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    Bhandardara camping

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    While the City of Dreams rushes to pace up with the modern lifestyle, you must slide to the side and take a break. Camping near Mumbai sounds like a fun idea, especially if you know of the best retreats. The list unravels 10 super awesome weekend getaways from Mumbai that are perfect for a quick escapade. They are not very far, which means you don’t have to compromise your leaves or your budget. But they will surely offer an unmatched experience of camping and adventure in absolutely tranquil surroundings in the lap of nature.

    20 Best Places For Camping Near Mumbai

    Have a look at the best camping sites near Mumbai where you can relax amidst beautiful surroundings and sleep under a blanket of stars. You’ll find all kinds of offbeat and popular places in this list for your adventure.

    1. Uttan

    Bandcamp in Uttan

    Image Source

    Mumbai’s best-kept secret, Uttan is a laid-back fishermen village on the Northern outskirts of the city. Despite being a part of the city, it feels world afar from the concrete jungle.

    Uttan is perfect for weekend camping near Mumbai. Come here to live under the blue sky, savour the most flavoursome seafood, enjoy live performances, and indulge in some adventure activities.

    Distance from Mumbai: 17 km from Dahisar East

    Key attractions: Activities like sumo wrestling, archery, paintball and swimming

    Best camping resort: BandCamp by U-Tan Resort

    How to reach:

    • By road: Buses for Bhayandar start from different locations of Mumbai, such as Goregaon. From Bhayandar you’ll have to catch another bus for Uttan or hire local transport.
    • By train: If you’re planning to reach by railway then Bhayandar Railway Station is merely 12 km away from Uttan.

    2. Karnala

    Lush greenery in Karnala - a popular destination for camping near Mumbai

    Image Source

    Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort are two names well-known to Mumbai wallahs. Both the sanctuary and the fort make for unforgettable camping trips near Mumbai. During monsoon, the hillocks are carpeted with lush green grass and vegetation, making it one among the best monsoon getaways near Mumbai and Pune.

    Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

    Key attractions: Colorful birds cooing and chirping and trek to the famed Karnala Fort

    Best camping resorts: Letscampout and Big Red Tent

    How to reach:

    • By road: Karnala is easily accessible via road. Once you take NH17 from Panvel, take the left after 10 km after Shirdun. There are many state run buses that starts from Mumbai Central to Karnala.
    • By train: Panvel is the nearest railway head from Karnala,12 km away. You can hire auto or taxi, or board a bus from the station to reach Karnala.

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    3. Vasind

    Campsite in Vasind - a lovely hideout for camping near Mumbai

    Image Source

    Night camping near Mumbai is best planned at the serene and picturesque town of Vasind. It is one of the best places to forget your daily worries and meet like-minded campers. Vasind is also a good place to go kayaking or swimming or walk the refreshing trail in the woods.

    Distance from Mumbai: 63 km

    Key attractions: Pin-drop silent nights and the beautiful hike to Mahuli

    Best camping resort: Big Red Tent

    How to reach:

    • By road: Mumbai and Vasind are easily connected via road. You can reach Vasind from Andheri in about an hour. Buses from Vasind are frequent especially in the the Northern parts of the city.
    • By train: Take a train from Central to Kalyan Junction and board a bus or hire a taxi to reach Vasind (33 km).

    4. Lonavala

    Highway in Lonavala

    Lonavala is like a breath of fresh air that rejuvenates the city-dwellers. This verdant green hideout is a popular site for weekend camping near Mumbai specially due to close proximity and easy access. Also, there are plenty of accommodation and food options in Lonavala. It is also one of short yet awesome road trips from Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 66.5 km

    Key attractions: Karla Caves, Lohagad Fort, and adventure activities like waterfall rappelling and flying fox

    Best camping resorts: Letscampout and Rusticville Camping Ground

    How to reach:

    • By road: There are many state-run and private buses that ply between Lonavala and Mumbai. Even if you plan to drive to Lonavala, it would be a good idea as the route is not too long and is very scenic.
    • By train: Lonavala Railway Station too is easily connected to Mumbai and Pune.

