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Australia is perhaps one of the very few countries that can actually boast of its spectacular and picturesque coastline. And with coastline come the beaches, the gorgeous beaches in Australia that will leave you gasping for air with their beauty.

And if you ask how many, 10,000 is the number that we would need you to believe upon. With so many in the list and little time in the kitty, it is often troublesome to finalize upon a few.

27 Most Gorgeous Beaches In Australia

In Australia, beaches are plenty. To help get you started, here are the 12 best Australian beaches that you must check out when you are on a trip to Australia. Most beautiful ones come first, so plan accordingly.

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney
  • Lizard Island, Queensland
  • Byron Bay Beach, Northern NSW
  • 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland
  • Mandalay Beach, Western Australia
  • Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
  • Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast
  • Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast
  • Cable Beach, Broome
  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland
  • Hyams Beach, NSW
  • Monkey Mia Beach, Denham
  • The Basin, Rottnest Island
  • Cottesloe Beach, Perth
  • Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island
  • Coral Bay
  • Sandy Bay, Exmouth
  • Turquoise Bay, Exmouth
  • Town Beach, Broome
  • Mindil Beach, Darwin
  • Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park
  • Agnes Water Beach
  • Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast
  • Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast
  • Wategos Beach
  • Red Rocks Beach, Coffs Coast
  • Bronte Beach, Sydney

1. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Surfing at Bondi beach

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In Australia, beaches are in plenty. Closest to Sydney, Bondi beach is very popular Australian beach among tourists, sun-seekers, surfers, and backpackers alike. It’s characterized by pristine sands, deep blue waters, and superb waves just designed for surfing.

Famous for: Surfboard riding, whale watching from the nine-hole, cliff-top golf course between May and November

Attractions: Scuba diving, elegant eateries; it is said to be one of the most ‘liberal’ beaches around.

Best time to visit: March – April and October – November

Location: New South Wales, Australia


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2. Lizard Island, Queensland

The quaint beach of Lizard island

Image Source

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Lizard Island is located in the northern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland and comes under the list of best beaches in Australia. The powdery and absolutely inviting beaches at Lizard Islands are said to be spread over an area of 1000 hectares!

Famous for: Lizard Island National Park located at a walking distance from the beach

Attractions: Surfing, and snorkeling

Best time to visit: December – March

Location: Queensland, Australia


3. Byron Bay Beach, Northern NSW

Mesmerising sunset at Byron Beach

Image Source

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Byron was called a “Hippy Town” years ago. Not so much today but it is a top name among the best beaches in Australia and attracts tourists for its almost ideal surfing conditions. It boasts of a long stretch of clean sandy coastline that promises hours of sunbathing and solitude and also the most beautiful beach in Australia.

Famous for: The Lighthouse by the beach

Attractions: Clifftop walking trails, and the world famous surf break at Lennox Point

Best time to visit: All through the year

Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales


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4. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland

 The 75 Mile Beach can be used as a highway as well as an airstrip

Image Source

Fraser Island is hailed as the world’s largest sand island owing to its humongous 75-mile beach—that’s so long that it can be used as a veritable highway and an airstrip simultaneously. And since Tiger Sharks prefer the shallows here, water activity is minimized.

Famous for: The freshwater Champagne pools

Attractions: Rainbow Gorge, the Maheno shipwreck, and Eli creek.

Best time to visit: All the year round

Location: Fraser Island, Queensland


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5. Mandalay Beach, Western Australia

The scenic Mandalay beach is one of the major attractions in Western Australia

Image Source

Western Australia is much less visited than the Eastern, still it has some spectacular beaches. Mandalay is a long isolated beach on the Rainbow Coast. It has access to the nearby green Chatham Island which is a nature reserve worth visiting.

Famous for: The remains of the wrecked ship Mandalay

Attractions: White powdery sands, surfing, and bushwalking

Best time to visit: Practically the entire year, however, some do find the winter quite cold in these parts

Location: Broke, Western Australia


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6. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

A bird's eye view of the Wineglass Bay

Image Source

Wineglass bay is aptly referred to as Tasmania’s ‘poster boy’ beach. It is a part of Tasmania’s enthralling Freycinet National Park. The beach itself is a heady mixture of white sands, pink granite rocks and turquoise blue waters.

