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    Wattay International Airport

    Located in South-East Asia, Laos is a landlocked country surrounded by mountains. It remained isolated from the outside world for a very long time. Visiting Laos gives a feeling of traveling back in time. The laid-back lifestyle of the country is perfect for those planning their holiday to relax and get away from the busy day-to-day life. Vientiane, the capital city of Laos is a riverfront town which hosts a lot of international tourists every year. From ancient caves to Buddhist temples and amazing landscapes, you will find everything in Laos that will energize your soul. Willing to visit this place? It is a great idea to know about the airports in Laos so that you can plan your trip better.

    Airports in Laos that connect the nation better

    For the international tourists, the country has built amazing airports for comfortable transit. Here is a list fo all the major airports in Laos.

    1. Wattay International Airport

     Wattay International Airport

    Image Source
    Located in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, this airport is only 3 km away from the main city. It has both domestic and international terminals. The terminals on Wattay provide services including shopping, tourist information, currency exchange, ATM, restaurants, and transport services. The public transport service includes taxis and small buses. From the terminal to the capital city, the price of a taxi is about $6. According to the official stats approx 8,00,000 people use Wattey airport every year which is expected to reach 2 million by 2025.

    Airport code: VTE
    Phone: +856 20 55 608 955

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    2. Luang Prabang International Airport

    Luang Prabang International Airport

    Image Source
    It is one of the two international Laos airports that are located in the ancient capital of Laos, Luang Prabang. luang Prabang international airport has been recently upgraded to reduce the risk factor associated with the airport during landing. It is located at around 4 km from the center to the north of Laos. The airport has one terminal which serves both domestic and international flights. It provides services like currency exchange, transportation, ATM, restaurants, tourist information, and shopping.

    Airport code: LPQ
    Phone: +856-71-252337

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    3. Savannakhet International Airport

    Savannakhet International Airport

    Image Source
    Savannakhet International Airport is located inside the city with the same name i.e. Savannakhet. Only Lao airlines use Savannakhet Airport as the landing place and provide services to domestic and international destinations like China, Thailand, Vietnam and many others. It is a small but beautifully made airport with limited facilities.

    Airport code: ZVK
    Phone: +856 41 212 140

    4. Pakse International Airport

    Pakse International Airport

    Image Source
    It is also located in Savannakhet and is bigger than Savannakhet International airport. It is ideal for the tourists who want to visit Si Phan Don which is located on the Mekong River. It takes approx 3 hours to reach there from the Pakse international airport. The airport offers currency exchange, ATM and tourist information for the visitors.

    Airport code: PKZ

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    5. Louang Namtha Airport

    Louang Namtha Airport

    Image Source

    It is one of the few domestic Laos airports It is located at 6 km from south of the city of Luang Namtha. The airport remained closed for 2 years between 2006 and 2008 for the renovation purposes so that it can accommodate larger planes. It provides airline services to Laos capital airport located in Vientiane. The city is popular as one of the most important stopovers for backpacker train from China to Laos.

    Airport code: LXG

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    6. Ban Huoeisay Airport

    Ban Huoeisay Airport

    Image Source
    It is another domestic airport in Laos that provides domestic flight services for small planes. You can get a flight to Ban Houayxay, Laos from Vientiane and vice versa. The city shares an international border with Thailand and offers a lot of historic monuments to explore.

    Airport code: HOE

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    7. Oudomsay Airport

    Oudomsay Airport

    Image Source
    Yet another domestic airport in Laos, Asia, Oudomsay airport provides a direct flight to Vientiane. It is located in Muang Xay, Laos. From last few years, the government of Laos is trying to develop the city as a popular tourist hub to reduce poverty. The city has a historic value that dates back to the 13th century. The German Development Service is supporting the tourism development since 2005.

    Airport code: ODY
    Phone: +856 20 29 113 523

    8. Sayaboury Airport

    Sayaboury Airport

    Image Source
    This domestic airport is located Sainyabuli, the capital of Sainyabuli Province of Laos. It is the closest airport to Wattey. The airport provides airline services to Vientiane and seasonal services to Ban Huoeisay, Luangnamtha. The Nam Phouy National Biodiversity Conservation Area is one of the most famous tourist attractions.

    Airport code: ZBY

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    9. Saravane Airport

    Saravane Airport

    Image Source
    Located in the Salavan Province, this airport only provides domestic flights to Vientiane. The Xe Sap Important Bird Area (IBA) is situated within the Xe Xap National Biodiversity Conservation Area which attracts tourists and the government is trying to promote it further. The city has a history of more than 1500 years to explore.

    Airport code: VNA

    10. Sam Neua Airport

    Sam Neua Airport

    Image Source
    This domestic airport is located in Sam Neua and it is also known as Nathong Airport. If you want to enjoy a laidback life for a couple of days, there are a lot of guest houses in Sam Neua which will serve the purpose. It provides airline services to Laos Vientiane airport.

    Airport code: NEU

    Laos is popular for its laidback life. As the country remained cut from the outer influence for a very long time, it is still in the early developing stages. Given the number of airports in Laos, the government is promoting tourism to bring prosperity to the country. The beautiful mountainous terrain, french colonial architecture, ancient hill tribe settlements and Buddhist monasteries make it a must visit place for the discerning tourists.

    Airports In Laos Map

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    The domestic and international airports in Laos offer flights to a number of Asian countries making it easier for the tourists to visit Laos. Want to explore the gorgeous Southeast Asian countries? Let us help you create an amazing and pocket-friendly tour packages the way you want it.

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