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    5. Matheran

    Matheran is a little hill station near Thane

    Image Source

    Matheran – another perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai – is like nature’s playground. With lush greenery, small hills, and waterfall, it is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai. Vehicles are prohibited from entering the area with the objective of sustaining the richness of nature.

    Earlier, a toy train used to run from Neral to Matheran. It has been lately discontinued, but in case the service is resumed, there is no more fun way to reach Matheran.

    Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

    Key attractions: Charlotte Lake, One Tree Hill, and the Mini Blue Rail ride that offers the panoramic views of the Western Ghats

    Best camping resort: Letscampout

    How to reach:

    • By road: Take the Mumbai-Neral-Matheran route if you’re going via road. From Matheran Hill Ghat Road, get ready to hike up to 7 km to reach your destination.
    • By train: By rail too you’ll have to reach via Neral. Board a train to C.S.T to Neral and then from Neral (8 km from Matheran), take a mini train to Matheran.

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    6. Kolad

    The lovely campsite in Kolad in Raigad

    Image Source

    Mumbaikar’s river rafting getaway, Kolad is one of the most peaceful camping sites near Mumbai. The silence of the lovely countryside is disturbed only by chirps of colorful birds and babbles of River Kundalika. Even on weekends you won’t find many tourists around as this is among the lesser-known places near Mumbai.

    Before you check in, make it a point to get done with all the calls and texts as the signals mightn’t follow you around!

    Distance from Mumbai: 121 km

    Key attractions: Rafting on River Kundalika and other water activities such as banana boat rides

    Best camping resort: Empower Activity Camps

    How to reach:

    • By road: Kolad is easily connected to Mumbai via road. The roads get bumpy in most points. It’s recommended to download offline maps for the route, as the network connection gets lost easily. Murud is the major bus station near Kolad (118 km), from where you’ll have to board another bus.
    • By train: Mumbai and Kolad are directly connected via train. Get off at Kolad Station and hire a tempo in order to reach the campsite.

    7. Malshej Ghat

    View from Malshej Ghat

    Image Source

    Yet another verdant site for night camping near Mumbai, Malshej Ghat is nestled in the lap of Western Ghats and is bestowed with a huge variety of flora and fauna. The drizzle and mist paints a beautiful landscape, and the gentle breeze calms the restless souls.

    When in Malshej Ghat, you’ll be greeted by flamingos, cuckoos and many other colorful birds. If you are looking for a perfect spot for self camping near Mumbai, this can be your best pick. 

    Distance from Mumbai: 127 km

    Key attractions: Nature trails, bird watching, rock climbing at Ajoba Hill Fort, and trek up to the popular Harishchandragad Fort

    Best camping resort: BNHS Monsoon Camp

    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily get buses that ply between Mumbai and Malshej Ghat from different points of the city.
    • By train: Kalyan is the nearest railway station from Malshej Ghat (85 km away from Malshej Ghat). You can take a train for Kalyan from Central and then carry on with your journey to Malshej on a bus.

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    8. Kashid


    Image Source

    A golden-sand seashore kissed by crystal clear water – that’s Kashid for you. A drive through the hills and waterfalls leads you to this picturesque setting for camping near Mumbai. Sunsets here are particularly beautiful.

    And if you want to just feel the waves on your feet, you have all the beach. Kashid is your own little Goa that way. It boasts of beguiling beaches but with much lesser crowd.

    Distance from Mumbai: 168 km

    Key attractions: Relaxing hammocks beside the Kashid Beach, and water sports

    Best camping resort: Letscampout

    How to reach:

    • By road: The road to Kashid is beautified with hills and beaches. Board a bus to Alibaug and take another bus to Kashid once you reach.
    • By train: Nearest railway station from Kashid is located in Panvel (91 km). There are many trains that run from Mumbai to Panvel.

