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    Tourist places near Jodhpur

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    From the grandeur of Mehrangarh Fort to the peaceful environs of Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur epitomises the art, culture, and the beauty of nature through its architectural marvels and attractions. And the Golden City shares this striking beauty with famous as well as offbeat tourist places near Jodhpur that are full of natural charm to the core.

    So if you’ve been planning to extend your vacation to this princely state of Rajasthan, then this list of mesmerizing tourist places near Jodhpur is what you exactly need!

    Tourist Places Near Jodhpur Within 200 Kms

    Located within the range of 200 odd kilometers, these are the offbeat and lesser known places to visit near Jodhpur that make for a great stay in Rajasthan.

    15. Khimsar

    tourist places around Jodhpur

    Image Source

    Much famed for its cultural heritage and age-old settlements, Khimsar is one of the lesser-known tourist places around Jodhpur that is located near the village of Khinwsar. Yet to be explored to its fullest potential by the travelers, Khimsar makes for a great vacation away from the city clutter.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 98.5 Kilometers
    Major Attractions: Khimsar Dunes Village, Khimsar Fort, Osian, Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sacchiyamata Temple
    Best Time To Visit: January and February

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    14. Nagaur

    Tourist places near Jodhpur

    Image Source

    Owing much to its location which lies between the famous cities of Bikaner and Jodhpur, Nagaur is yet another one of the tourist places near Jodhpur Rajasthan that is gaining much popularity amidst the travelers. Once dominated by the Rajputs, Nagaur is one place that has deep-rooted cultural and historical significance.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 141 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Nagaur: Akbari Mahal, Amar Singh Palace, Bhanwal Mata Temple, Bhagat Singh Palace, and Ganesh Temple
    Best Time To Visit: January and February
    Things To Do: Visit Tarkeen Dargah and Deepak Mahal
    Places To Stay: Yogi Raj Guest House, Hotel Bagariya Palace Deluxe, Red Chilli Hotel And Restaurant, Hotel Spice And Restaurant

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    13. Khichan

    Tourist places near Jodhpur

    Image Source

    Reckoned to be one of the best places in Rajasthan for bird watching, Khichan or Kheechan is located in the Phalodi region of the Jodhpur district. Home to a whopping 15,000 and more Demoiselle Cranes, Khichan also serves as one of the most scenic picnic spots near Jodhpur.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 142 Kilometers
    Major Attractions: Kheechan Bird Sanctuary
    Best Time To Visit: November to February
    Places To Stay: Kurja Resort, Hotel City Point, Dera Dune The Clement Retreats

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    12. Ranakpur

    Ranakpur, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    On your way from Jodhpur to Udaipur, lies this quaint little town of Ranakpur which is very popular for its Jain temples. Other than the architectural marvels, temples, and unspoilt environs that makes Ranakpur one of the unspoilt tourist places near Jodhpur, the town is also famous for the astonishing number of monkeys that reside here.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 165 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Ranakpur: Ranakpur Jain Temple, Surya Narayan Temple, Sadri, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple
    Best Time To Visit: October to February
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 45,500/-
    Places To Stay: Fatehbagh, Ideal Lake View Resort, Hotel Aranyawas, Roopam Resort

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    11. Pokhran

    Tourist places near Jodhpur

    Image Source

    The city of Pokhran goes down in the history to have offered its ground for the testing the detonation of country’s first-ever nuclear weapon. Located at the core of the Thar Desert, Pokhran is undoubtedly one of the remotest and historically rich places to visit near Jodhpur.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 178 Kilometers
    Major Attractions: Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Fort Pokhran, and Baba Ramdev Temple
    Best Time To Visit: October to February
    Places To Stay: The Fort Pokaran, Thar Oasis Resort & Camp, Samsara Resort and Camp, Mirvana Nature Resort And Camps 

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    10. Pushkar

    Tourist places near Jodhpur

    Set in the heart of the district of Ajmer, Pushkar is one of the most colorful, vibrant and flamboyant tourist places near Jodhpur Rajasthan. Housing about 52 ghats which are the staircases of stone leading to the lake, Pushkar is one of the famous sacred sites of Rajasthan which is a home to hundreds of temples.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 185 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Pushkar: Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake, Savitri Mata Temple, Lake Foy Sagar, and Varaha Temple
    Best Time To Visit: November and March
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 7,499/-
    Places To Stay: Moti Mahal, Kanhaia Haveli, Hotel Brahma Horizon, Elephant Pushkar