Famous for: Cruise tours

Attractions: Snorkeling, and kayaking

Best time to visit: December – March

Location: Tasmania, Australia


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7. Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

The Noosa Beach at the Sunshine Coast is a tempting name among the beaches in Australia

Image Source

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Located on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Main Beach has everything one could ask for in a beach – clean white sands, deep blue waters, waves perfect for swimming and lot of beach activities. One can even spot dolphins and migrating whales while enjoying the charms of this Australian beach.

Famous for: Noosa National Park by the beach

Attractions: Swimming, fishing, and surfing

Best time to visit: All the year round

Location: Queensland, Australia


8. Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

The turquoise Burleigh Heads Beach is a perfect reason to escape from the

Image Source

One of the most stunning beaches on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads Beach is a pine-lined beach with ideal conditions for swimming as well as surfing. There are plenty of secluded places along the coast for nice little picnics and barbecues.

Famous for: Burleigh Art and craft markets, and the Burleigh Head national park

Attractions: The surreal views from John Laws park, and surfing

Best time to visit: All the year round, summer being the most sought after season

Location: Queensland, Australia


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9. Cable Beach, Broome

Melting sun at the Cable Beach is a spectacular vista to be framed

Image Source

There are beaches and then there is this Cable beach which presents the most awesome sunsets ever is the Cable beach. The most enduring image of this beach is a long string of camel-riding tourists, trying to capture the spectacular sunsets in their cameras or their memories.

Famous for: South Sea pearls, 130-million old dinosaur footprint at the Gantheaume point, and the staircase to the moon phenomenon from March to October

Attractions: Dolphins, and migrating whale watching

Best time to visit: June – August

Location: Broome, Western Australia


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10. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland

Whitehaven beach in Australia is one of the most scenic attractions in the continent

Image Source

Whitehaven beach is another name among the famous beaches in Australia. The almost white soft silica sands set off by the turquoise blue waters is a scene right out of a picture postcard. Stretching almost 7 km on Whitsunday island, the chances of it being overcrowded is minimal. Numerous lagoons and coves make this magical white sand beach in Australia all the more alluring.

Famous for: Whitsunday colors as the tide shifts at the Hill inlet

Attractions: White silica sands, and camping at the national park at the south end of the beach

Best time to visit: November – March, although some suggest September to avoid the stingers and enjoy a comfortable water temperature.

Location: Queensland, Australia


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11. Hyams Beach, NSW

Hyams Beach and its turquoise water set up the ideal environs for a quaint evening

Image Source

Hyams beach is said to have the ‘whitest’ sand in the world according to the Guinness book. It is a long stretch of sandy coastline with two beautiful national parks at its ends – Jervis Bay and Booderee. Tourists flock here to dive and snorkel as well as to enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty both on land and in water.

Famous for: Spotting bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, penguins, and humpback whales at The Marine Park close to the beach

Attractions: Snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, Scuba diving, and windsurfing

Best time to visit: November – March

Location: New South Wales, Australia


12. Monkey Mia Beach, Denham

Interacting with Dolphins at the Monkey Mia Beach is an amazing experience

Image Source

Monkey Mia beach, about 25 km from Denham is popular of all the Australia’s beaches for dolphin sightings. It is located in the Shark Bay world heritage area. For about 50 years now, bottlenose dolphins visit the shallow waters on this beach and interacting with them is one of the most amazing experiences.

Famous for: Dolphin encounters

Attractions: Water sporting activities

Best time to visit: All the year round

Location: Denham, Western Australia


13. The Basin, Rottnest Island

The Basin, Rottnest Island

Image Source
This beauty doesn’t really need any words to describe it. One look at these gorgeous shores and you’d surely be smitten! It sure does look like the Great Barrier Reef but it is completely different from that. This island is situated about 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth. If you do not have enough time to spend in Rottnest and can only visit one beach, make sure it’s the Basin. Also, don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear.

Famous for: Snorkeling
Attractions: Clear water
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia


14. Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Image Source
As far as city beaches go, Cottesloe Beach in Perth is a good one.