    9. Purushwadi

    Image Source

    Fireflies in Purushwadi make the night glow, and camping with millions of them is a memorable experience. Among the little-known camping sites near Mumbai, Purushwadi is close to nature and tranquil to the core.

    If you are here, don’t miss the The Fireflies Trail of Purushwadi – a special night trek that offers the spectacle of a million luminescent fireflies glowing like stars on the trail.

    Distance from Mumbai: 190 km

    Key attractions: The annual Purushwadi Fireflies Festival (May to July), which features night trails, jam session, bonfire and more

    Best camping resort: The village is adopted by Grassroutes, and they organize camping in Purushwadi

    How to reach:

    • By road: The road trip from Mumbai to Purushwadi is about 5 hours long. Going for bus journey might not be a good idea as there are no direct buses.
    • By train: The local train from Dadar heads to Kasara (88 km from Purushwadi). Once you reach Dadar you can board bus or jeep heading towards Rajur.

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    10. Malvan

    Malvan Beach

    Image Source

    The coastal town of Malvan has a lot to offer – from serene shores to adrenaline-pumping water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie, a culture-vulture, or a watersports enthusiast, Malvan is unfailingly one of the best camping places near Mumbai for you!

    Distance from Mumbai: 532 km

    Key attractions: Scuba diving in Tarkarli Beach, the sumptuous Malvani cuisine, and the legendary Sindhudurg Fort

    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses coming from Mumbai to Malvan.
    • By train: Malvan Railway Station is the nearest rail head from Malvan. However, there are more regular trains from Mumbai to Kudal (29 km from Malvan).
    • By air: Nearest airport from Malvan is Dabolim International Airport, at a distance of 129 km. The airport is connected to different towns and cities across the world, via regular flights.

    11. Pawna Lake

    pawna lake camping

    Image Source
    Located just 20 km away from the Lonavala Railway Station, the Pawna Lake is the perfect retreat for those who love to gallivant away to Lonavala over the weekend to soak in the blissful natural surroundings. In addition to the lovely weather and beauty of Lonavala, Pawna Lake camping also allows tourists to experience peace and tranquility since this location is located a little distance away from the hill station in the wilderness. It’s a great spot for the best camping near Mumbai for those who wish to wake up to views of a huge lake and stunning hills in the background.

    Distance from Mumbai: 117 km
    Key attractions: Boating, stargazing
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses coming from Mumbai to Lonavala. Then you can take a taxi to Pawna.
    • By train: Lonavala Railway Station is the nearest railhead from Pawna.
    • By air: Nearest airport from Pawna is Pune Airport, at a distance of 64 km.

    12. Gorakhgad

    Gorakhgad camping

    Image Source
    Gorakhgad is a serene hill fort in Maharashtra located in the Thane district. Set at a considerable elevation, this fort provides awesome views of the surrounding greenery and mis-covered hills if you choose to camp at this location. You’ll find plenty of water cisterns within the fort, a few of which have potable water. There are also several caves scattered around near the base of the peak for you to explore while you’re camping here. Other than camping, you’ll also enjoy the trek that leads you up to the fort as it is endowed with rich vegetation.

    Distance from Mumbai: 92.6 km
    Key attractions: Shiva temple, caves, trek
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses coming from Mumbai to Kalyan. You can also take a taxi or state terminal buses to Kalyan or Murbad.
    • By train: Kalyan Station is the nearest rail head from Gorakhgad.
    • By air: Nearest airport from Gorakhgad is Mumbai Airport

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    13. Panchgani

    Panchgani camping

    Image Source
    The popular hill station of Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar derives its name from the five hills that surround it. But what actually makes it lovable and visit-worthy are its various sunset and sunrise points as well as its scenic valley views that can melt your heart in a single glance! Set an altitude of 1,334 meters above sea level in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, Panchgani is the perfect place to go camping in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Camping at this spot will bestow you with picturesque views of serene and misty hills on one side and alluring coastal plains on the other all day long.

