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The place where every romantic couple will be spoilt for choice is Zanzibar Island. The name itself brings about the magic, the mystery, and the blissful beauty. . Being on a honeymoon feels like a dream when you have your partner by your side to admire the pristine, crystal-clear waters, pearl-white sand, and swaying palm trees of the island. Those who’ve done a Zanzibar honeymoon say the island is the place dreams are made of. Does it sound too good to be true? Travel to the land of lagoon-like seas and coral beaches to find out for yourself!

Know a little about Zanzibar

Zanzibar natives rowing a boat in the sea

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Known worldwide as the “Spice Island”, the gorgeous island of Zanzibar is an incredible mix of culture, history, and white-sand beaches. The island is about 90 km long and 40 km wide and consists of many small islands and two big islands – Pemba and Unguja (officially known as Zanzibar).

Best time to visit Zanzibar for a honeymoon: The cool and dry months of spring which are from June to October are absolutely pleasant. Another best time to visit Zanzibar is from December to February when it’s warm and dry; for an African beach holiday means sun-drenched shores and the most gorgeous sunsets. Due to heavy rainfall, travelling to Zanzibar from mid-March to late May isn’t recommended.

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5 most gorgeous places to visit in Zanzibar for couples

If you are wondering about honeymoon destinations in Zanzibar, read on to get all the deets!

1. Prison Island – An escape into nature

a wooden bridge leading to the ocean on Prison Island SS30052017

Prison Island was once a prison for slaves, now it is a mesmerizing island that gives you an opportunity to escape into a magical world of peace and beauty. Visiting the island is a significant part of your Zanzibar honeymoon and you must take a short trip to it. The island is home to giant tortoises imported from Seychelles in the 19th century, some of them are 100 years old. You can take a 30-minute long romantic and scenic boat ride from Zanzibar and can spend the whole day exploring the ruins, sunbathing, swimming etc.

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2. Zanzibar Butterfly Centre – Enter the world of colours and chase butterflies

a butterfly sitting on a flower

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Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is a wonderful place to see tropical gardens with thousands of butterflies. This one of the largest butterfly centres across Africa lets you feed the butterflies and watch the complete lifecycle of many butterflies. It is also a perfect space for photographers. 

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3. Nungwi Beach – Soak in the serenity of the lovely beach

boats in ocean waters of Zanzibar Island

Sleep Nungwi Beach is a perfect place for honeymooners. The rustic beach is located in the quaint village of Nungwi surrounded by palm trees. This crystal-clear water makes it an ideal place for trying scuba diving and snorkelling, one can also relax and swim in the turquoise water. You can also visit Stone Town—a UNESCO world heritage site, which is a short distance away from Nungwi village.

4. Kendwa beach – Witness god’s beautiful creations

two Zanzibari men walk on the beach of Kendwa

Kendwa Beach is known for the monthly Full Moon Party, so if you happen to be there during a full moon night you can be a part of the most happening party on the island. The beach is also popular for romantic sunset cruises in the evening and sunbathing.

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5. The Rock restaurant – One of the unique restaurants on earth

A hotel in the middle of water on a rock

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Situated on a not-so-large rock in the middle of the ocean waters, The Rock is a popular restaurant amongst honeymooners. The unique settings along with the scrumptious delicacies at the restaurant pamper guests. If the budget allows, this is one of the most romantic restaurants you’ll ever visit.

Must try: Jumbo prawns, crab spaghetti, and homemade tagliolini.
Quick tip: Make sure you reserve a table as it is usually full during the high season.

5 exciting things to do in Zanzibar with your partner

Here are a few experiences you can enjoy in Zanzibar with your better half:

1. Dhow cruise experience- Sail with your love on the calm waters of the ocean

Dhow cruises on waters at sunset

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Your Dhow Safari begins from Fumba village on Zanzibar Island, which is popular for isolated sandbanks, interesting wildlife, and rugged island scenery of Menai Bay Conservation Area. You can cruise around several unbelievably beautiful islands, enjoy a delicious lunch, and experience the most beautiful sunset of your life. Watch the colours of the sky change from light blue to magnificent gold on your way back to the hotel.

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2. Snorkeling – Explore the marine life at Mnemba Atoll together

couple snorkelling at Mnemba Atoll

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Snorkelling in Zanzibar is one of the best things honeymoon couples can try. This is going to be an unforgettable experience for both of you, as you’ll be underwater with more than 350 different species of fish and other marine creatures.

