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About Vrindavan

With a plethora of awe inspiring temples, Vrindavan offers a sense of calmness and equanimity to its visitors. Located in a pristine location on the banks of river Yamuna, this city attracts the nature lovers. With temples spread all over the city, it witnesses a large number of devotees each year not only from India, but from all over the country. From offering prayers in the temples to attending evening ceremonies, one can also enjoy the leisure of a boat cruise across River Yamuna. The famous temples that are visited by maximum tourists here are Gokulnanda Temple, Gopishvar Mahadev Temple, ISKCON Temple, Radha Raman Temple and Shahji Temple. The natural surroudings and enchanting prayers make the best time of life for the tourists.

Places To See

Banke Bihari Temple
The temple was built by Swami Haridas, the guru of the noted singer Tansen. Magnificently carved in Rajasthani style, the temple like most other temples in Vrindavan, is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Literally translated Banke means “bent in three places” while Bihari means “supreme enjoyer”. In accordance with its name, the main idol of Lord Krishna at the temple is also in a Banke position or the famous Tribhanga posture. The temple is very sacred to the Hindus and attracts thousands of devotees everyday.

Built in 1975, the ISKCON temple is also known as Sri Krishna Balaram Temple. It is said that the temple is located at the exact place where the young Lord Krishna played with the other children some 5000 years ago. The temple itself houses paintings that depict scenes from his life. There are three main alters within the temple. Several Indians and foreigners come here to meditate and take up part time work within the complex.

Seva Kunj and Nidhuba
The Seva Kunj and Nidhuban is a beautiful exotic garden which is believed to date to the time when Lord Krishna stayed in Vrindavan. It is here that Lord Krishna is believed to have performed rasleela with Radha and other Gopis. A small, intricately carved temple, dedicated to Lord and his consort, Radha, is located inside the garden. Visitors throng the garden in the evening because Lord Krishna and Radha would perform the rasleela after dark. Outside the garden, there are several other temples.

Madan Mohan Temple
The Madan Mohan temple is located near the Kali Ghat in Vrindavan. It is one of the oldest temples built in this region. The original statue of Lord Madan Gopal no longer lies within this temple. During Aurangzeb’s rule, it was shifted to Rajasthan to safeguard from destruction. Today, an exact replica of the original image is worshiped at the temple while the original one is still kept at Karauli in Rajasthan. The original structure was destroyed during the Mughal conquest – the present red-coloured structure was constructed in the 19th century.

Shahji Temple
While most temples are solely places of worship, the Shahji temple is an exception. Built in the 19th century, it is better known for its beauty, unique architecture, elegant designs and carvings. The architecture is a blend of Rajasthani, Italian and Beligan art. The temple was built like a palace dedicated to Radha and Lord Krishna.

Rangji Temple
This is one of the few temples in Vrindavan that has Dravidian style of architecture. Built in the year 1851, the temple has Lord Sri Ranganatha or Rangaji as its main deity. High walls, a fifty feet dwajasthamba and an imposing facade are the prominent features of the temple. It is one of the biggest temples in Vrindavan and also one of the few dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple
Located on the grounds of the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple is India’s oldest temple. It is dedicated to Radha-Krishna and Radha’s eight “sakhis” or friends who were intimately involved in the love play or rasleela between them. There are those who believe that at night they can hear the sound of the anklets beating to the tunes of the divine melodies.

Govind Deo temple
The Govind Deo Temple was built over a period of 7 years. It has a marble altar and sculptured lotus on the ceiling. During the reign of Aurangzeb a major part of the temple was destroyed. It attracts a throng of devotees every day and especially during the festivals of Janmashtami and Holi.

Things To Do

Kesi Ghat
It is believed that Lord Krishna spent most of his time in Vrindavan. It was near Kesi Ghat that he fought the evil demon Keshi and saved his friends and the community from the evil designs. It is little wonder that Kesi Ghat is extremely sacred place for the Hindus. Several temples dot the ghat. Pilgrims come here to take a holy dip in the waters of the Yamuna and see the evening aarti.

Yamuna River
One of the most sacred rivers in India, the Yamuna River begins its journey from the glacier Yamunotri at a height of 6, 387 metres on the slopes of Banderpooch in the Himalayas. It then meanders southwards toward Delhi via Vrindavan and Mathura. The part of the river close to the Kesi Ghat at Vrindavan is considered to be the most sacred. It is said that Lord Krishna bathed here after defeating the evil demon Keshi. Hindus also believe that a dip in the river would absolve them of their sins. There are several ghats or stone steps that lead to the waters of the river. Several rituals and artis are performed along this river.
Tip: Visit the ghats on the River Yamuna in the morning or evening to view the mystical arti (Fire Worship) in the mornings and evenings.