    Distance from Mumbai: 244 km
    Key attractions: Trekking, sunsets and sunrises
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses and taxis coming from Mumbai to Panchgani.
    • By train: You can take Jan Shatabdi Ex from Mumbai to Chiplun and then a taxi from Chiplun to Panchgani.
    • By air: Nearest airport from Panchgani is Mumbai Airport.

    14. Rajmachi

    Rajmachi camping

    Image Source
    Rajmachi happens to be a tiny village located in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Maharashtra. Home to the two fortified peaks of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, Rajmachi is tucked in the middle of the two famous hill towns of Lonavala and Khandala. What makes it ideal for your dream of the best camping near Mumbai is the fact that this place is totally offbeat and secluded. You’ll be met with stunning uninterrupted views of the surroundings green hills and will be spending your weekend in the lap of unspoilt foliage. If you want more adventure, you can get here via a full-fledged trek that begins from the Kondhane caves and takes about 3-4 hours of climbing.

    Distance from Mumbai: 314 km
    Key attractions: Trekking, offbeat surroundings
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can drive to Udhewadi village and trek up for 20-30 minutes to reach the top of Rajmachi.
    • By train: Lonavala Railway Station is the nearest rail head from Rajmachi.
    • By air: Nearest airport from Rajmachi is Mumbai Airport.

    15. Kaas Plateau

    Kaas Plateau camping

    Image Source
    Kaas Plateau has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage site since 2012, and rightly so! It’s a magical destination that will treat you with stunning landscapes of sparkling lakes, flower fields with dancing butterflies, and a majestic chain of mountains in the backdrop when you camp here. This biodiversity hotspot is nestled at a mighty altitude of 1200 metres above sea level and is home to different varieties of endemic flowers and butterflies. The place is a gem for nature lovers and botany enthusiasts owing to the fact that it houses over 850 species of beautiful wildflowers and also has a 1000 hectare area worth of beautiful forest cover.

    Distance from Mumbai: 278 km
    Key attractions: Kaas Lake, butterflies, flower meadows, forest
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses and taxis coming from Mumbai to Satara and then to Kaas.
    • By train: You can take a train to Satara railhead.
    • By air: Nearest airport from Kaas is Pune Airport.

    16. Tikona Fort

    Tikona Fort camping

    Image Source
    Tikona Fort is a dominant hill fortress located in the Pawana Maval region of Maharashtra. It’s a popular camping location near Mumbai where you can reach via a one-day trek. The actual name of the Vitandgad, but people like to call it Tikona Fort owing to unmistakable triangular shape. Tucked at an elevation of 3500 feet above sea level, this fort is distinguished by its high fortifications, enormous doorways, and seven water tanks that surprisingly have clean water all year. Other than all this, the fort also offers spectacular views from its topmost bastion, which makes it a great place for camping.

    Distance from Mumbai: 121 km
    Key attractions: Trekking, caves, and temples
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses and taxis from Mumbai to Kamshet. From here, you can get a shared vehicle to the fort base.
    • By train: Pune Railway Station is the nearest rail head.
    • By air: Nearest airport is Pune Airport, at a distance of 60 km.

    17. Revdanda Beach

    Revdanda Beach camping

    Image Source
    Golden sands and crashing waves are what come to mind when someone says “beach”. But the Revdanda Beach has much more than just that. It’s known for being home to Portuguese fort that once dominated these shores but now lies in ruins, veiled entirely in wild plantations and shrubbery. But even if it’s in a dilapidated condition now, you can still clearly spot the cannon holes in the fortification walls bordering the sea and making great backdrops for a picture. Each part of this fort speaks volumes about its magnificent history and is a great location for camping.

    Distance from Mumbai: 110 km
    Key attractions: Fort, swimming
    How to reach:

    • By ferry: You can take a ferry to Alibaug and then a bus or train to Revdanda.
    • By train: Pen Railway Station is the nearest rail head.
    • By air: Nearest airport is Mumbai Airport.