This is a fabulous place to go for an early morning swim or snorkel, followed by a round of fish & chips and a bottle of chilled beer or wine to enjoy with the views of the sunset. This beach is extremely popular amidst the locals, which is why parking can be a pain in this area since it’s never really empty. But the gorgeous views of this beach and beyond it make it an unmissable spot in Australia.

Famous for: Swimming and snorkeling
Attractions: Sunset views
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Western Australia, Australia


15. Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island

Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island

Image Source

This is yet another of those stunning beaches over the Rottnest Island that just cannot be missed if you’re a true beach bum and water baby. Pinky Beach can be easily accessed from the main town on Rottnest where one can find various modes of transport willing to go in this direction for dirt cheap rates. Don’t miss the Bathurst Lighthouse here that surely makes for a lovely backdrop.

Famous for: Views
Attractions: Bathurst Lighthouse
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia


16. Coral Bay

Coral Bay Australia

Image Source

Have you often wondered what makes Coral Bay Western Australia’s favorite holiday hotspot? Well, why don’t you visit it to find out? Or maybe we’ll tell you a bit about it to get you excited so that you’ll start packing right away! Called one of the best places for snorkeling in Australia, Coral Bay is an indisputable hub of pristine natural beauty and beautiful sandy shores. Immerse yourself in untouched nature a mere metres away from the shore. The whole bay is a part of the Ningaloo Reef region. Even the adjoining town is picturesque and pretty chill!

Famous for: Views, nature, snorkeling
Attractions: Corals, nearby town
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: Western Australia


17. Sandy Bay, Exmouth

Sandy Bay, Exmouth

Image Source
This beach is nothing less than pure paradise. You’ll be met with endless stretches of fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and striking dark blue skies to make you want to never leave this place. While the clear and shallow water makes it an ideal place for kids and adults to go swimming, the Ningaloo Marine Park that this beach is located inside lures in adventure seekers, nature lovers, and wildlife fanatics.

Famous for: White sands, swimming
Attractions: Ningaloo Marine Park
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Western Australia


18. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Image Source

The Turquoise Bay located inside the Cape Range National Park is a brilliant beach and is famous for swimming and snorkeling. Once you dive into the crystal clear waters of this bay, you’ll be swimming mere meters away from the glorious and popular Ningaloo Reef. This beach is also famous for merely relaxing with your loved ones under the summer sun. Here, you can try your hand at the famous drift snorkel over the southern end of the beach, after which you can let the current wash you north.

Famous for: Snorkeling, swimming, relaxing
Attractions: Cape Range National Park
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Western Australia


19. Town Beach, Broome

Town Beach, Broome

Image Source

This may not be a very popular beach for activities like swimming or strolling on the white sands, but it makes up for that with its gorgeous views. It’s a great location for spending some alone time since it’s generally empty. There are a few charming cafes here where you can sit in the morning watching kids play in the playground outside. You can simply sip on a cup of hot coffee with a cake and look at the gorgeous views of the beach outside the window.

Famous for: Relaxing, views
Attractions: Cafes, playground
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Broome WA 6725, Australia


20. Mindil Beach, Darwin

Mindil Beach, Darwin

Image Source

This is amongst the most beautiful places in Australia to witness the sunset. Which is why you’ll be able to find a lot of people sitting on these shores in the evening, all waiting to witness this one spectacualr phenomenon. But don’t let the evening crowd dampen your spirit. You wouldn’t want to miss the gorgeous views of the setting sun from this point for anything in the world! Also, this isn’t a great place to go swimming owing to the crocodiles that find shelter here. Instead, you can head over to the legendary Mindil Beach markets in town to buy some local goods.

Famous for: Sunsets
Attractions: Mindil Beach markets
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: The Gardens NT 0820, Australia


21. Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park

Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park

Image Source

This place is located smack in the middle of the two World Heritage Sites in Australia – Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. This is why, these shores are blessed with the goodness of both these spectacular natural wonders, making a visit to this place an ultimate one for any nature lover or water baby. A day spent at Tribulation is surely going to be a special one. While here, you can either choose to go kayaking or simply take a walk in paradise!

