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There are a lot of places where one can enjoy adventure sports. Seeing its craze in people, there are a lot of man-made things that are taking place in the category of adventure sports. However, if you get a chance to experience it in the lap of nature, then there could not be anything greater than that. Here, we are going to talk about adventure sports in Wayanad. Wayanad is one of those places in India that has been blessed by nature. Go through this piece and get to know about the best places for adventure sports in Wayanad.

Top 7 Adventure Sports In Wayanad

There are numerous adventure sports in Wayanad that make the relaxing escape in the lap of nature totally worthwhile. Take a look at this list of sports that you should definitely add on your bucket list.

1. Paragliding At Vagamon Hills


Paragliding is always fun and people who have done it and have not done it will agree with this statement. There are a lot of myths and wrong beliefs that people say about paragliding. When you are going for it, you should place a deaf ear to it and should focus on the positive and fun part. The most important thing that you need to take care of before you go for paragliding is that the area where you are going should be beautiful. One of the finest places for this in India is the Vagamon hills in Wayanad. There are companies where you can go and register for it. The best thing about this adventure sport is that you don’t need to learn anything. You just need to pay some money and then the pilot will take care of the rest of the things. If you are going for paragliding at Vagamon hills, then we can assure you are going to have a lifetime experience. Some of the beautiful things that you could see while your activity are Kurisumala, Thangal para, Waterfalls, green meadows, and many other things. You can have a birds-eye view of all of these. It is one of the most famous adventure sports in Wayanad.

Location: Vagamon hills
Price: Starting from INR 3500

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2. Zipline At Karlad Lake

Ziplining Sport

As we already mentioned, Wayanad is a very beautiful place and there are a lot of beautiful spots that one can find here. If you are a person who is not that adventurous, but doesn’t want to miss the things that this place offers you, then Zipline at Karlad lake could be the best thing to do for you. This is such a beautiful and calm place to visit. You don’t need to worry about safety and all, as there are many companies that have experienced people from this field. The lake is situated near to the Banasura Sagar Dam and is a must-visit place for those who are coming to Wayanad for the first time and want to experience an activity which the minimum level of difficulty. The environment here is very safe and controlled. The Zipline is 350 meters long and it goes all through the lake. You can understand from the description that the line won’t be difficult to clear. If for some reason, you could return to the place where you are staying, this place has a very good arrangement for it. Small tents will be there and you can stay in them.

Location: Karlad lake
Price: Starting from INR 290 for couple

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3. Commando Net

Commando Net

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If you are from a military background or any of your family members are in it, then you already know what it is. If you don’t belong to such a background, you must have seen it on TV. Commando Net is an activity that is done by military men during their training. To do this activity, one needs to be tough. Those who don’t know what exactly this thing is, you will be given w net which is made up of thick rope. You need to make space for your hands and legs and then need to climb from the bottom to the top of the net. If we talk about this Wayanad adventure sports, then the level of difficulty could be increased or decreased depending on the person who is doing it. If you are a child, the difficulty level will be below and if you are an adult, the difficulty level will be high. You can manually get your level of difficulty increased if you think you are capable of it. Commando Net is a very popular activity for here, and if you visit you must go for it.

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4. Mountain Biking And Nature Walk

Mountain Biking

This is one such activity in Wayanad where you don’t need to pay any money or register yourself with something. You just need to have this skill of biking properly and then you are good for this activity. Only a biker will know the experience of going on his or her bike on a calm and peaceful road. We are talking about this biking activity in the valley and the beauty of the nature that you will find while this activity will leave you awestruck. There is this huge forested area in Wayanad and you need to grab your bike from your company and need to roam inside it. It is not just about the thrilling experience that you will have after this, but the things that you will find on your way could not be found anywhere else. There is a small town that you will see after finishing your journey. This town is very beautiful and is made from the money of spices that local people use to sell. You can enjoy some very delicious cuisine too at this place. There are a lot of resorts that offer this activity.

Location: Perungudi-Kaloor Road in Pozhuthana Panchayath
Price: Starting from INR 1950

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5. Cave Camping

Camping in the caves of Oregon

Activity that is not offered everywhere and people probably don’t even know about the existence of something like this. If you opt for this activity, then it shows your love for nature more than a sports activity. However, to do cave camping, you need guts. The natural sceneries of Wayanad are world-famous, but these caves are more than them. Looking at the gorgeousness of this place, it seems that everyone should come here once in a lifetime. If you are doing this in the night time, then you will get a chance to lie down on the cold earth and to gaze at a sky full of stars. These caves will give you the feeling that you are a part of some period movie. You can either stay in these caves or can put a tent on the side and can stay there. If you want to stay in the cave, it will be a natural hair conditioner for you. With this description, we hope that you have understood that this place is a must-visit whenever you are visiting Wayanad.