    18. Bhandardara

    Bhandardara camping

    Image Source
    Bhandardara tucked in the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges in Maharashtra is an offbeat hill station that is blessed with abundant and beautiful natural resources. The lush greenery, the splendid waterfalls, and the towering mountains make it an ideal camping site near Mumbai for you and your amigos craving a break from urban chaos. This tiny hill village is packed with a large number of attractions and the locals live in absolute harmony with nature, making sure you have a hell of an adventurous weekend!

    Distance from Mumbai: 167 km
    Key attractions: Lake, waterfall, temple, trekking
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can easily find buses to Igatpuri from Mumbai. Then you can take a taxi or another state-run bus to Bhandardara.
    • By train: Igatpuri Railway Station is the nearest rail head.
    • By air: Nearest airport is Nashik Airport, at a distance of 90 km

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    19. Murud Janjira

    Murud, Maharashtra

    Murud Janjira is known for its peaceful environs and beautiful beaches adorned with mighty forts and palm trees. It’s the perfect location for a romantic camping getaway near Mumbai.

    While there are many resorts and homestays in this pretty locale in the Raigad district, it is only through camping that you will actually be able to embrace its natural beauty and scenic splendor for a relaxed and enjoyable vacation. Other than basking in nature’s glory, camping here will also give you the opportunity to explore age-old forts like Murud Janjira Fort, Kasa Fort, and Gol Gumbaz. Without a doubt, it is one of the best location for camping near Mumbai for couples. 

    Distance from Mumbai: 158 km
    Key attractions: Forts, temples, beaches
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can take a bus or taxi to Murud Janjira.
    • By train: Roha Railway Station is the nearest rail head.
    • By air: Nearest airport is Mumbai Airport.

    20. Bhatsa River Valley

    Bhatsa River Valley camping

    Image Source
    Located right next to Igatpuri, the Bhatsa River Valley is a beautiful locale that lies in the basin of the blissful Bhatsa River. Though it lies in close proximity to Mumbai, it still is a relatively unknown and offbeat location since not many are aware of the existence of this small nature’s retreat hidden in a beautiful valley. Tucked right at the end of the Thal Ghat, this tiny hamlet boasts of rich vegetation, refreshing weather, and beautiful rock formations, all of which make it perfect for a camping getaway near Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 69 km
    Key attractions: Riverside camping, rock formations, waterfalls
    How to reach:

    • By road: You can take a bus or taxi to reach Bhatsa via the Igatpuri-Mumbai Highway.
    • By train: Igatpuri Railway Station is the nearest railhead.
    • By air: The nearest airport is Nashik Airport, at a distance of 90 km.

    21. Khopoli

    a camping site

    Image Credit: Vincent for Wikimedia Commons

    Situated about 73 km away from Mumbai, Khopoli is perfect for a quick camping getaway. Get yourself indulged in exploring the nearby village and take a refreshing dip into the river after setting up a campsite amidst the serene nature. In the evening you can set up a campfire while chitchatting, playing and listening to music with your friends or family. Also, you can engage yourself in some adventure activities such as trekking or hiking while camping in this destination.

    Distance from Mumbai:73 km
    Key Attractions: trekking, hiking, swimming
    Best Camping Resort: The Campollian Club, The Camp Max
    How to Reach:

    • By Road: It takes 1.30 hours by bus to reach Khapoli from Mumbai.
    • By Train: It takes 2 hours 20 mins to reach Khapoli by train. The train operates on all days of the week.

    22. Shirota Lake

    Camping site in Shirota Lake

    Image Credit: Pixnio

    Located at a distance of 18 km from Lonavala, Shirota Lake is an ideal spot for camping as this point is not much explored by tourists and is perfect if you want to spend some time in nature away from all the chaos. The stunning landscape and scenic beauty add to your experience. One can also indulge in activities such as fishing or kayaking. You should definitely pick this spot if you want to experience the best camping near Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 109 Km
    Key Attractions: Shirota Lake
    Best Camping Resort: Shirota lakeside camping
    How to Reach:
    By Road:
    It is located at a distance of 18 km from Lonavala, one can easily reach by cab.
    By Train:
    Lonavala railway station is the nearest railway station, from there one can take a cab to reach Shirota

    23. Rockface Camping

    Rockface camping site

    Image Credits: Phil Thirkel for Wikimedia

    Located near the city of Mumbai, Rockface Camping is one of the most famous getaways for tourists. One can indulge in numerous activities and can experience the beauty of nature along with enjoying the adventure activities. This offbeat camping experience is a must-try for anyone who likes spending time amid nature.

