly hot to enjoy the various adventure activities.

March to June: These months are the summer months in Nagaland. The temperatures usually vary between 20 degrees and 36 degrees Celsius. During the initial months of this season, the weather is neither too cold nor too warm. Hence, simply perfect for some sightseeing and outdoor adventures.

July to October: These are the months of monsoon season in Nagaland and it’s best to avoid it. The destination might look more green and lush but the chances of landslides during this month are really high. However, if you are looking for budget travel to Kohima, this is perhaps the best time.

November to February: With the temperatures ranging anything between 5 degrees to 30 degrees, these months are the winter months for Nagaland. The festive mood in these months is the highlight of the season. December to February are the coldest months with infrequent snowfall and frosts. It is during the winter season that the famous Hornbill Festival is celebrated.

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We have tried covering some of the best things to do in Nagaland that will give you a soul-soothing experience. These things are perfect for any kind of trip may it be family, friends or solo. So, plan your next vacation in Nagaland and enjoy to the fullest!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nagaland

Is Nagaland a tourist-friendly place in India?

Yes, Nagaland’s official language is English. They are tourist-friendly people too. Nearly 30% of its population survives due to tourism and allied industries.

Are there any threats from Naga tribal people while enjoying things to do in Nagaland?

No, Naga tribal people are tourist-friendly. As of now, there are no threats from them. They do come forwards and do Naga cultural and performances art for the tourists.

Which are the best months to visit Nagaland for Nature, adventure, and water sports related things to do?

Nature, adventure, and water sports related things to do are the best in-between from October to May months. These are pleasant seasons with moderate weather, calm flow waters, and clear sky in Nagaland.

Is Nagaland a safe place to take a tour by a solo woman tourist?

Yes, people of Nagas speak English and they are tourist-friendly too. It will be better to come under any of the all-inclusive Nagaland Nature or adventure tour packages. This will include your accommodation, food, local transit, and things to do in Nagaland.

How to reach Nagaland via Flight?

You must book a flight from Kolkata to Dimapur Airport in Nagaland. It is the only civilian passenger-serving airport in the eastern parts of India. This airport is 43-miles away from its state capital Kohima.

Is going for an adventure in Nagaland is safe for tourists?

Yes, you must come under an organized adventure tour package in Nagaland. They are guided and assisted tour to climb a mountain peak, trekking in the Naga valley, and go for mountain biking in Naga villages.

How many days are necessary to go for all things to do in Nagaland?

A week-long holidaying is the best to go for all the things to do in Nagaland. For this, you must be here from in-between October to May months.

What is special in Nagaland?

There are plenty of things that make Nagaland special including but not limited to its culture, wildlife, locals, cuisine, history, tourist attractions, the exciting things to do, and much more!

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