Location: Chundel
Price: Starting from INR 1999

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6. Bamboo Rafting In Pozhuthana River

Bamboo Rafting In Island

Image Source

Pozhuthana river is a river in Pozhuthana village. The most popular activity that you can enjoy here is bamboo rafting. Bamboo rafting is an activity where you gather a lot of bamboos and tie them together to form a boat kind of structure. When it feels that it is ready to be in the water, you can put it in it and then can do the rafting. This is what we call bamboo rafting. There are other rivers too on this river that adds to its beauty. If we talk about the bamboo rafting, particularly in Pozhuthana river, then it states from the point where you can park your vehicle and can get on to the bamboo boat. Usually, they allow only 5 people on the boat. In some cases, they allow 6 people also. Now, you must be wondering if there is any difficulty level on this raft? Well, if you look at the entire process of the raft, then it will look like a very easy and smooth journey. However, if you won’t listen to your guide, you can fall into the water. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that the river might look quiet, but it is pretty deep at certain places. This is one of the best Wayanad adventure sports.

Location: Pozhuthana river
Price: Starting from INR 600

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7. Trek To Chembra


Image Source

Chembra is the highest peak of the Wayanad area. It is located eight kilometers away from Kalpetta which is near the town of Meppadi. This is not a trail, but it is not so difficult also. If you are someone who wants an adventurous trip, then you can go for this trail without any doubts. Apart from that, if you are a person who has not done anything like this before, but finds yourself capable of doing it, then also you can go for it. The trail will take you 3 hours or more for its completion. If you want, you can go with some other people in a group. There are small agencies here, which can provide you with guides, to make your journey a little smoother. If you want to go to groups, there could be a minimum of two and a maximum of 5 people with you. If you are traveling alone, you can ask at the time of booking whether you can get a place in any of the groups. If you have not been to any trail before, but want to do it now, you can go for this one. This trek is also important because you can see and experience nature in its purest form.

Location: Chembra

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So, this was all about the list of top adventure sports in Wayanad. We have listed some of the best activities that this place offers to its visitors. The list that is given here contains a mix of activities, according to its level of difficulty. So, no matter what, you will get something or other for you. Also, these sports activities in Wayanad are not just the example of thrilling experiences, but also a gateway that brings you a lot of nature. What you get to see here could not be seen in not just in the country, but in the entire world. So, just plan your thrilling escape to Karnataka and get ready to satiate that adventure inner souls!

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Frequently Asked Question About Adventure Sports In Wayanad

What are some must-try adventure sports in Wayanad?

There is a wide range of activities available for the adventure lovers to try, in Wayanad. From zipping lining to the river crossing and from commando walking to mountain biking, there are multiple adventure sports to choose from. Some particular adventure sports which you should try are bamboo rafting in Kuruva island and trekking to Chembra peak.

Are there any challenging treks in Wayanad?

Yes, there are challenging treks in Wayanad. The most challenging of these is the trek to Chembra peak. It is the highest peak in Wayanad. The trek passes through meadows and forests and is a must-try for the trekkers who love challenging treks.

Where can we go bamboo rafting in Wayanad?

There are a couple of places in Wayanad where you can go for bamboo rafting. The most popular of them are Pozhuthana and Kuruva islands.

Which is the longest zip line in Wayanad?

Currently, there are three zip lines in Wayanad. These three zip lines are in Chundale, Peringoda, and Karlad lake adventure park. The longest one amongst these is the one in Peringode.

What is the minimum age required for a person to go paragliding?

The minimum age required for a person to go paragliding in Wayanad is 5 years. This is because paragliding is a dangerous sport and small children might get hurt.

Which is the cheapest adventure sport to try in Wayanad?

The cheapest adventure sport in Wayanad is Ziplining. The price for zip lining starts from just Rs. 340 only.

Is there any thrill activity which I can enjoy with my whole family?

Yes, there are thrilling activities in Wayanad which can be enjoyed with your whole family. Some of these activities are boating in the Kabini river and fun-filled games in the Pookot lake and Kuruvadweep.

Is Wayanad expensive for Adventure sports?

If you compare the prices of the adventure sports of other places with that of Wayanad, then it is comparatively very low. So, Wayanad is not a very expensive place for adventure sports. Here adventure sport starts from just Rs. 340.

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