    9. Kumbhalgarh

    Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Adding the much needed grace to the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh is a fortress of the Mewar Kingdom which stands tall on the western ranges of the famous Aravali Hills. With an astonishing wall that measures upto a length of 38 kilometers, the World Heritage Site of Kumbhalgarh Fort happens to be a must-visit attraction in this city. This is amongst the best tourist places around Jodhpur.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 188 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Kumbhalgarh: Kumbhalgarh Fort, Badal Mahal, Baoli, Nilkanth Mahadev Mandir, Gupt Mahal, and Topkhana
    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 10,000/-
    Things To Do: Explore Biggest Wall of India, Jungle Safari At Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
    Places To Stay: Alcor Spa Resorts , Kumbhalgarh Fort Resort-Pure Veg, The Aodhi, The Kumbha Residency, Kanj The Haveli Resort

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    Tourist Places Near Jodhpur Within 300 Kms

    Located within the range of 300 odd kilometers, these are the famous places to see near Jodhpur that make for a lavish vacation in the heart of Rajasthan.

    8. Barmer

    Barmer, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Though the district of Barmer happens to be the third largest area in the state of Rajasthan, it yet remains one of the lesser-known tourist places near Jodhpur. Formerly known as Mallani, the great ruler of Bahada Rao established this city which is famous for its ancient temples.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 202 Kilometers
    Major Attractions: Kiradu Temples, Nagnechi Mata Mandir, Mahabar Sand Dunes, Shahid Circle, Balark Temple, and Panch Batti Chouraha
    Best Time To Visit: March and April
    Places To Stay: Hotel Amber Palace, New Kk Hotel, Greatway Inn, Hotel Yaduraj

    7. Ajmer


    Image Source

    From the sacred Ajmer Sharif Dargah to the quixotic Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer is a place that feels like magic to the bits. Surrounded by the majestic Aravali Hills, make sure you do not miss out on the Taragarh Fort when in the beautiful city of Ajmer.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 206 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Ajmer: Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Ana Sagar Lake, Lake Foy Sagar, Ajmer Jain Temple, and Taragarh Fort
    Best Time To Visit: April and June
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 11,000/-
    Things To Do: Boating, Enjoy The Nightlife, Visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah
    Places To Stay: Kc Inn, Hotel Al-Towheed, The Royal Melange Hotel, Neelkamal Hotel, Hotel Royal Ajmer

    6. Deshnok

    Deshnok, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Reckoned across the country to be the only place where the rats are worshipped as the Gods, Deshnok is one of the must visit tourist places near Jodhpur. Located in the close proximity to the border of Pakistan, make sure you visit the famous Karni Mata Temple which is believed to be about 600 years old.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 222 Kilometers
    Major Attractions: Karni Mata Temple, Manuj Depawat Statue, and Shree Karni Museum
    Best Time To Visit: October to November

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    5. Kishangarh

    Kishangarh, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Founded by the prince of Jodhpur – Prince Kishan Singh, the princely state of Kishangarh was established by the royalty themselves. Famous for its royal palaces and high-rising forts, Kishangarh serves as one of the offbeat places to visit near Jodhpur.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 233 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Kishangarh: Phool Mahal Palace, Kishangarh Fort, Ambedkar Circle, Sarwadi Gate, and Mokham Vilas
    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Places To Stay: Ramada Ajmer, GenX Kishangarh, Hotel Kumkum

    4. Bikaner


    Image Source

    Encircled by the Thar Desert on all sides, Bikaner is one of the most cultural tourist places near Jodhpur and a city that has its roots deep in its traditions. Offering many popular sites like that of Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, and Prachina Museum, Bikaner serves as a perfect destination for a laid-back vacation.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 252 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Bikaner: Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Prachina Museum, Ganga State Museum, Bikaji Ki Tekri, and Bhandasar Jain Temple
    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 8,000/-
    Things To Do: Attend the famous Camel Festival, Visit Junagarh Fort
    Places To Stay: Hotel Udai Niwas, Shanti House, Hotel Laxmi Residency, Heritage Resort Bikaner