3. Watching the sunset – Because seeing a sunset never gets old

palms tree shades at a beach during sunset

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Watching a beautiful sunset sitting on a serene beach while sipping ice-cold champagne never gets old and boring. In fact, it’s the most beautiful part of beach vacations. And Zanzibar is known for this incredible phenomenon and there are a number of unique places like the Stone Town to experience them.

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4. Take a food journey – Sip and eat something delicious

Zanzibari sea food

Food in Zanzibar generally means healthy seafood with rice. You can explore popular restaurants like Emerson’s House (rooftop) and Blues (waterfront) in Stone Town for delicious and authentic Zanzibari food. If you want to have some fresh fish dishes in the evening, you can visit Fat Fish Bar run by Chris Jones.

5. Swim with dolphins – Dive deep inside the ocean in Kizimkazi

A dolphin diving during high tides

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The Kizimkazi area is known for diving with friendly and cute dolphins. The shallow coastal waters around the area attract dolphins and they usually come here for food, to rest, and socialize. Dolphin tours on the island are popular amongst couples and dolphin lovers. This activity is best experienced early in the morning between 5:30 am to 6:00 am. In the afternoon, the ocean water gets warm, so the dolphins dive deep down to the seabed to escape heat.

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Romantic honeymoon hotels in Zanzibar for honeymoon

There are numerous hotels in Zanzibar where honeymooners can enjoy a cosy time while making the most of luxurious facilities and amenities. Some of the best ones are:

1. Zanzibar Retreat Hotel, Matemwe Village

pool area of Zanzibar Retreat hotel decorated with bougainvillea flowers

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This small hotel located right on the pristine beach in a small fishing village called Matemwe is one of the best hotels in Zanzibar for a honeymoon. The hotel’s proximity to the beach allows you to take long walks by the waters anytime you want. You get a private balcony overlooking the sea and a large veranda with comfortable furniture to relax with your partner. Equipped with all the modern amenities, Zanzibar Retreat Hotel is an ideal stay for honeymoon couples.

Average tariff: INR 13,775 per night

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2. Breezes Beach Club & Spa, Dongwe

an open pool surrounded by palm trees in a Zanzibari thatched roof resort

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If you’re looking for a romantic and peaceful Zanzibar honeymoon resort along an unspoiled beach of the island, then Breezes Beach Club & Spa is your kind of place. The hotel is mainly popular for its extremely romantic dining experience and authentic Zanzibari decor. It has everything you need to make your Zanzibar honeymoon a perfect vacation.

Average tariff: INR 47,589 per night 

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3. Dream of Zanzibar, Mahonda

a Zanzibari thatched roof villas in a resort

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Dream of Zanzibar is another great accommodation option for newlyweds who are seeking the utmost luxury. Other than its mesmerizing views, you also get to experience special entertainment nights and African or Arabian-themed dinners which are organized by the staff.

Average tariff: INR 30,000 per night

4. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, Paje

a private pool in a beachfront villa

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Delicious food, lovely drinks, and captivating vistas, that’s Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa. From organizing adventurous water sports to therapeutic massage sessions, the hotel staff leaves no stone unturned to make your honeymoon memorable. You can anytime step outside your room and take romantic walks on Paje Beach.

Average tariff: INR 91,275 per night

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Zanzibar won’t fail to amaze you with the natural wonders on and around it. Off the island, there is also a series of small islets that are perfect for a short romantic trip with your love. We hope your Zanzibar honeymoon trip brings you closer to your partner and gives you millions of happy moments to treasure. While planning a soulful retreat with your better half, don’t forget to have a look at the customisable Zanzibar packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zanzibar Honeymoon

Is Zanzibar good for honeymoon?

A honeymoon in Zanzibar is quite a good option as it offers the best of natural beauty, opportunities for adventure activities, and lesser crowd as compared to other honeymoon destinations.

Where should I stay in Zanzibar for honeymoon?

Some of the best honeymoon resorts in Zanzibar are the Palms, Zanzi Resort, Baraza Resort, Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas and the Next Paradise Boutique Resort.

What’s the best time to visit Zanzibar?

The time between June to October is one of the best time to visit Zanzibar when the weather is cool and usually it is the dry months of spring. Another popular time is during December to February.

What is Zanzibar famous for?

Zanzibar is a place which is famous for its beaches, exotic weather and the warm tropical waters. And alongside that, it is also the perfect place for snorkelling and diving.

How many days are enough for a honeymoon trip to Zanzibar?

To spend a memorable honeymoon in Zanzibar, 5-6 days are enough.

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