    Distance from Mumbai: 95 Km
    Key Attractions: camps, hills
    Best Camping Resort: Rockface camping site
    How to Reach:
    By Road:
    It is accessibly by road from Mumbai, one can take a bus or cab.

    24. Harishchandragad

    Image Credits: Rohit Gawaikar for Wikimedia

    Located at a distance of 218 km from Mumbai, Harishchandragad is an ideal place for all trekkers and adventure lovers. Addressed as one of the most difficult trekking routes, it is surrounded by scenic beauty and lush greenery of the Western Ghats. This historical fort is located in Ahmednagar.

    Distance from Mumbai: 218 Km
    Key Attractions: Fort, temple, hill
    Best Camping Resort: Greenscapeing camping, camping Konkan Kada
    How to Reach:
    By Road:
    it is easily accessible by road from Mumbai.
    By Train:
    the nearest railway station is Igatpuri Train Station, which is at a distance of 41 Km

    25. Dahanu


    Dahanu Beach

    Image Credits: Raman Patel for Wikimedia

    A coastal town in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, Dahanu is situated at a distance of 110 km from Mumbai. It is an ideal camping site if you are looking for a weekend getaway with your friends or family. One can explore the beach, Dahanu fort and can also explore the Bahrot caves nearby.

    Distance from Mumbai: 110 Km
    Key Attractions: fort, beach
    Best Camping Resort: Sahyadri Camps
    How to Reach:
    By Road:
    It is easily accessible by road from Pune and Mumbai
    By Train:
    the nearest railway station is Dahanu Road.

    Tips For Camping Near Mumbai

    spent the night sitting around a bonfire

    Here are some camping around Mumbai travel tips for your next adventure. Following these can ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and joyful experience of camping here.

    • Camp in a group, especially in remote locations.
    • Check the weather of the place you’re camping in before setting out on your trip.
    • Carry insect repellent.
    • Keep your family and close friends informed of your location at all times.
    • Carry a flashlight.
    • Do not light a bonfire if the area is inhabited by wild animals.
    • Keep medication for nausea, fever, stomach flu, and other infections with you.
    • Don’t miss the sunrise!

    23 Reasons I Would Rather Be From Mumbai Than Anywhere Else In The World

    Tempted to visit these places for trekking and camping near Mumbai? We bet you are! With so much to offer in terms of adventure, nature, relaxation, and awesome views, these camping locations will surely give you memories for life. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Mumbai right away!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Near Mumbai

    Which are the best weekend getaways near Mumbai?

    Some of the finest places for a weekend getaway near Mumbai include: Pawna Lake Lonavala Kundalika Kamshet Igatpuri Kolad Mahabaleshwar Goa Rajmachi Ratnagiri

    Which are the best trekking places near Mumbai?

    Places like Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad, Kalsubai, Andharban, Harishchandragad Fort, and Kaas Plateau are great for trekking near Mumbai.

    What are the best picnic spots near Mumbai for family?

    Pawna Lake, Lonavala, Kamshet, Essel World, and Malshej are some of the best places near Mumbai for a picnic with your family.

    Which are the best camping places in Maharashtra?

    You can pick from the following destinations for a camping trip in Maharashtra: Pawna Lake Alibaug Malshej Ghat Kolad Lohagarh Valley Panchgani Pune Sandhan Valley

    Is it safe to go camping in Maharashtra?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to go camping in this Indian state as long as you take the basic safety measures.

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