    3. Udaipur

    Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Reckoned to be one of the most romantic honeymoon places in Rajasthan, Udaipur oozes royalty, luxury, and charm like no other city in the state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by lakes on all sides, Udaipur has everything that makes a luxury vacation, a total hit amongst the travelers. This is one of the best tourist places around Jodhpur.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 260 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Udaipur: City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Monsoon Palace
    Best Time To Visit: September to March
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 5,000/-
    Things To Do: Boat Cruise, Ride The Ropeway, Trekking
    Places To Stay: Trident Udaipur, The Sierra, Banjara Hostel, Little Garden Guest House, The Oberoi Udaivilas

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    2. Mount Abu

    Mount Abu, Rajasthan

    Image Source

    Popular to be the only hilly escapade in a land which is dominated by the desert, Mount Abu is one of the refreshing tourist places near Jodhpur. Located in the Sirohi district, a vacation in Mount Abu is all about relaxing amidst the mountains while relishing the scenic views of the natural beauty around.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 271 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Mount Abu: Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh Fort, Toad Rock, Peace Park, Trevor’s Tank, and Arbuda Devi Temple
    Best Time To Visit: Monsoon
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 4,500/-
    Things To Do: Boating, Trekking, Camping
    Places To Stay: EMINENCE – Mount Abu, Richi Valley Villa A Hill View Nature Stay, Hotel Samiralok, The Colonial Manek Manor, Shaleen Elegance

    1. Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

    Of forts, palaces, museums, and ancient ruins, Jaisalmer is the gateway to the Great Thar Desert. Located in the heart of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is much famed as the “Golden City” due to its highlighting and intricate architectural style done in yellow sandstone. While Jaisalmer Fort adds the knightly stature to the city, the Maharaja Palace and the Jain temples take you through its deep-rooted history.

    Distance From Jodhpur: 289 Kilometers
    Major Attractions In Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, Vyas Chhatri, Khaba Fort, Folklore Museum, Desert Cultural Centre, and Raja Ka Mahal
    Best Time To Visit: November to March
    Packages Starting From: ₹ 6,000/-
    Things To Do: Boating, Parasailing, Paramotoring
    Places To Stay: Mystic Jaisalmer, Ozaki Jaisalmer , Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, Boutique Helsinki

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    Feel like updating your bucket list? Then what’s stopping you? Awaken your inner travel bug and get going to explore these fascinating tourist places near Jodhpur. Just book a trip to Rajasthan, and let TravelTriangle plan a hassle-free holiday for you!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places Near Jodhpur

    How many days should I spend in Jodhpur?

    You should plan a 2 to 3 days trip to Jodhpur. You can explore the major tourist attractions in the city on your vacation and then head to nearby places.

    What is Ajmer famous for?

    Ajmer is known throughout the world for Ajmer Sharif Dargah and the other forts situated in the city. A lot of celebrities visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah every year and when you are on your vacation in Ajmer, even you should pay a visit to this religious spot.

    Is Puskar worth-visiting?

    Yes, Pushkar is an incredible city and it is completely worth visiting. From the Camel Fair to the tranquil Pushkar Lake, this city has a lot in store for all tourists.

    What should I buy in Jodhpur?

    Jodhpur is a paradise for all shopping lovers and you can buy various items like traditional men and women wear, antiques, red chilies, and local footwear.

    What is the best time to visit Rajasthan?

    Winters are the best time to visit any city as the weather is pleasant and you don’t have to face the summer heat. You can plan your trip from November to March.

    Which are the best resorts in Jodhpur?

    Some of the most popular hotels located in Jodhpur are listed below!
    1. Mihir Garh
    2. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace
    3. Raas
    4. Hari Mahal

    Which are the best places to visit in Udaipur?

    There are several places that you can visit in Udaipur and the best ones are listed below!
    1. Lake Palace
    2. City Palace
    3. The Monsoon Palace:
    4. Fateh Sagar Lake:
    5. Saheliyon Ki Bari

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