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Northern California is a region stretching from Oregon to San Luis Obispo County. It is popular for its redwood forests and dramatic coastline. Northern California is leading in the world’s economic, cultural, and scientific fields. It is home to some of the leading brands like Apple, Google, Yahoo, eBay, and much more.

These brands are a testimonial to the fact that Northern California has a strong footing in new ways of doing things and business. Northern California’s largest metropolitan area in San Francisco. It is also the second largest populated city in Northern California and a leading economic center.

People who are fitness conscious and love nature are going to get fascinated by the treks in Northern California. Trekking trails give a great opportunity to push yourself and have an amazing experience. So, if you are on a vacation, you should make it a point to go on trekking.

14 Trails For Treks In Northern California

We understand that finding a hiking trail is quite difficult at times; hence we have compiled a list of some of the best treks in North California that you can choose to experience during your vacation.

1. Palomarin Trailhead

Palomarin Trailhead

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Hiking with a view makes the entire experience a lot more fun. SO if you are looking for a place that has beautiful and stunning views, then you have to go for hiking at the Palomarin Trailhead. The place has a waterfall at the end of the hike.

The best part about this trail is that it offers you one of the easy hikes in North California, so you can go with your entire family. This hiking trail has serene atmosphere and you are going to enjoy your hike here.

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2. Natural Bridges Trailhead

Wooden Bridge

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The hiking at the Natural Bridges Trailhead is quite a fun hike. While the hike going downhill is quite easy, the climbing of the hill may be slightly difficult for some. The most exciting part about the trail is the cave.

There is a cave that you have to go through, which has water in it. The water levels are quite low so you can swim and cross the cave. It is a fun experience that one must undergo.

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3. Hidden Falls Regional Park

Hidden Falls Regional Park

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If you are fan of hiking, horseback riding or biking, you are going to love this place as there is provision of all of these activities at the park. There are many trails that you can choose from. At the end of these trails, you will be welcomed by beautiful waterfalls.

The hiking takes about one or two hours depending upon your speed. Then you can even choose to explore the rest of the park. The trails are pretty easy and wide enough.

4. Beale Falls

Beale Falls

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The trail that leads to up to the Beale Falls is quite good. It is a quite simple and you may even spot some cows on your way. The only drawback is that there are no washrooms available here. The fall is stunning and is almost hundred feet. It is a must visit to view the beautiful waterfall.

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5. Mill Creek Trail

Mill Creek Trail

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During summer time, hiking can get pretty tiring and strenuous affair. But that should not deter you from going on hiking trips. The Mill Creek trail is a perfect hiking trail for summers. It is quite simple and has a lot of shade so you will not be as tired.

At the end of the trail, there is a mesmerizing waterfall, which makes it one of the most beautiful hikes in Northern California. The hike is not a long one. So, if you are travelling with kids, then this is the perfect hiking place.

6. Independence Trail


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The Independence Trail literally gives you freedom in terms of choosing a trail for yourself. You can choose the trail according to your preferences. No matter which trail you choose, the view is stunning here. There are benches, where you can rest and even have a picnic with your family.

Along the river, there are some swimming holes that you are going to find wherein you can go swimming. This place is perfect for doing a host of activities.

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7. Carlon Falls Trail

Carlon Falls Trail

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The Carlon Falls Trails provides you with an easy hiking trail that is less than four miles. The trails lead up to breathtaking views of the water falls. What is great is that there are swimming holes present here where you can swim. The water here is crystal clear and will tempt you to take a dip!

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8. Loch Leven Lakes Trailhead

Loch Leven Lakes Trailhead

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The beautiful trail takes you to three stunning rivers. The trails are quite easy. After a long hike you can even choose to swim in the lakes. Or you may even pack a picnic basket and have a lakeside picnic. Do wear proper footwear and carry plenty of water for your hike here.

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9. Fairy Falls Trailhead

Fairy Falls Trailhead

Image Source

The trail at the Fairy Falls Trailhead is quite suitable for someone who is a first timer. But be warned, the rocks here are pretty smooth that makes the task of footing a bit of a challenge. This can be especially difficult if you are travelling with kids.

So, for going to the falls you should choose the upper trail which is much easier than the lower trail. Do wear proper footwear and do not forget to carry sunscreen.

10. Rae Lakes Loop Trailhead

Rae Lakes Loop Trailhead

Image Source

Greenery is somewhat lost amidst the concrete jungles. But whenever you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should make it a point to try to visit some trails so that you get to witness lush greenery. The Rae lakes loop Trailhead is a perfect place to experience great trails with greenery. The views that you get at the trail are amazing. It is perfect for all the age groups.

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11. Eagle Rock Hiking Trail Homewood

Eagle Rock Hiking Trail Homewood

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If you are looking for easy hike with beautiful views, then your search ends with Eagle Rock Hiking Trail. The trail is quite simple and is suitable for all the beginners and for those who are travelling with families.

There are many trails that you can choose from to have one of the great hikes in Northern California. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that do not forget to carry water. There are no water or soda vendors here.

12. Black Hole of Calcutta Falls Trailhead

Black Hole of Calcutta Falls Trailhead

Image Source

There are many trail options that you are going to get here. The trails are beautiful, and if you are lucky enough you will even spot some deer on this trail. The hiking level is easy to moderate. There are many scenic views that you are going to get on these trails.

So, do not forget your camera and click some of the stunning photographs while you are at the Black Hole of Calcutta Falls Trailhead.

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13. Stout Grove Trailhead

Stout Grove Trailhead

Image Source

This is a good accessible hike that is smooth and quite easy for hiking. This is a different experience of hiking. On this trail, you get a chance to walk through the forests which is a very great and different experience. It’s a great place to connect with nature. The hike is a short one, You will even find a river where you can spend some time swimming.

14. McCloud River Falls Trailhead

McCloud River Falls Trailhead

Image Source

Here you will find a stunning fall. The fall is divided into three parts, low, middle and upper. You can go hiking from any of these three parts. At McCloud River Falls Trailhead you are even going to spot some beautiful birds and deer.

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Going on treks and spending some great time with family seem like an ideal vacation. To make this a reality, a pre-planning is a must. When planning a trip to Northern California, don’t forget to prepare an itinerary and add the above-mentioned top treks in Northern California.

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