Famous for: Kayaking, relaxing
Attractions: Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: Queensland, Australia


22. Agnes Water Beach

Agnes Water Beach

Image Source

The Agnes Water Beach is located in a small laidback and chilled out beach town right next to another laid back town, the town of Seventeen Seventy. You’ll absolutely fall in love with this beach that is surrounded by lush and pristine nature with sweet and gentle waves lapping against fine sand idea for kids to play in. The sunsets here on the east coast are simply out of this world!

Famous for: Sunsets, nature
Attractions: Seventeen Seventy town, East Coast
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: Agnes Water QLD 4677, Australia


23. Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast

Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast

Image Source

Not very far from the small and sweet town of Mooloolaba is this gorgeous beach that will put you in a trance with a single glance with its unending beauty. This beach is a great spot for swimming. Other than the beauty of this beach, you’ll also be able to enjoy a great many avenues nearby like cafes, restaurants, parks, BBQ arenas, playgrounds for youngsters and kids, as well as some of the best beach-side promenade walks you’ll find in Australia.

Famous for: Swimming, views
Attractions: Eateries, promenade walks, playground, parks
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Queensland, Australia


24. Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

Image Source

Ideal for various ceremonies and events like beach weddings and beach parties, these sandy shores are one of a kind. It’s a surreal beach located in the Gold Coast area that is popular for various adventurous and recreational activities like surfing, cycling, jogging, as well as yoga and walking in the beachside parks. You can also simply choose to hang out in the cafes nearby while watching your young ones play in the playgrounds around. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunset views over Surfers Paradise!

Famous for: Sunset, surfing, cycling, yoga, jogging
Attractions: Parks, cafes, Surfers Paradise
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Queensland, Australia


25. Wategos Beach

Wategos Beach

Image Source

The beautiful Wategos Beach is located just around the corner from the Byron Bay and is an awesome beach for swimming as well as surfing on the gentle waves. It’s a protected land where you’ll also find a BBQ area where you can grill up some delicious treats, make yourself some nice picnic spot on the sand, and sit on the beach gorging on the fresh food and some stunning sunset views.

Famous for: Surfing, swimming, barbecue
Attractions: Byron Bay, BBQ area
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: New South Wales, Australia


26. Red Rocks Beach, Coffs Coast

Red Rocks Beach, Coffs Coast

Image Source

Hardly anyone is aware about the existence of this beach, even native Aussies, since this beach is so well hidden from the eyes of the world. You’ll be able to spot it only if you already know where it’s located. It can be found if you’re riding down from Sydney to Brisbane by road. Tucked away in a remote corner between these two cities, the Red Rock Beach is blessed with impressive views of the headland it is located in, and the red coloured rocks along with the crystal clear water make up for its most charming attractions.

Famous for: Swimming, seclusion
Attractions: Red coloured rocks
Best time to visit: November – March
Location: New South Wales, Australia


27. Bronte Beach, Sydney

Bronte Beach, Sydney

Image Source

There’s a good reason why BronteBeach is amongst every Aussies favorite. Listed amongst the most fascinating of Australia beaches, this beautiful stretch of fine sand with a small main street gives this place a gorgeous vibe that you just can’t miss. You must stop by to enjoy some of its major marvels like the rock pool and BBQ area for visitors. People engaging in the legendary Bondi Beach – Coogee coastal walk always visit this famous beach on the way.

Famous for: Views, surfing
Attractions: Rock pool, BBQ area
Best time to visit: Year-round
Location: Bronte NSW 2024, Australia


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Plan an exciting trip to Australia and go sanding and surfing to these awe-evoking beaches. Create beautiful memories with your family or friends while in the land of kangaroos. Bon voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Australia

Which beaches are without sharks in Australia?

Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Whitehaven Beach, and 75-mile Beach are some of the known safe beaches in Australia which are not infested with sharks. However, be wary while swimming at Tallow Beach, Ningaloo Reef, and Byron Bay which have sharks in their waters.

Which beaches in Australia are for surfing?

If you love watersports and want to surf over the exciting waves, you can try your hand at Conto Springs Beach in Western Australia, Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, and Bells Beach in Victoria.

Which beaches in Australia are near Sydney?

The white sandy Bondi Beach, Balmoral Beach, Gordon’s Bay, and Bronte Beach are some of the beaches in Australia near Sydney.

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