Historic places in London

Various historic places in London

Historic places in London

A trip to London includes more diverse sights and scenery. The city is packed with easily overlooked historical sites in hidden corners or seemingly ordinary locations. Here is the list of some popular historic places in London.

10 Down Street

It is the home of UK Prime Minister and one of the most important political historic places in London. It has been the residence of every British prime minister since 1730. Architect William Kent converted the three existing building to a single large one and connected each other by a passage known as treasury passage.  

Big Ben

Big Ben is often attributed to be the iconic clock tower of the houses of Parliament. Actually, the name ‘Big Ben’ does not refer to the famous tower or the four huge clock faces of this London landmark.  

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence, as well as an office for the head of the state. The Palace was originally created by the Duke of Buckingham. The first monarch to actually live there was Queen Victoria. One of the major attractions at Buckingham Palace is the ceremonial changing of Guard. This ceremony lasts 45 minutes.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, originally known as the white tower was commissioned by first Norman king, William the Conqueror.  This Tower is most famous for its use as a prison. It held prisoners for over 850 years. The tower of London was traditionally used by monarchs in the run-up to their coronation.  

Westminster Abbey

Another famous historic site in London's Westminster Abbey, a stunning Gothic UNESCO World Heritage site and coronation church since the 11th century. It is one the most beautiful and impressive historic buildings in London and is the burial ground for some of England’s legendary authors, scientists and great thinkers from Charles Darwin to Geoffrey Chaucer.


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faq's of London

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QWhich historical places should I visit in London?

Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Hampton Court Palace, and Palace of Westminster are worth visiting.

QHow do I visit historical places in London?

Take a hop on hop off tour of London to get around these places quickly.

QHow much does it cost to visit historical places in London?

24-hour Bus tours begin from GBP 30 per person for adults. One can take night tours, river tours, and walking tours as well.

Historic Places In London

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